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The missions are online!!!
People are gathering for the group picture. Be sure to be there!
Registration is open! Show us the missions you did at Felinni! Payed swag pickup is open too!
Thanks a lot for joining us today. Can you spot yourself at the group picture?
The check in is closed after over 1000 agents checked in. Thanks a lot for joining us!
Checkin is closed. But here we explain how to to check in by mail. Mail checkin closes at midnight!
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Can't make the check in window of 13.00-17.00 at Fellini this sunday? We have a solution for you:
Hello agents! Did anyone of you made any cool shots? We would like some video footage! can you upload this to the folowing link please also tell your friends that filmed!
If anything goes wrong, contact @sk8t3rb0y
Mission Day badges were pushed by NIA! If you should have gotten it but did not get it please contact one of the following orga members with a personal message: @iooryz, @EzramR, @Aore_NL, @sk8t3rb0y, @yoshinoshima or @mallemout.
During the Mission Day we had our amazing Embedded Reporters bringing you live news of the day.

Now we have made a Google Photo album for all the other visitors to share their pictures in. You can find it here:

We also have someone working on a video of the MD. Use this form to upload your video material: (contact @sk8t3rb0y if anything goes wrong with this form).
Dear agents,
Restaurant ONS and tasting room België still have some biocards left over from Mission Day. If you want one of these very limited edition collector's items, visit them, order something and show your scanner.
Mission Day Enschede Swag form

Dear swaglovers. Our leftover swag is up for grabs! We made a form for you to make your orders. International shipping is an option.

You can find the form here:

The form will be open until 30-04-2018.
We would like to share this message from one of our sponsors with you:

We are OGD ict-diensten, and hope you enjoyed the Mission Day in Enschede. OGD is an IT-provider. We do this by means of outsourcing, projects, consulting and software developing. Customers praise our flexibility, friendly pricing and informal organization. Our company’s culture is one of knowledge-sharing and constant innovating. We are always looking for people to add to this culture. A good example of this culture is Technival, a yearly festival with a focus on fun and technology for our employees, customers, friends and families: Do you speak Dutch and are you looking for an IT-related job in the Netherlands, you can click the following link:
Agents, this is your last call for the Biocard Banner ( that was made for the Mission Day. The banner will go offline after 01-08-2019.