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Technology, photos editing and animes aspirant • Here's my "blog", "personal space" or something like this, so don't wait for things that make much sense • https://olimao.ml or just @OLimao :)

• Since: Jun/2016
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New (no̶t̶ ̶s̶w̶e̶e̶t̶) logo by @EduBR029... May u can see others minimalists logos as well made by him on personal channel @EduProject :)
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​​New group!
What do you know about the "Curso"? Nothing? Go on, apply and become a new person 😎👍

#newproject #meme
oh shit, here we go again (after 3 months) :(
An advice was been added to the last @ZeldaBrasil post:
"Attention: Due some Telegram internal error, this "article" seems cut on a text certain point for some devices, by this way cannot be correctly viewed and harming the users reading. However, trying to solve this problem, we're going to, at the end of this post, making available a Telegraph link which contains the full original post text. The @ZeldaBrasil team appreciate your understanding. :)"
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Just remembering:
April Fools is only for cool jokes/pranks. Please, don't break other people heart ❤️