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U.S. Vetoes UN Resolution Calling For Gaza Ceasefire
A resolution at the United Nations (U.N.) urging for a ceasefire in Gaza has been vetoed by the U.S., an expected move that shows American dissatisfaction with the war due to the fact that Hamas has still not returned the captive Israeli hostages.
James Biden, Joe’s Brother, Testifies In Impeachment Inquiry
James Biden, President Joe Biden’s brother, took to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to speak in a private interview. As part of their investigation into President Joe Biden’s impeachment, House Republicans questioned him about his prior financial activities.
Chinese Immigrant Without U.S. Citizenship Is Sworn In To San Fran’s Election Commission
Despite not being a citizen of the United States, a Chinese immigrant was sworn in to serve on the San Francisco Election Commission, prompting some concerns regarding national security as one U.S. senator had previously cautioned that Chinese President Xi Jinping is playing the “long game.”
‘Hotel California’ Eagles Case Related To Stolen Lyrics Goes To Trial
47 years after the mega-hit album “Hotel California” was released by the classic rock band The Eagles, opening statements for a trial charging three men with alleged conspiracy to sell pages of stolen lyrics written by Eagles drummer and lyricist Don Henley commenced on Wednesday.
Letitia James Says She’s Ready To Seize Trump’s Buildings, Assets If He Can’t Pay $354M Fine
Attorney General Letitia James of New York told ABC News that if former President Donald Trump cannot find the money to pay the $354 million fine in his civil fraud case, she is ready to confiscate his assets. The judge’s order to pay the money was issued four days ago.
Putin: ‘I Was Absolutely Right’ About Biden
Russian President Vladimir Putin says he was “absolutely right” to prefer Joe Biden for president over Donald Trump after Biden called him an SOB at a California fundraising event.
Zelenskyy: Americans Can Now Join Ukraine’s National Guard
According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, U.S. citizens and other foreign nationals can now enlist in the country’s national guard. Kyiv reportedly wants to “keep its military intact” as it approaches the end of its two-year conflict with Russia.