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Moonosity pinned ยซNew video on my latest thoughts on Heinrich Himmler's 1937 speech, The Homosexual Threat to Civilization, translated by Dr. Hermann Hitzinger. Transcript here:ยป
Forwarded from Wolf of Woden
When combating nihilism in an age seemingly devoid of meaning and spirituality, Christianity may prove to be an end; however, I certainly do not believe it to be a *means*.

Western man's conception of morality may (or may not) be fundamentally Christian, but one thing is certain: his spirit is innately Pagan.
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My new video on Heinrich Himmler's 1937 speech, The Homosexual Threat to Civilization, now available here as well. ๐ŸŒ™
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I don't like to ask, but as the present situation calls for it, I'm needing just a small monthly donation to get me by.$monagaldor
INFP-T, to be precise.
Forwarded from Keith Woods
The death of an idea when it becomes mainstream . . .

And the virtue-signalling liberal and libertarian celebrities that always seek to score a cheap shot with their audience by submitting to that crazed rabble!

"Life is a fountain of delight; but where the rabble also drinks all wells are poisoned . . .

And I turned my back upon the rulers when I saw what they now call ruling: bartering and haggling for power - with the rabble!

- Thus Spoke Zarathustra
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WARNING โš ๏ธ Klaus Schwab and the globalists keep hinting to a massive cyber attack. Klaus is the founder of the World Economic Forum and the "great reset". He also sponsored Event 201 with Bill Gates 2 months before Wuhan predicting the pandemic. He recently put on another drill called "Cyber Polygon". It was the world's largest cyber security excercise ever. The central theme was a "digital pandemic".

INTERPOL, ICANN, Visa, IBM, Sberbank, MTS and many big banks and big tech companies were involved in the drill.

We may experience a fake "digital pandemic" AKA total blackout of all communications soon especially if we see massive resistance against the vaccine and globalists.

Will be dropping a PDF of the drill in the next post. You have been warned!
Like the Seasons, history will always repeat itself.
Forwarded from Morgoth's Review
Imagine a society which had always been a cashless society, that they'd never known anything else, never seen a penny coin.

Then one day through a bizarre legislative glitch they get actual real psychical currency and hold a portion of their wealth in their hands as a coin or note.

Would that not be seen as a great act of liberation from a centralized power?
Would that not be seen as empowering and a form of liberalistic freedom?
Hear ye, hear ye: Zarathustra warns you of the SJW and their insatiable envy!

"Of the Tarantulas

See, this is the tarantula's cave! Do you want to see the tarantula itself? Here hangs its web: touch it and make it tremble.
Here it comes docilely: Welcome, tarantula! Your triangle and symbol sit black upon your back; and I know too what sits within your soul.
Revenge sits within your soul: a black scab grows wherever you bite; with revenge your poison makes the soul giddy!
Thus do I speak to you in parables, you who make the soul giddy, you preachers of
EQUALITY! You are tarantulas and dealers in hidden revengefulness!
But I will soon bring your hiding places to light: therefore I laugh my laughter of the heights in your faces.
I pull at your web that your rage may lure you from your cave of lies and your revenge may bound forward from behind YOUR WORD
For THAT MAN MAY BE FREED FROM THE BOUNDS OF REVENGE: that is the bridge to my highest hope and a rainbow after protracted storms.
But, naturally, the tarantulas would have it differently.
'That the world may become full of storms of our revenge, let precisely that be called justice by us' โ€” thus they talk together.
'WE SHALL PRACTISE REVENGE AND OUTRAGE AGAINST ALL WHO ARE NOT AS WE ARE' โ€” thus the tarantula-hearts promise themselves.
'And "WILL TO EQUALITY" โ€” that itself shall henceforth be the name of virtue; and WE SHALL RAISE OUTCRY AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT HAS POWER!'
You PREACHERS OF EQUALITY, thus from you the tyrant-madness of impotence cries for 'EQUALITY': thus your most secret tyrant-appetite disguises itself in words of virtue.
SOURED SELF-CONCEIT, REPRESSED ENVY, perhaps YOUR FATHERS' SELF-CONCEIT AND ENVY: they burst from you as a flame and madness of revenge.
What the father kept silent the son speaks out; and I often found the son the father's revealed secret.
THEY RESEMBLE INSPIRED MEN: but it is NOT THE HEART THAT INSPIRES THEM โ€” it is REVENGE. And when they become refined and cold, it is not their mind, it is THEIR ENVY THAT MAKES THEM REFINED AND COLD.
THEIR JEALOUSY LEADS THEM UPON THINKERS' PATHS too; and this is the MARK OF THEIR JEALOUSY โ€” THEY ALWAYS GO TOO FAR: so that their weariness has at last to lie down and sleep even on the snow.
Revenge rings in
Thus, however, I advise you, my friends:
This song here reminds me of those times as a kid I would go frog-gigging real late at night and have to walk through the high grass fields to get from one lake or pond to another and seeing the Moon high in the sky. I remember feeling then I was secretly escaping onto an adventure to far away places and forests and I wished at that time I could've stayed out there forever.
'Tis a mindset that one must develop and refine. Some people are more inclined towards this disposition; and I think we can see clearly it is the creative, spiritual genius. It is interesting too that in literature vampires are often portrayed aristocratic as such.
Forwarded from Wolf of Woden
What is noble? Going beyond good and evil.
Octopi ๐Ÿ™ sound like quite noble creatures.

"An octopus has three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood."
Take a look here at this beauty! ๐ŸŒŸ