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Goodbye OnlyFans!

It's time to beat OnlyFans and combine the power of NFTs with the vastness of the adult industry. NFTitties intends to lead the global adoption of adult NFTs by providing collectors with the absolute best content available anywhere. Get ready for a revolution straight to the moon!

💎 What is NFTitties?
NFTitties is a revolutionary auction-based adult NFT marketplace, forged to build stronger connections between creators and their fans through the Ethereum blockchain.

Over 70 verified creators have already joined our ranks with dozens of NFTs listed and ready to be collected as soon as our platform launches.

🔥 What Makes NFTitties Different?
NFTitties chooses quality over quantity. For this reason, we will never have more than 30 actively listed NFTs on the site at the same time to prevent oversaturating our marketplace and keep our content of high value. All NFTs are hand-checked by our team to make sure that we can keep on delivering you the best quality that is available anywhere in the world.

We're not just focusing our attention on NFTs. In the future, we will be adding subscriptions to our platform just like OnlyFans, shortly followed by chat sessions. This will greatly expand our market and provide creators with a more stable way to make money on NFTitties.
We wanted to update you guys regarding our airdrop. After reconsideration, we have decided to switch up our approach for delivering the airdrops in the best interest of NFTitties.

As the situation stands right now, we believe that if we were to deliver the airdrops today or tomorrow, many of those would be sold and it would not be good for NFTitties. To counter this, we will be sending all airdrops to a contract that will lock your airdrop for 6 months. We believe this approach is ultimately better for NFTitties as well as our token.

To make up for this, we will increase the amount of airdrop winners from 50 to 100. Each airdrop will be 10K TITS. If you are selected for the airdrop, we will send you an email over the next few days and notify you on the email address that you entered on our SweepWidget. The wallet you entered will be pre-approved in the airdrop contract so that you will be able to manually claim your airdrop in 6 months. Specific instructions on how to claim your airdrop will be sent in the email.

Thank you for understanding.
Merry Christmas everyone!

It's been a while since the last update. We've now fully transferred over to our new location in the Netherlands, so we are now entirely in the clear. This transfer unfortunately took a bit longer than planned which caused us to miss the targets on our previous roadmap, mainly due to Omicron being on the rise the last couple of weeks. We're sorry about that.

We are taking one week off for the holidays, however we are ready to pick up the pace in the new year starting from January 3rd.

Get ready for more frequent updates, a new roadmap and many great things coming in 2022. Polygon is quickly rising in popularity which is great news for NFTitties and integrating it is the first thing on our list for 2022.

Thanks for sticking with us so far. Happy holidays! 🎅
Hi everyone. It’s been a while since our latest update, however it’s finally here. We’ve now finished integrating Polygon into NFTitties, which makes transactions on the platform basically gasless. New NFTs will use Polygon by default, however it is up to the creators to decide which blockchain to use.

We know the market is not doing too well right now, but we still believe in this project and won’t give up on it any time soon. We believe it’s only a matter of time before the market turns positive and brings back the hype surrounding NFTs once more.

Our token has been moved to the background until further notice, as we move to focus mainly on the quality of our platform first. We believe that NFTitties as a platform should be reason enough for people to utilise it, not just for the token. Once we are satisfied with the state of NFTitties, we will look into integrating a Polygon-based token.

Additionally, due to the massive number of imposters, bots and scammers on Telegram, we have decided to close our main Telegram group and focus solely on the announcements channel and our Twitter. The group will remain open for replies for one week. Additionally, any questions can be sent using our online contact form at Thank you for understanding.

Speaking of new NFTs, we’ve just listed a fresh batch onto the marketplace. The perfect time to buy is when the market is down! Check it out at