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It's pretty easy to crack it if you can figure out the simple trick of how the combinations are working together.

Share your answers here, let's discuss.
From #Barter to #Crypto!

#Money has vastly improved and is undergoing optimizations and integrations. #cryptocurrencies are indeed the #futureofmoney.

Ultimately, this evolution is to help people accurately exchange value and eliminate the inconvenience of the previous systems.

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If you are someone who is oscillating between buying a house or buying a link to a picture of a pixelated monkey, then this is for you.

With a crypto-backed credit line offered by N2, you can get both
Hello everyone! We are here to give you the latest updates about the project. We are working hard on the N2 Platform & Multi Wallet development. It will be launched by this month on September as well as the listing in exchanges. Thank you all for your patience, we would announce every detail one week before listing. Thank you for your support we are working very hard towards this!
N2 Offers An All-in-One Simplified Fundraising Solution

A reliable fundraising platform, helping startup businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their projects on a wider scale and allowing a global pool of investors to participate in the crowdfunding campaigns.
A hybrid wallet for N2 users

N2 master wallet works similar to an international bank account and holds all the features that a regular crypto wallet has.

With this master wallet, users can

Convert their fiat and cryptos to N2 Coins
Initiate cross-border payments
Utilize services on the N2 platform
Trade directly on the exchange
Hey community members,
Hope you are doing well.
Weโ€™re ecstatic to announce that the N2 coin ICO sale has been an incredible success! Grateful for our partners, advisors, investors, and especially our community members for their immense trust and support.
As a part of the further life of the project, we also have some exciting updates for our community.
1. Currently, we have been actively taking part in the screening interview process with our first exchange and from next week you will get the opportunity to trade N2C.
2. Before the end of the fourth quarter, we are planning to list N2C in multiple exchanges.
3. We are in the final stage of developing N2 platform ( Beta Version ) and will launch by Monday with exclusive features, accessible by our community members
So we are now striving towards providing the best of financial services.
Once again, thank you for being a part of this successful journey.
As we say every time, this is just the beginning!
Good morning N2 Coin community, we would like to inform you that in case of any questions you should send an email with your doubts to support@n2group.io
Or communicate via telegram with the following users:
โœ“In English, Spanish and French.
โœ“In Russian, Arabic and Chinese.
From 7am to 2pm Spanish time.
Have a nice day, best wishes from the N2 Group team.
We are unlocking access to the N2 Platform for our community members.
What you've been waiting for is here!
We know it's been a long time coming, but it's here.
We have launched the Beta version of the N2 Platform.
This means that now everyone can have access to the global account, use the multi-currency Wallet to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies, integrated trading platforms with access to spot and futures trading, make cross-border payments and staking.
We hope you're as excited about our new update as we are.
As always, we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas via our Twitter, Instagram and other Community pages.
โšกHow to Sign Up (For Existing Users)โšก

Step 1: Visit https://t.co/dtbynnrSQO
Step 2: Enter your existing N2C ICO account email.
Step 3: Enter a strong password.
Step 4: Click Sign Up.
Step 5: Start using N2C.

Dear users, some of them are facing issues while in verification email. We are working on it to resolve ASAP. Will update once the issue is resolved.
N2platform Site is back on LIVE. Thanks for all your patience. Those users who faced email verification issue please try to login directly.
We are upgrading our platform we will be back as soon shortly