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❤️❤️ Not an announcement , we have nothing to say

They say, the people that talk a lot work little, and the people that talk little work a lot
We have been pretty active trying to lay the ground floor for this adventure ...

We are approaching 2500 holders, a key milestone, for us
It will allow us to have our logo displayed on trustwallet, and thus avoid people getting confused .

We sent billions of NextMoon tokens to people who were tricked into buying a fake token,
that is why getting this trustwallet logo is as important to us as getting our BSCscan logo and token info displayed... (we do not want that any effort we do end up leading to people getting rugpulled by fake tokens)

After this, nothing will be the same again. We have been running things in slow motion, to figure things out, to understand the interaction and challenges, and yet somehow we managed to grow in a nice way.

We will need all your efforts to get us to this first milestone. We need some "shilling"

This time, we will not say "do not hodl and take profit", Once we get the trust wallet logo, i will simply say tighten your seatbelts, we are ready for lift-off ... To the moon.
📢💰 Update : Pancakeswap is undergoing a migration

We are not sure when the Liquidity Pool will be migrated. But you will not be able to trade on new version until migration is done.

To trade you can go to the old version :
🔓 Update : We added extra liquidity to liquidity pool

No need to be alarmed. 🚨

The initial LP are locked (read on website) 🔓

Any extra LP tokens we get from adding to liquidity pool will also be locked in the same contract (once a week).

Currently only old pancakeswap version can be traded on, details on the website.
🚨 A small update:

📲 NextMoon have been added to TrustWallet, as promised, this allows easier discovery (without the need to add the address).

❤️ NextMoon Logos will now display on TrustWallet and PancakeSwap.
(Some Trust wallet users not seeing the logo might need to wait few days, as logos are cached by the app)

🔨 This will limit the possibilities that people buy the fake tokens, which is a priority for us.

🗣 Now it is time to spread the word. We ask everyone to join this effort.
We have already pro teams that are working, and planned marketing push.
But nothing beats the community effort, so get out there and spread the word.
🚨🚨🚨 Pancakeswap has issues

Now officially has 2 versions, our liquidity pool is locked in Version 1
But we can not add additional liquidity to V1, thus we need to create another liquidity pool on V2
That is why the deployer is selling some tokens, to deploy another liquidity pool on V2
(not sure the amount needed, but we will keep the V2 minimal at this stage)

Yes Price dropped a bit, but there is no other way.
No need to panic, you did not lose unless you bought higher and panic sold
💰💰💰 Arbitrage issue between V1 & V2

While trying to create liquidity pool on V2, we realised someone already created a tiny pool of less than 10$
But that tiny pool dictates the pool creation for any following liquidity.
This tiny pool was at 2x to 3x the current price, thus we created a small pool till the price gets back to the levels of V1. Then we will add further liquidity to V2.

Hence arbitrage opportunity, you can buy on V1 cheap and sell on V2 for double the price.

Sorry for this mess, PancakeSwap did a messy incomplete migration and is full of bugs, we had no other way to fix the liquidity pool issues.
💰💰💰 Arbitrage issue between V1 & V2

Pancakeswap have currently 2 versions V1 and V2

we have thus 2 liquidity pools, on V1 and on V2
We can not remove V1, because the liquidity is locked
We added V2, because it is becoming the default.

When Buying or Selling, Check both versions to get best price
We will continue to add liquidity to V2, but we can no longer do that to V1
Keep this in mind.

We had to sell aprox. 15 billion NextMoon to fund the new liquidity pool on V2,
Hence the price drop.
🚨🚨🚨 Update : Liquidity Pools and Pancakeswap

🛒 As You know, we created another liquidity pool on V2,
Now, Pancakeswap is like 2 exchanges, V1 or old exchange , V2 the new exchange

💵 Today we added more liquidity to V2 (by adding NextMoon and the equivalent in BNB)

📉 Deployer have sold yesterday tokens to create the liquidity pool on V2, but today due to some whales dumping
and price crash we decided to use the account reserved for cash to finance the additional Liquidity Increase for V2.

😰 This said, we will try to avoid using the cash account for liquidity issues, because we need it for all operations at this stage.
Deployer will thus in the future also sell the tokens in small batches, the revenue in BNB will be added to improve liquidity pool.

❤️ We apologise for this rollercoaster, PancakeSwap left us no choice, gave us no advance warning and had no precise information of what will happen with their migration - zero customer support, zero technical support, and they did not even respond to our multiple requests during the last 4 days ...

💪 We are in this for the long run, and we hope to create robust solutions.

💵 Price wise, there are currently some differences between the V1 and the V2, so please always check the price and see what suits you best.
👋 Updates :
Hello, we are pressured to give updates, so we shall.
1- The price: a concern to most. It fluctuates based on supply and demand.
2- The marketing: We are asked to increase marketing to create more demand, we will, but we like to do things properly, thus please do have some patience.
3- Why not mooning ? No token can moon forever. Our plans will challenge that, but we need time.
4- Community giveaways ? There are many, check them out :
5- We don't do hype ... Don't expect from us to do an announcement of an announcement of an announcement ... We execute and then let you know.
6- Transactions already burned 624 billion NextMoon (6.24% of total), not us, the transactions did that ... this is the true meaning of deflationary !
🚨🚨 Refunds due to price drop 🚨🚨
If you sold after the pancakeswap migration fiasco, and suffered from steep loss (60% and above)
We will refund you the difference (sold till 4th of May).
Please check the conditions, and submit your address :
🗣🗣 Whale Section Available 🗣🗣

If you are a NextMoon Whale
Holding 5 billion NextMoon or more
You can have access to the NextMoon Whales Section

This has different advantages:
1- You get to have a preview of some plans
2- Get access to OTC possibility
3- Get the possibility to sell your tokens to the team without suffering from the 5%burn tax -at market price.
4- Direct communication with the core team

To apply :
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🚨🚨 NextMoon Investment Arm 🚨🚨

Now that the plans for this unit have crystallized, we are glad to announce the N.M. Investment Arm:
Which will be headed by an experienced SmallMC investor, and will get the full support form all the team.

For the smart ones ... Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking about.
🐤🐤Twitter Hack & Malicious intent🐦🐦

A small security update, there was a hack attempt on our twitter account,
that's why it got locked.
We have thus created a new account:
This media is not supported in your browser
#NextMoon in a nutshell

Website :
Twitter :
Telegram Group:
Forum :

PancakeSwap :

Token Address on BSC: 0xe665d9abcfe78962385aa5a8aa0a35e33b8f2c20

Liquidity locked, contract audited.

Max amount you can buy per transaction is : 1 000 000 000 NextMoon
The first of hopefully many.
We are glad to announce that our NM investment arm has started it's operations.

AltcoinsTalks is a 3 year old crypto forum with 80 000 experienced crypto member.

Today they launch their token on BSC and we provide the token the liquidity it needs.

ALTT is a replacement to their ERC20 token, and will be used to purchase ads on the forum among other things.

Anyone that wishes to buy ALTT will need to get NextMoon to do so (Liquidity creation will be in steps till we reach 20% of their total supply).

If you have some NextMoon, you can swap some with Altt on pancakeswap NextMoon/ALTT pair
📆 Weekly update:

This week we had 2 main events:
1- The launch by our partner of ALTT on pancake in a main pool paired with NextMoon
2- A marketing Push, that did not go so well (but was a learning opportunity)

Moving forward:
1- We will focus more on the community aspect that we ignored since the beginning
(yes we were wrong to do that)
2- We have other marketing pushes in the bag
3- We are wrapping up a partnership with another token to be launched (might take 1-2 weeks)
🙀🙀 Updates:

1- The contract have been audited by Techrate (a popular auditing firm)
link can be found on site.

2- We approved the launch of a community discord, run by the community.

3- We have a nice set of telegram stickers,
hope you like them:

4- The community will be having daily giveaways, all you need to do is:
+ promote NextMoon anywhere
+ then submit your entry on this telegram group:
** (more entries more chances to win)
Everyday there will be 1 to 3 winners.

5- The Crypto market is having some bad days, if you think it is better for you to partially get out of NM, do so. But keep in mind, our market cap is small, and is similar to startup valuations at seed and pre-seed levels.
📆🚨🗣 Weekly Updates:

- The Cryptocurrency market suffered from a big drop affecting most coins (including BNB to which we are pegged).
- 2 big whales liquidated their NextMoon positions selling approx. 100 billion tokens.

As a result our price was battered again, reaching the ridiculously low marketcap of just $250k

💔 Due to the huge drop in our market cap, and hence our operating capital
We have to reconsider our planned projects and deadlines:

- The NFT platform: is postponed till we have 50M market cap (no work on it until then)

- The Token related platform: only 1 part will be in development :
the part in question is a decentralised swap (operating similar to pancakeswap)
future plans would be to have the swap operate based on different conditions.
(all other parts of the platform postponed until we have a 20M marketcap)

📢 Further marketing will be done by us,
but for now we need everyone to be involved in this effort.
Every day there will be a lottery to choose those helping with promotion, to join the lottery go to:

💪 Promotions and contests will be announced on our promotion channel:

⚔️ and conducted on our NextMoon Army group:

🧑‍💻 We will have an AMA Monday, Please ask your questions here:
🚨 Updates:
We have been asked to provide updates, we currently have nothing new,
we entered into a slow activity phase due to our small marketcap (does not allow us to expand or maintain prior development or marketing)
thus as we mentioned previously: we will focus on 1 product (a swap dex) until we can have the resources for the other products.

💵 We have a small volume, and shallow market, this means that the price can go up or down significantly with small amount of trades.

🔓 Till now, our team members have not yet accessed their tokens, however in the coming week the tokens promised to the community manager will be released.

😰 We have a huge problem with motivating users to join the promotion efforts, we have a lottery that grants prizes to those who help with promotion effort,
7 prizes delivered already, interested? join :

And ...

❤️🎈 Airdrop Round 2 : 1st airdrop was distributed: »Join airdrop round 2

- If you participated in the 1st airdrop but did not receive any tokens:

> Check if you got everything right, then submit a » revision request here
> Join the Airdrop round 2, easier tasks, with lower chance to make mistakes: »Join airdrop round 2
🚨🚨 A small update ...
Yes, we are still here.
No, the project is not dead.
Price dropped a lot, Not because we sold our tokens, but because early whales did.
This is a pool, the more supply to the pool the lower the price, the more demand the higher the pice.
Good News: Only 4 early whales left.

This project is more than 3 months old, we have not rugpulled you, we did not dump our tokens on you.
Most tokens that we sold to be able to market and start with dev, we put them back in the liquidity so that you will not be heavily affected by early whales dumps.

We are under 100K in market cap, we are around 3500 holder,
Everything is possible, we can do it, if you put some trust in us and help push the project.
Moving forward:
1- We should have a basic dex by end of summer
2- We have reduced our spending to minimal to avoid having to require cash.
3- We reduced our team size, and changed the cooperation understanding with others.
4- We will no longer spend much on marketing, we will leave the shilling to the community.
5- But, We will have a once per week 1 billion token giveaway to best shiller.
6- We have multiple cooperations planned, and will be announced when done.