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Columnist, Church Militant. β€œPop star of hate,” handsome Christian extremist, clam bandit. Hobbies: targeted harassment, creating hostile work environments, playing all sides, setting people up to fail πŸ–‹ https://bit.ly/3yRa7Mc πŸ“² @MiloInc βœ‰οΈ m@milo.net
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Later guys
Forwarded from I'm going to hell for this!
Delighted to announce that I’ve been appointed a Platinum Elite sponsor of MFF. We’re assembling MFF gift bags now! These welcome notes will be under your door when you arrive at the hotel, conferencegoers. πŸ†πŸ’‹
The latest work of art to hang in the National Harassment Archives a.k.a. my bedroom. DM me if you want one of your own >> @miloinc
This will be the MFF merch by which all other merch is judged
- $250 including shipping to USA for the ridiculous huge gold frame
- $125 for a simpler black frame
- Payment via Cash app to @MiloInc
- Send your name and address to m@milo.net with screenshot of payment confirmation
- Delivery by 1 October
- You can specify the phrase you want me to write in your email or leave it up to me
- Money will be used to fund MFF shenanigans for me and the boys
- A pawtion of the proceeds will go to the official MFF charity
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I will say, the single greatest lesson Milo is teaching me is to stand boldly on the truth and never back down from anyone, because that's what it means to be a man.
Trust me, no broke-ass furries are paying my rent. It’s the poorest fandom in the world. Even the comic nerds look like maharajas next to you guys. No one motivated by money would choose the furry fandom.

But sure imma sell some funny shit to defray what will in the end be $5k+ I’ll spend on MFF shenanigans. It’s not costing anyone money who can’t afford itβ€”the rest of you get to sit back and enjoy the show.

Has it occured to you that your reflexive aversion to any kind of financial transaction might be the reason you’re poor? πŸ₯Ά
Forwarded from Cani Lupine
BAM. Theres the proof of how I just said he's starting shit for money XD
Forwarded from Marky Hutt
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these furries are out for blood πŸ˜‚
I can’t breathe
An example of the 5,000 or so direct messages I’ve received in the last few days. This is why they fear.
An example of the 5,000 or so direct messages I’ve received in the last few days. This is why they fear.
I’ll never get credit publicly and I DON’T CARE because that’s not why I do it. But it’s worth reminding people what a red pill crucible I am. It even surprises me sometimes!