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America’s Vaccine Watchdog since 1982. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a non-profit educational organisation dedicated to the prevention of vaccine injury and death, vaccine safety & informed consent advocacy in public heath policy.
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Mandating COVID Shots ‘One of the Greatest Mistakes,’ Former CDC Chief Says

In a Senate hearing Thursday, ex-CDC Director Robert Redfield said mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are “toxic” and should not have been mandated. He also called for a pause on gain-of-function research.

Supreme Court Rejects Challenges to COVID-19 Shot Mandates by Carolyn Hendler, JD

By refusing to hear these cases challenging the COVID vaccine mandates, the Supreme Court has sent the message that they do not have an issue with these rulings at this time and the Appellate Court rulings upholding Jacobson v Massachusetts stand.


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#TheVaccineReaction #NVIC
Pfizer’s Failure to Conduct Proper COVID Vaccine Toxicology Tests Called ‘Irresponsible and Unethical’

Veteran toxicologist Helmut Sterz, in a recent interview with John Leake, criticized the rapid development of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. He claimed that normal and proper toxicology studies were not performed — especially on pregnant women — leading to spontaneous abortions, disabilities and deaths.

Study Finds That Millions Who Take Statins May Not Need Them by Amber Baker

To date, the effectiveness of statins in preventing death from heart disease is not definitively proven. Statin trials show only small differences in outcomes between users and non-users.

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#Statins #TheVaccineReaction #NVIC
No Remedy for Censorship: The Perils of Murthy by Philip Hamburger

"...if the court had recognized the First Amendment’s word “abridging,” it would have clarified to the government that it can’t use evasions to get away with censorship."

Low-Dose Aspirin Use Linked to Increased Internal Bleeding by Amber Baker

Over five percent of those taking aspirin for primary prevention did so without a doctor’s advice, while the remaining 95 percent had either informed their doctors about their aspirin use or had been advised by their doctors to take it.

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#TheVaccineReaction #NVIC
The American Revolution Patriots Fought for Autonomy and We Must Do That Too | Barbara Loe Fisher | TVR Best in Video

"The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 taking on the King of England had a vision. They dreamed of a nation where all would be free to respect “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

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The FDA Just Quietly Gutted Protections for Human Subjects in Research

Based on vague guidelines, it effectively gives thousands of IRB committees the unilateral ability to determine that researchers need not obtain true informed consent from research participants.
Study Identifies 31 ‘Biological Signatures’ in Kids With Autism

Researchers in Hong Kong identified 31 combinations — called “biological signatures” by The New York Times — of bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses, microbial genes and metabolic pathways that appeared to be biomarkers of autism.

Standing…The Myth, The Legend, The Lie

Regarding the Murthy v. Missouri aftermath, I’m hearing a lot of confusion about the ruling and its implications on Americans’ everyday lives, so I’m going to explain it here to help clear up the misconceptions that abound.