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🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 The only President to be ACQUITTED TWICE!
The Radical Left is going INSANE that Trump whipped their ass from a golf course!
⚠️🛑 ALERT! 🛑⚠️
Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi just announced their push for a TOTAL BAN on AR-15s!
This grassroots army is ramping up to PUSH BACK and stop this attack!
Join with us NOW by going to www.JOINMOFC.com or donate to the fight at: http://bit.ly/STopBidensWarOnGunsMO
❗️💥This Is Not A Drill! 💥❗️
While millions of Americans were enduring bitterly cold weather yesterday, Joe Biden made a cold announcement of his own:
Biden demanded Congress pass many of the nasty gun control laws he's wanted for years!!
He specifically named Universal Background Checks, banning ALL high capacity magazines, as well as banning AR-15 and all other 'assault weapons'!
💪Gun owners, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK! 💪 Help us fight back by joining up at www.JOINMOFC.com or if you're already a member, donate today at: http://bit.ly/STopBidensWarOnGunsMO
This from the White House on Thursday, then yesterday, Joe Biden doubled down on his promises to deliver gun control to his anti-gun supporters!
These people are either bluffing better than any politician in history...or we're in for the fight of our lives for our gun rights! 🇺🇸
We didn't want you guys to miss this news! The White House's Jen Psaki said today what gun owners already figured was coming: Sleepy Joe 😴 will see gun control passed if he has to do it by executive order! 📜 😤
The Biden administration is promising to ban your guns, destroy your magazines, tax and register your ammo and simply obliterate your 2A rights.
This organization is FLOODING the state capitol and D.C. with phone calls, emails, petitions and PRESSURE!
Help us WIN! Go to www.JoinMOFC.com to join up!
BOOOM! We are SO PROUD of MTG! Somebody has to fight back against the SWAMP and she's doing a heck of a job!

But she can't stop them alone! These legislators need to know that MTG is only saying what MILLIONS of gun owners think!

-->Right now, take one minute to send a pre-written email to YOUR federal legislator, telling them to grow half the spine that MTG has and STOP H.R. 8! https://bit.ly/StopHR8inMOemail

Then SHARE THIS POST to everybody you know!
While Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene fights like hell to stop Nancy Pelosi’s gun control agenda in Congress, the ‘Truth About Guns’ blog is attacking her!

This is a MUST READ!

After you’ve read it, contact the ‘Truth About Guns’ and tell them to retract this garbage!

>>> Call them at: 314-323-1081
>>> Email them at: dan@thetruthaboutguns.com

🛑📣Radical Dianne Feinstein JUST Introduced Bill That Would Ban 'Assault Weapon', High Capacity Magazines, and More! 📣🛑
After ramming H.R. 8 and H.R 1446 through the House, Senator Dianne Feinstein thought she'd pile one more nasty gun bill on the Senate.

Maybe they hope moderate Republicans will 'meet them in the middle' on one of these -- it's worked in the past!

Email your Senators right away using the link below! It will only take a minute, but they need to hear from gun owners NOW! NO. COMPROMISE. ON. GUN. CONTROL! https://bit.ly/StopAR-15banMO

Our sister organization in Wyoming is GETTING. IT. DONE!

Now here's the real question: WHY IN HECK aren't OUR Republican Senators bringing our SAPA bill up for a vote!?

They're not going to do a THING until gun owners bring the pressure!
-->Click here to tell YOUR Senators to STOP STALLING SAPA in 2021: http://bit.ly/StopStallingSAPAinMO
The left ignores all the dead bodies in their big cities because they don't want to talk about the 'man behind the curtain:' the fact that CHICAGO already HAS all the gun control they want nationwide -- and it's a freaking bloodbath! 🏥🏥🚓🚔🚑🚨

We're tired of compromising and giving up our gun rights one inch at a time to these radicals. If that's your deal, then JOIN US TODAY: www.JoinMOFC.com

There are only two schools of thought:

1. Compromise little bits of your gun rights away whenever it's politically necessary, in hopes that your enemy is willing to do the same.

2. No Compromise. We don't care if we get slugged in the face while we're fighting like brawlers in the streets for our gun rights -- we're not going to give one inch.

THIS article is an example of why WE ARE NO COMPROMISE -- so JOIN US if that's how you want to play the game from now on! www.JoinMOFC.com

We are SO PROUD of the members and supporters of our sister organization, Iowa Gun Owners!

Grassroots gun owners DELIVERED BIGLY, obliterating nearly two dozen legislators at the ballot box over more than TEN YEARS to make this happen!

Gun owners are still the most powerful force in politics if they FIGHT TO WIN! If you're ready for the next era of gun politics, join us NOW: JoinMOFC.com
Big Tech would likely ban or censor us for posting this image but it's the truth! 💪💪🇺🇸