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A quick-start guide to @Nimiq, the browser based blockchain
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- Nimiq Community is welcoming and supporting. Sharing non-factual/misleading negative information is harmful for the community and its users and this behaviour will not be tolerated.
- All official information is posted in @NimiqNews only. Do not trust any other source of information!
- Read the FAQ and assume no malice. This is a smart, informed and active community. Respect it and you'll be respected.

- Distrust any direct message sent to you. Is probably SCAM
- OTC (Over-The-Counter Trading) is a dangerous practice DON'T do OTC trades unless you want someone to STEAL YOUR MONEY. Don't trust users that make offers in PM. Don't offer OTC in public channels.

- We welcome community members from all the latitudes. You can see all international communities by typing /channels into the chat. Please keep the discussion in the main channel in english to allow as many community members as possible to participate in the discussion.
- Be welcoming and open-minded, insults are not tolerated. We encourage constructive criticism and complaints as long as they are expressed in a civil and respectful way. Users that repeatedly misbehave will be moved to the @NimiqNoShill Channel.

- Excessive spamming, non-NIMIQ conversations and other heavily discussion disturbing behaviour not permitted.
- The use of voice messages is not permitted.
- Don't ask admins to check their PMs. It will NOT reduce the time to get an answer.
- Third party promotion and referral links are considered Spam. Don't do it.
- Excessive price discussion is not allowed as it disrupts discussion and many people are not interested in it. Please move your discussion to @NimiqTraders when asked to do so, otherwise you will be excluded from the chat for 24 hours.
- NOT ALLOWED: Threats of violence, hate speech and discrimination, bullying and harassment , impersonation, doxxing and invasion of privacy, sexually obscene content, active malware or exploits.

- If someone offends you contact @RichyBC, or some admin.