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Where’s John Fetterman??
See how they try to distract us??
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AZ Supreme Court rules in favor of Kari Lake, forces lower court to look at signature verification issues 💥
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Good morning friends.
I was admitted to a hospital yesterday for evaluation of a potentially dangerous cardiac arrhythmia. This morning, I will be undergoing a heart catheterization and other diagnostic tests. I would greatly appreciate your prayers.
I’m back on Twitter! 🎉🍾

Seems like more and more are being let back on. Only a matter of time before everyone is allowed to return to the battlefield 🫡

You can find me here:

Happy National Puppy Day 🐶🐾❤️
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Media is too big
Listen to how hot and bothered Alan Dershowitz gets when he's asked if Jeffrey Epstein worked for the Mossad:

Kim asking the right questions:
"Many of us suspect that Jeffrey Epstein was an asset to Mossad and they were operating a blackmail operation in order to get very powerful people, including people like yourself, in precarious positions to where you can potentially work on behalf of Israel."

"Totally nonsense...Jeffrey Epstein once visited me in Israel.. He didn't work for the Mossad, the Mossad wouldn't hire him... I hope he had video tapes of everybody cause they would show that I never did anything improper..
Are you used to having people come on your show to talk about one subject and then sandbagging them on another subject without any warning? I have nothing to hide.. It's the last time you'll have me on your show.."

Why so mad?
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It's almost that time! With the release of the HASHFORCE commercial and CONTEST announcement, I simply cannot wait to post this any longer.

Join us tonight on Rugpull Radio where we will dive into the next piece of USSF Major Jason Lowery's "Softwar" book and discuss "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" by John Perry Barlow, a player referenced frequently in the early Q drops. We PUMP IT UP at 10:25 PM Eastern!

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These 👏 Are 👏 Driving 👏 Me 👏 INSANE
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This clip of Ric Grenell discussing the Great Awakening is pure 🔥

“Regular people, people outside of Washington, people who maybe haven't supported Donald Trump in the past are absolutely now seeing what the system is trying to do to this man…

Ask yourself why? Why is the system in Washington so afraid of Donald Trump?…

He knows that when he comes back into Washington, he’s gotta work very quickly to dismantle the bureaucracy that is not listening to the American people.”

Nailed it 💯