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The easiset way to reach your BIGGEST goal is to break them into small chunks and achieve those small milestones.
Big Huge Goals could well leave you intimated and disheartned.
Small Goals looks achievable and keeps giving you regular satisfaction.
EMI Increase due to Repo Rate hike
What if I want to completely exit NPS prematurely?

This is also allowed, but again, subject to conditions. For one, you cannot make such withdrawals before completing ten years. If you have started investing in NPS after turning 60, this period is much shorter; just 3 years.

In case of premature exits, you can withdraw up to 20 percent of the corpus in the account as lump-sum. A whopping 80 percent of the corpus has to be mandatorily used to purchase annuity plan from empanelled life insurance companies. This annuity plan will be used to pay you pension post retirement, that is, after you turn 60. If the total corpus in the account is less than Rs 2.5 lakh, however, NPS will pay out the entire amount as lump-sum to you.
Tata Medicare premier gives dental OPD upto 10k pa, after a waiting period of 2 years.
Ferrari reports a 29% volume growth for the quarter. 3455 units versus 2685 the previous year.

😱 Recession?
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You will always find 100s of reason to SELL
but the ONLY Reason to continue to invest and STAY INVESTED is that Markets doesn't care of your reasons and moves as per fundamentals
And India is poised to show phenomenal growth
#Happy Independence Month #DontRetireRich #WealthOfWisdom
Can u and your family Survive if your monthly income decrease 30% ?

No right!

Then If Breadwinner of the family may demise with unfortunate event, How the entire family can survive without Single Rupee income?

Why you are avoiding to secure your family with Life insurance security for your family?

Its a basic Need of every family to ensure financial Security.

Life insurace Zarroori hai.....
*Happy Friendship Day*
Just Saving and Investing ?
#FinancialIndependence will not happen from reducing expenses & living a stingy life

Increase your income sources.
Focus on your %age growth of NET INCOME.
This will propel you to your #FinancialIndependence

#HappyIndependenceMonth #DontRetireRich #WealthOfWisdom #Srikavi

Keep Optimizing
your portfolio with
all-weather investments

That is the only key to have your
overall Returns always GREEN

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