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another translation of all the eyewitnesses brought out
Forwarded from HK Protest Info and News
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Pan-democratic legislator Claudio Mo and a group of first aiders held a press conference today about the stampede that happened in Yau Ma Tei on November 18th, challenging the HK Police Force’s official statement denying that a stampede took place.

The six licensed and voluntary first aiders on the scene that night recounted what they witnessed:

- The conflict between police and protesters was happening on the intersection of Nathan Rd and Waterloo Rd. Suddenly riot police and raptors rushed forward to capture protesters, firing flashbangs (which sound like gunshots) directly at the front lines, provoking a stampede. Police continued shooting tear gas at retreating protesters

- Protesters tried to escape through a side street leading to Pitt St - where approx. 60-70 people were trampled over one another, leading to a human pileup 6-7ft high in some areas with as many as 6-8 layers of trapped horizontal bodies. An estimated 600-900lbs were crushing those on the bottom. (Cont.)
Forwarded from HK Protest Info and News

- Victims were completely helpless: glazed-over eyes, gasping, voices pleading “I can’t breathe”, “my leg/arm is about to break”, and “please save me, I don’t want to die”. Shoes can be seen scattered all around the scene, a typical sign of a stampede.

- Only a handful of people could be pulled out of the pile with much difficulty, and some could not be extracted despite the combined efforts of three people due to the sheer weight of the pileup

- Injured victims that were rescued were immediately struck in the head by police with batons and forced to kneel during arrest

- Police shoved the first aiders and firefighters away from rescuing victims, using pepper spray and a baton to strike a first aider on the back twice, and making threats of force and arrest. Rescuers were either forced to leave or to kneel facing a wall 10m away from the scene, while being denied the right to continue rescuing the stampede victims, claiming it is not necessary. First aiders were unable to administer the required medical care like CPR or to help victims receive proper medical help they sorely needed given the severity of the situation and injuries.

- Police denied the stampede victims help and medical attention and cordoned off the area. No attempts to pull the people out of the pileup were made by police for at least 10 minutes. Police were not seen engaging in the rescue; they were mainly concerned with making arrests.

- Some victims were not wearing gear of any kind and looked like regular citizens, and the area had many retail and dining establishments
Hong Kong Police Force confirmed that they have fired over 10,000 tear gas canisters, 4,800 rubber bullets and 19 live rounds since June .
There's been a lot of speculation about what this reported HK Customs and Excise Service 'white list' might mean. Despite many captions saying it's for trains, it says cars. It would also fit recent reports of the 'crisis center' re-opening in Shenzhen (re-opened because it was used in 2014). We believe this is the location described in this report. It would be roughly a 40-45 minute drive from Hong Kong Island if HKSAR govt and Liaison Office officials were traveling from HK Island.

22.601403, 113.963067

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New footage from Yau Ma Tei stampede at Pitt Street on November 18th. We will sync it with other known footage soon.

Reminder: the "three white vans" was 90 minutes later and in a different location. The flashbang is same location but likely 30-90 seconds after this footage.
We have a new synced video showing what happened in the minutes before and after the stampedes along Nathan Road and 5-8 body deep crush on MTR Exit A1 alley.

We've also added maps and captions for clarity. https://t.co/1NglmnlVFW?amp=1
HKPF cop pulled out a gun at Edinburgh Place during #StandwithUyghurs Rally.
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