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Minter is a single decentralized network allowing anyone to buy, sell, send, and earn digital assets such as BTC, ETH, BIP, USDT, and much more.

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🔗 HUB on Binance Smart Chain

Due to Ethereum overload (in some cases, fees for token transfers reach $70), we’ve decided to speed up the Minter Hub’s integration with Binance Smart Chain. The first stage will be the issuance of the HUB token, which will be not an entirely new one but a mirrored version of that on the Ethereum network.

Anyone can participate and get HUB on Binance Smart Chain in exchange for HUB on Ethereum. To make a swap, you need to send your ERC-20 HUBs to the multisig wallet of the validators by Friday, April 30, 2021 @ 11:59 p.m. UTC:


By May 7, 2021, HUB tokens on Binance Smart Chain will be accrued to the same address you used to send them, so make sure you have access to it. After that, you’ll be able to freely transfer HUBs, add them to liquidity pools, and buy/sell them at fees lower than Ethereum’s.

Owners of the multisig wallet that will transfer collected HUBs to the Minter Hub smart contract on May 1:
1. ProBlockchain
2. BTCSecure
3. MonsterNode
4. Rundax
5. Stakeholder
6. MinterOne
7. Minternator
8. ONLY1
HUB Token on Minter

The HUB token has been issued on the Minter network today. It is a mirrored version of the Ethereum’s HUB. Both initial and maximum supply stand at 1 million HUB, with no option to mint additional or burn existing tokens. The whole supply was sent to a multisig wallet managed by Minter Hub oracles right away.

HUB token creation tx
Send to Minter Hub oracles tx

When a cross-chain transfer is made, the HUB token will be locked on one network (for example, Ethereum) and unlocked on the other (for example, Minter). That way, Minter Hub will maintain the real circulation of tokens across all networks, managing the lock-ups in a decentralized manner.

Very soon, oracles will start depositing real stakes into Minter Hub. After that, they will initiate a vote on freely moving HUB around the networks. At some point during the first week of May, we’ll mint HUB on Binance Smart Chain to make cross-chain transfers possible between the three networks.

That said, we’re about to unlock unseen opportunities in the space of cross-chain transfers, allowing each and every user to manage their funds in several networks at once—and do it in a fast, affordable, safe, and convenient way.
The first million is the most desired!

$1 million worth of tokens has been placed on the Minter network, including Hub. This is a so-called Total Value Locked indicator, or TVL.

For comparison, the Binance Smart Chain has over $36 billion in TVL. But we haven’t even launched yet . . .
Binance Smart Chain’s HUB: The Last Day to Deposit

Final call for everyone who wants to take part in the issuance of HUB on Binance Smart Chain. To exchange your tokens, send them to the multisig wallet of the validators by 11:59 p.m. UTC today:


The tokens will be accrued to the identical address on the Binance Smart Chain network. You can log in to it using the same seed phrase as on Ethereum. Before depositing, make sure you have access to the wallet you will use for receiving.

HUB goes live on BSC Monday, May 3. A liquidity pool for trading via PancakeSwap will be created within a few hours. We’ll make a separate announcement.

For the main pool on the BSC network, we’ll launch a farming program similar to the one we launched for Ethereum. Stay tuned!
Minter Community Update

What's changed with Minter 2 release? What impact has the roll-out of Minter Hub had on liquidity? When will the promised grand burning happen? And how many BIPs are already lying still, waiting to be turned into BIPx on Ethereum and BSC?

Check out our latest round-up to find out. And don’t forget to clap! 👏
How to Make Money on DeFi with HUB

The Minter Hub product and its token HUB offer the vast majority of money-making opportunities for a modern DeFi professional, that is:
– Trading
– Arbitrage
– Providing liquidity
– Farming
– Staking

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🥞 How to Buy/Sell HUB and Provide Liquidity in PancakeSwap

Binance Smart Chain: check ✔️. On May 3, the HUB token was minted on the BSC network and started trading.

In this freshly baked guide, we’ll walk you through trading in HUB and supplying liquidity to the pools on the BSC network, namely via PancakeSwap.

Check out the recipe »
Which token shows first in the new version of Uniswap? How many fee tiers are there—and which is set for the main pool of HUB-USDT? What’s price ranges, and how can you move the liquidity you already provide from v2 to v3?

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Forwarded from Minter Dev Notifications
🔗 Minter Hub Is Live

After long tests, we’re opening Minter Hub for everyone. On this page, you can deposit or withdraw your HUB from or to Ethereum network.

The next step is adding USDC and USDT stablecoins to Minter 2, which is expected by the end of May if everything works as planned. You’ll be able to buy and sell these tokens right inside your wallet and also move them between Minter and Ethereum networks. A vote on whether to add these tokens will be initiated once all tests involving HUB are successfully completed.

⚠️ Beware! Cross-chain transfers through Minter Hub are currently in the alpha version. You bear sole responsibility for all operations with your assets, meaning you may lose them entirely. Use this functionality at your own risk. Minter Hub is open-source. If needed, you may investigate its code before making use of the features offered on the page above.

Explainer on selecting fee for withdrawal to Ethereum:
- Normal: your transaction will get into waitlist and will be sent once the number of senders is enough to cover the fee on Ethereum. If that doesn’t happen within an hour, the coins will return to your wallet;
- Fast: your transaction will be sent to Ethereum right away. The confirmation time, however, will depend on current load.
🍪 HUB-BIP Pool’s Farming Rewards

The first rewards have been sent to those farming in the HUB-BIP pool (for May 10):
- Transaction 1
- Transaction 2

Going forward, rewards (0.1% of the liquidity provided, payouts in BIP) will be shared among LPs on a daily basis at a random time. Everything you need to qualify is supply liquidity to the HUB-BIP pool. You can do that using Minter Console.

Rewards for the past 9 days will be distributed shortly. May 1 to May 9 snapshots are currently being re-calculated.
BIPx will be issued on July 1 (Ethereum) and September 1 (Binance Smart Chain).

This news is being updated, stay tuned...
The HUB token is now available in Delta, one of the largest crypto trackers. You can now add HUB and stay informed about its price movements. Thanks everyone for voting!

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☘️ HUBABUBA: Farming & Everyday Raffles

HUBABUBA is an experimental meme token designed to gamify the process of learning Minter and its main features. We’ve also developed a two-part program:
1. Farming
2. Everyday raffles

Farming began on May 10, and rewards for the first five days have already been sent out (a total of ≈1.83 HUBABUBA):

• May 10 = 0.300 HUBABUBA (Tx, Tx)
• May 11 = 0.352 HUBABUBA (Tx, Tx)
• May 12 = 0.405 HUBABUBA (Tx, Tx)
• May 13 = 0.379 HUBABUBA (Tx, Tx)
• May 14 = 0.394 HUBABUBA (Tx, Tx)

Everyday raffles will be held starting May 30.

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🏊‍♀️ Liquidity Pools on Minter

Liquidity pools have become one of the most significant innovations to arrive with Minter 2. They make it possible to:
- Swap any coins and tokens
- Create your own trading pairs
- Earn from providing liquidity
Ethereum 🆚 Minter

Transfer fee: $145 vs. $0.01
Swap fee: $446 vs. $0.03

Next week, Minter will add USDT and USDC. Tens of top tokens and tokenized shares will follow shortly after. All of them can be exchanged and transferred in 5 seconds.

Minter allows you to focus on what really matters—e.g., trading itself—instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on just the fee.
🥁 Event: BIPx’s Ethereum Go-Live

Confirmed on CoinMarketCal, the largest crypto calendar: BIPx is set to launch on the Ethereum network on July 1, 2021! If you want to see this milestone trending, press the Real button. Thanks in advance for your support!

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Trading with Minter: Faster, Cheaper, Simpler

Yesterday, Minter added support for the two most popular stablecoins, USDT and USDC. This milestone marked the start of massive integration of top-notch digital assets into the network. This will unlock the hottest trading and arbitrage opportunities for users.

In our recent article, we've covered the evolution of crypto trading and answered why Minter is really cool!

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Listing Tokens on Minter

From now on, any business, project, blogger, or community can use Minter to create their own token and list it in a pair against the U.S. dollar in minutes.

- no KYC
- no delays
- no mind-blowing listing fees
- no piles of application forms
- no communication with the exchange’s support team
- no other requirements that projects typically have to put up with when working with centralized venues

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