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✴️ Manual Trade Situation 21_09
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✴️ BTC Quick Update #BTC_Update

What's new since this morning's update? Well this session has been a surprise for us, my dear community, with a drop of more than 600$ for a BTC that is currently trading around 10400.

Our trade at the 10500 level has been activated, now we just have to wait for the daily closing.

Indeed, if BTC closes below the 10400 - 10525 zone on the daily horizon, it will be preferable to cut the position.


In the meantime, remain cautious in your trading!
✴️ BTC Update #BTC_Update #OKEx

What's new since the last update my dear community? BTC has bounced back slightly but not enough to allow us to reach a target and is currently trading around the 10400's. In addition, the previous session closed below its support zone, which reinforces the likelihood of a further decline.

Trading volume in the previous session was once again below its average level on the OKEx platform while on Binance, the average level was exceeded.

The daily technical situation is now rather negative, with WaveTrend having already crossed lower and MACD about to cross as well. Over a 4-hour time horizon, the indicators are negative as well.

👉 What can be done?

We were rejected below the 11000 level, and the 10500 level did not give us the reaction we expected. That's why, for the risk-averse among you I recommend closing the long position.

Indeed, except if we witness a sudden rebound, we will now focus on finding short entry!


In the meantime, stay cautious!
👉 Livestream Reminder

Livestream today at 15:00 UTC guys! Join us with Alex to analyze Bitcoin and ETH.

If you have other altcoins you're interested in, feel free to join us as well and we'll analyze this together!

See you there! 😉

✴️ BTC Update #BTC_Update #OKEx

What's new since the last update my dear community? Well BTC approached the 10600 level yesterday without managing to exceed it and is currently trading at the 10400 level, which is at the bottom of its short-term consolidation range.

Trading volume in the previous session was below its average level for the fifth time in the last 6 sessions. This average level also continues its steady decline from the peak reached when BTC reached 12000.

The daily technical situation is negative with a WaveTrend that has already given a sales signal and a MACD that is about to cross as well. On a shorter time horizon, in 4 hours, the situation is neutral with a MACD still trending downwards and a WaveTrend that remains positive but with signs of a bearish curve.

👉 What can be done?

If you didn't get out of position yesterday, it's time to get out now at breakeven my dear community. As explained yesterday during the livestream, we will now focus on looking for short opportunities.


Stay safe in the meantime!
✴️ BTC Update #BTC_Update

What's new since the last update my dear community? Well yesterday at the time of the Diamond Report split, BTC was still trading around 10450 before dropping to a low of 10136, BTC is now trading around 10300 again.

Trading volume in the previous session was once again below its average level, which continues its steady decline.

The daily technical situation is now completely negative with a MACD that has finally crossed downwards. Over a 4-hour time horizon, the technical situation is also negative with indicators evolving in their oversold zone. If we zoom in even more, in 1 hour, the technical indicators have crossed upwards and we can see a bullish divergence between the MACD and prices.

👉 What can be done?

I was telling you yesterday to exit your position while prices were still in the buying zone, I hope you had time to do so. Now, before any buying position, it is imperative that we get back into the 10550 zone and close above 11000 on a daily horizon.

If we fail to meet both conditions, the downside risk will remain high and we will look for short entry points.


Stay safe in the meantime!
✴️ BTC and ETH Quick Update #BTC_Update #ETH_Update

At the end of the day, let's linger a bit on ETH to change my dear community, shall we? For now, both BTC and ETH pump and the latter is currently trading around 343.

I was telling you this morning about a bullish divergence on BTC, it seems to be activated.

For the moment the volume of trading on both ETH and BTC seems to be going along with the rise, which is good news.

The 4h technical situation, which was negative this morning, is now positive with a buy signal on WaveTrend and MACD.

👉 What can we do about it?

For now, nothing more to do for BTC as I already told you this morning. Concerning ETH, we still have a short at 370, which remains valid for now.


Stay safe!
✴️ BTC Update #BTC_Update

What's new since the last update my dear community? Yesterday I was telling you about two conditions necessary to open a long position on BTC, the first one being a daily closing above 10500.

It's done, the previous session closed on a very nice bullish candle of nearly $500. Trading volume accompanied the rise with a level above its average level, which has been quite rare lately.

The daily technical situation is negative again with a WaveTrend that just gave a buy signal. On a 4-hour time horizon, the technical situation is also positive.

👉 What can be done?

We have just shared a video about a possible hedge on ETH, but regarding BTC, we prefer a daily close above 11k before positioning for swing.


Stay safe, I wish you all a great Friday!
📰 Newsflash of September 25, 2020

🗣4C-Trading Newsflash

📊Market Cap at 7:20 (UTC) - $336,875,078,032📊

📈Bitcoin dominance: 58.6% 📉

BTC $10,704.70 (+3.72%)
ETH $344.18 (+5.44%)
XRP $0.232943 (+3.81%)

❇️Bermuda Stock Exchange announced the launch of Nasdaq-backed crypto ETF❇️

According to the recent announcement, Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) has approved Hashdex to list Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF. Initially, there will be 3 million class E shares available for trading.

💡bitFlyer integrates Paypal allowing Europeans to deposit their fund securely💡

Per the press release, bitFlyer have finished integrating Paypal into its exchange. From now on, Europeans can easily deposit their fund directly from Paypal to bitFlyer and start trading on the exchange.

And more...
✴️ BTC Quick Update #BTC_Update

Nothing new to add since the last update my dear community, BTC is still hovering around 10650 after boucing back on the 10550 level. This weekend will be crucial for the future evolution of BTC, we may revisit 11k but if we fail miserably once again, then 9.3k will be likely.

Stay safe guys, I wish you all a very good weekend!

P.S. Take a look at the last Diamond Report if you want to see what the new SmartETH is capable of 😉

✴️ BTC Update #BTC_Update

What's new at the beginning of this weekend my dear community? Well the evolution of the market is rather positive with a BTC currently trading around 10700.

The trading volume during the two previous sessions, if we analyze it in 4 hours time horizon, seems to decrease as soon as the prices continue to rise. This should alert us to a potential downside risk.

The daily technical situation remains positive, as it was in a 4-hour time horizon, even if we can already see a loss of momentum on the latter.

👉 What can we do?

Both from an indicator point of view as well as from a trading volume point of view, there is a bearish risk currently on BTC. That's why, even if we have returned to the 10500 level, we have to wait for a break of the 11000 before we can serenely open a swing position.

Moreover, a bearish divergence between MACD and price is visible on the ETH in 1 hour horizon. This is not BTC, of course, but it invites caution nevertheless.

✴️ BTC Update #BTC_Update

It's a new week starting on the cryptos market my dear community! During the last update yesterday, Max insisted on the fact that the situation was still rather good, with a BTC around 10700.

BTC broke its resistance zone at 10800 and is currently trading around 10850 after having reached a high point at 10950. Good news then? Yes and no! Indeed, the rise in BTC is always good news, but the volume that does not accompany the rise calls for caution.

The trading volume has been gradually decreasing for 5 consecutive sessions, which is not good for the future. For it to be healthy, the increase must be accompanied by a rising volume, otherwise the sustainability of this movement is seriously questioned.

The daily technical situation remains positive for the moment, as it has been for the past 4 hours, even if the indicators are approaching their oversold zone on this last time horizon.

👉 What can be done?

Given the lack of volume, opening a retrace position as we are used to do now is too risky. We will therefore wait for a daily closing above 11000 before opening a long position around 10750 on a possible retracement.


In the meantime, be careful!