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I love sharing this from our friend Dennis who is joining us in the Sacred Circle.

"Relationships are the Core of Life. A conscious community is a place where we can explore how we block ourselves from bringing ourselves fully in relationships and life in general, as well as how we block ourselves from receiving fully the things we desire to experience in relationships and beyond.
In a world where division is still being spread and a false sense of separation can keep us small, it is crucial we take matters to our own hands, take responsibility for our own shadows and consciously bring ourselves into relationships that can help us move beyond the illusions of separation.
Underneath all trauma, triggers, defenses, projections, false assumptions and judgments about one another, we are all inter-connected and ONE. We can get stuck in thinking that our struggles and fears of intimacy are β€œspecial”, when the truth is that many others might be able to relate.
In conscious, sacred relationships, all parties can win and nobody is being left behind or missing out on anything.
The world I envision to live in is a world where people choose to consciously come together, to no longer avoid differences and conflict out of fear, but to embrace it all with love, compassion and an open mind, as an opportunity to grow together and free each other, to add to each other's well-being and unite forces for the greater good.
This is my wish.
If you can resonate and wish for a safe playground to practice, to heal your relationship dynamics with yourself and others, I encourage you to check out this upcoming 3-day event, Sacred Circle: Initiation into Community, hosted by my dear friends Miia Maria and Ram Alsaman.
It is going to take place this coming weekend in the beautiful countryside, close to Berlin, and I am honoured to be part of the team and to be facilitating emotional healing work in person for those who participate.
Link in the comments. See you there.
With love,"
Finally, we found a food solution that is in alignment with our values!

Marta, our chef, has contact with local organic farmers, and she will take care of the food supply and prepare delicious vegan meals for us, full of love and good vibes! πŸ™‚

So we can focus on our process and feel nourished by the high vibrational goodness.πŸ’š

We have only 3 spots left, so if you feel called to join the deep dive, get your ticket now.

(Photos from previous retreats)
Hello beautiful Earthlings! I want to invite you to a shadow clearing session on Friday. The full moon helps us to bring the subconscious to the surface so it's the perfect time to do some shadow work together. 😊✨

I will channel the dominant collective blockage and help you to transmute and to integrate that energy through processes.

I would love to see you there! πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ

Contribution from 2 to 22€
Hey friends and soul fam
We haven't updated you about our life for long time.
so we are doing a livestream about coming back to city life :)

we will talk about the difference we noticed between our community life in Ecuador and the last weeks we spent in Europe

We would love to have you with us

Starting in 99 Min 11 AM German time
see you soon
Hey soul family.
I was surprised to know that our youtube channel is down and Miia's email get hacked. πŸ’”
I'm working my best to recover it.

Main while if you received anything from her since yesterday it's actually from the hackers. Please reach to one of us by telegram if you get any emails.

Thank you.