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Mithraeum is a pure Web3 strategy game focused on politics and on-chain diplomacy.

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It is time for the Mithraeum weekly digest - "Meal'n'Real" ☀️

In the sixth episode: the results of the past period, the situation with the guilds of newcomers, highlights of the past week, and two new interviews with the representatives of new guilds 🔥

Next week, you will learn more about the participating guilds, and we will continue observing their achievements. Stay tuned for it! 🤓
Hey everyone 👋

One of the Mithraeum goals is to create a gamified environment that incentivizes players to build their on-chain social laws on top of the basic game protocol. We strongly believe in the joint efforts of a network of experts and enthusiasts in advancing on-chain gaming. This time, we partnered with MatchboxDAO and joined the Hackathon (Solidity track) with a $2000 prize fund! ☀️

We invite developers from our community to participate and build gameplay improvements. You are free to build whatever you want! Check this page for more info

Register for the hack and create/find a team

The Hackathon starts today at 19:00 UTC! Don't miss it 😉
The time is finally here for everyone to dive into the exciting world of the Mithraeum Bronze Age II test news with the 7th episode of our weekly digest ☀️

In this episode: the achievements of the veteran guilds in the past period, details of fatal disagreements between the allied guilds, highlights of the week, and two interviews with single players 🔥

Follow the link and enjoy the reading 🤓
The 8th episode of "Meal'n'Real" is ready for reading 🤓

In this episode: zones statistics, the most memorable events of the past two weeks, and two interviews with the guilds participants and moderators of the project simultaneously.

Follow the publications to get the feed on the Mithraeum World ☀️
As the Mithraeum Bronze Age II test continues and you are now more familiar with in-game processes, many of you might have wondered why we introduced certain mechanics or why things are working this way and not another.

We have decided to share with you one of the internal notes written before the test. It might answer some of your questions. Moreover, you can see what problems were significant for the dev team, how we tried to solve them, and now knowing the Bronze Age II situation, consider to what extent we succeeded in solving them.

It is the first part of the note, and we will publish another one next week. Stay tuned! ☀️
The ninth episode of the Mithraeum weekly digest is published and ready to be read 🤓

This episode is in a non-standard format. You have a great chance to get acquainted closer with one more veteran guild 🙂

In this episode: unknown details about one of the veteran guilds, its history and structure, and four exciting interviews with this guild's leaders 🔥

Follow the link not to miss the opportunity to get to know the project better ☀️
It is time for the anniversary episode of the Mithraeum weekly digest - "Meal'n'Real" ☀️

This episode is in a totally unusual format. But many players wanted to know more about this guild of newcomers.

Follow the link to find out the details about the most mysterious guild of the Mithraeum Bronze Age II test 😉
The time is finally here for the eleventh episode of "Meal'n'Real" ☀️

From time to time, we change the usual format of publications to highlight some aspects of the current test round, its participants, and the project in general.

This episode is in a new format - the leaders cross-interview format. Seven interviews from the most active guilds of this test 🔥

Follow the link and enjoy the reading 😉
We published the first part of the internal note a couple of weeks ago, giving a glimpse into the game development process.
Now the second part is published! 📜

Curious to know why we implemented certain mechanics? Go and check the article! Have suggestions? Post them in the ideas-suggestion channel and start discussions with fellow players.
We do follow you guys there! ☀️
The penultimate episode of the Bronze Age II weekly digest is ready for your attention ☀️

The 12th episode has the most favorite and informative format - statistics of the zones. What is the situation at the finish line for the participants of this test round? Let's find out 😉
So today is the end of the Mithraeum Bronze Age II test. What a test it was! You must remember how intense the beginning was: the negotiations, the dramas, the battles, and the betrayals. The later weeks were calm and quiet, but, well, you - the players - made choices and shaped the game. We will announce the winners shortly ☀️

Thank you all for your participation and the feedback you shared with us! There is a lot to think about, and we will be taking some time to analyze the results.

We hope you enjoyed the game. Let’s make the next one even better 😉
Building a game is exciting and challenging. There are a lot of things that could be implemented, changed, or improved. How do you choose the direction? What should the dev team focus on? To answer those questions, we need your help! You, Mithraeum players, are the most knowledgeable source of the game, its virtues, and its flaws ☀️

We ask you to take some time and answer the feedback form. It requires some writing, and we know that people tend not to answer open questions, but we need your feedback to improve the game for you and other players 🖊️

Some exciting news will be shared soon! But for now, we are reflecting on the past test and need to understand what works and doesn't. Be part of Mithraeum, share your opinion and shape the game!

PS: Feel free to respond to the form in English, Ukrainian or Russian 🤓
Hey everyone👋

Breaking news: we are announcing our first-ever tournament ☀️

The tournament will have limited seats and a guaranteed reward pool with no upper limit 🚀
It will last as long as there are funds in the reward pool. In Mithraeum, players shape the game, and the dev team only creates the environment 🤓

So when? 🗓️ January 11th. You have plenty of time to rest from the previous test, reconsider your strategies, and invite friends (the more the merrier!)

As usual, you will have a chance to practice and get acquainted on the pre-tournament test 😉

So save the date and stay tuned! 🔥
We are glad to announce our final episode of "Meal'n'Real" this season ☀️

In this episode: the guilds' paths on the test, interesting statistics and facts, and questions that remain open till the tournament 🔥

We will take a short break from the digest publications and return in the next season with the updated one 🤓

See you very soon! Stay tuned 😉
Now that the test is over and the final "Meal'n'Real" episode has been released, we would like to tell you more about the upcoming tournament and the reasons why some things will change ☀️

The biggest change is incentives. You must have noticed that the tournament has an unlimited reward pool with a guaranteed minimum. The tournament does not have the project token reward. We know that some of you might wonder why we made such a decision. As we want to be transparent with our community, we share an article bringing to light some insights and thoughts 📜

Mithraeum is an Autonomous World and must become eternal. And the seasons of the Bronze Age are the preparation for launching into eternity.

Thank you, the early adherents of one of the first autonomous worlds Mithraeum should soon become. You are part of the gaming space's unique history! 🙂
Attention everyone ⚠️

Tomorrow at 4 pm UTC, we will start a game demo for our latest release, with a limited number of settlements available ☀️

This is a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at the game before the Tournament and be among the first to experience all the exciting new features and gameplay.

Anyone can participate 😉
To ensure the most comfortable start for yourself, you need to pay only $10 or wait a bit, and the entry price will drop even more. This money will be distributed among participants as the reward pool.

We look forward to seeing you all there and getting ready for the Tournament. Don't miss out on this chance to hone your skills and get a leg up on the competition!

PS: You might catch a few bugs on your training way as we perfect our game as you master your skills 🤓
The Mithraeum team wants to make gifts for their most active participants in connection with the demo ☀️ that started today and shortly before the New Year🎄
We are glad to announce a video contest 🎬 where we give an opportunity to win settlements for the January tournament 🏆

TOP-3 winners are guaranteed to receive a settlement from us when the price is around $150 on the Dutch auction.

Demonstrate your abilities as a blogger or streamer. But do not forget to make quality content that will comply with the conditions below, and you will be well rewarded.

Conditions: :Dominion:
1. Format: guide, analytics, review, analysis of mechanics, detailed comments about the game
2. Languages: English - Ukrainian - Russian - Spanish - Finnish - Turkish - French
3. Duration: from 7 to 20 minutes
4. Platform: YouTube or Twitch
5. Insert the video in the Quote retweet tag the @MithraeumIO

Additional requirements:
- The video should have a good picture, sound quality, clear and legible text.
- The video must be free of friezes.
- The description of the mechanics must be free of errors.

Winners will be chosen on the 28th of December from those who make Quote retweets with the link to their video 😉
As the tournament nears, we know that you are eager to learn more about it. This week our founder has released more information about the rules and updates 🔥

Make sure to check it out and get all the information you need before the game starts next week:
☀️ Tournament rules
☀️ Reward Pool
☀️ Settlement auction
☀️ Cultists & Wipes
☀️ Logistics Updates

Get ready to join the battle and showcase your skills!

PS: Let us know if you still have questions 😉
With the new challenges of the Mithraeum Tournament, we are ready to continue our weekly publications of "Meal'n'Real" ☀️

This episode is an introduction and the beginning of the new story 🔥
In-game events, new interviews, exciting news, lots of statistics, and unexpected surprises 😏

In the meantime, let's remember the most important news of the project over the past 1.5 months.

Stay tuned not to miss anything 😉
Yesterday's poll showed that our players want a built-in messenger between settlement owners ☀️

We decided to add an experimental widget that will allow players to immediately communicate directly with the owners of settlements in the game. The player can turn on or off notifications about new messages via email or telegram.

Now it is not necessary to look for a person in discord to contact him. You can do it directly in the game 😎