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All Green sang, "Let's Stake Together."

1. Provide $OCTO x $ETH liquidity
2. Stake your LP tokens
3. Earn $OCTO

Full details in The #DeFi Den:

Octo.fi combines the best #DeFi has to offer into a single user friendly app.

All revenues from platform fees and partner commissions go directly to $OCTO holders.

~ Intro dyor.octo.fi
~ Roadmap todo.octo.fi
~ Manifesto yolo.octo.fi
$OCTO x $ETH < 24 hours

1. Add liquidity eth.octo.fi
2. Stake LP at farm.octo.fi

...#defi-nitely gettin' sum $Octo-pus πŸ˜‰

We often see many assumptions around the concept of Impermanent Loss (or Gain!). Not only within our community, but in DeFi as a whole.

So we've put together what might just be our most useful tweet thread yet. We'd really appreciate you retweeting it and referring to it when you need to.

In fact, it's so important, it has its own short URL. Use il.octo.fi whenever you witness assumptions about impermanent loss, because just about everyone will be surprised by what they find.

Year to date, the OCTO-ETH pool actually doesn't present any impermanent loss. It presents an impermanent GAIN of +7.98% πŸ”₯

Meaning that liquidity providers are 7.98% better off than those who simply HODLed equal parts of both tokens.

Learn more: twitter.com/octofinance/status/1370190936454483973
Since Octo.fi is an all in one #DeFi platform, our community likes to keep a tentacle on the pulse of what's happening in the #crypto markets outside of just $OCTO itself.

Let's take a look at what's #trending Fire


We had a few reports of $OCTO not loading on Uniswap protocol, but that's due to the CoinGecko Token List that many users have as their default.

We've notified them both and it appears they just need to update their JSON file.

But not to worry, since we are also on Kleros Curated Token List and even have our ERC20 Verified Badge on their platform.

FYI, help us make sure that CoinGecko get the message. πŸ™


Over 445k $OCTO being transferred to a '5 of 8' multisig secured by GnosisSafe πŸ’Έ

Octagon members hold keys. This is a HUGE milestone for our decentralization! πŸ”₯

~ $25M for building πŸ› 
~ $18M for growing πŸš€

...the #DeFi & #NFT future!

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10,000 Frentacles on Twitter!

πŸ™πŸ™ We appreciatopus every single one of you πŸ™πŸ™

Thank you SO much for joining along and helping with our shared journey to make #DeFi accessible, easily navigated, safe to use, a rewarding experience and a true All-In-One platform/wallet for all!