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Forwarded from (Swing) AltSignals Bitmex VIP

XBT Long 5400/5440

Target : 5475/5500/5540/5600

Leverage : ×10/×15/×25

Stop loss 5355

Capital invested : 10-15℅ max

Risk level : High
Warning for the Ledger users. Watchout. Stay safe.

This malware is infecting only Windows machines, and it looks like it's highly targeted (we have seen so far only once instance on one computer). It cannot compromise your device or your crypto. It's only a phishing attempt tricking you in entering your 24 words (never do that)

Hardware wallets have been designed to protect crypto assets against this kind of attacks. Funds are safe unless users themselves give their recovery phrase to the hacker (through social trickery). Education of users is paramount to mitigate this.
Market can dump due to this news !
DGTX suffered a loss of 75% in value over a the course of a few hours. The article above must be the reason.