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Collectible NFT Valuables


Highly valued NFT creations in the form of collectible valuables.

NFT artwork from Melouny is something special to own and collect.
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The full story behind the Genesis Bitcoin NFT is present only on the website

Authenticity of the Genesis Bitcoin NFT can be also verified there.
Today 12 March 2021 was minted the collection of 50 pieces of the Genesis Bitcoin NFT and the first one was released for sale:
Yesterday TWO Genesis Bitcoin NFTs were saved by two heroes, leaving only 48.

The price is higher with each NFT sold.

Did you know that the MetaMask app for Android has this COLLECTIBLES tab where you can see your NFT collections? Pretty cool.
Why so serious? A Full Hero Story Behind the Genesis Bitcoin NFT is here Only for heroes with a sense of humor... or with a cape.
You can earn 2.5% from the sale of Genesis Bitcoin. No registration needed.

Just put your ETH address at the end of this referral link:

If someone visits the website via this link and makes a purchase, 2.5% will be sent to the ETH address provided.

Increasing price range is now
from 1 to 200 ETH per NFT
Well well well...

3th Genesis Bitcoin was saved from the cold waters of OpenSea by another mysterious hero.

What to say?

Some say that this NFT provides a superpower to see into the future.

I don't know about that, but maybe that's the reason?
Breaking news...

A publication Noteworthy - The Journal Blog with 30000+ daily readers asked the superhero for permission to print his full story.

NFT is hot topic and Bitcoin with all time high prices is hot topic. So lets hope Genesis Bitcoin NFT combo becomes soon hot topic too.

The Full Hero Story has the same amount of claps on Medium as their front page articles.
All the fancy cryptic lingo around NFT is great, but one simple question remains quite unexplained...

Why to buy expensive pics as NFT when I can save them for free?

Well, what about this short NFT art justification for dummies
Once upon a time, somewhere in the cryptoverse, a BITCOIN HERO was born to save the world from financial injustice.

It didn't take long for another CRYPTO HERO to join him, and then another... and another...

Together they began to change the course of history...

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Nice use of the BITCOIN HERO animated collectible as a wallpaper on Lock screen
Our designer of Crypto Hero NFT Collection is also one of the founders of CRYPTOMEDA project. If you like to have an early access or to get an in-game gift, join here:
In a time when people were robbed by robber middlemen every day...

HEX HERO rose to free people from injustice and put the power over their property back in their hands.

His cybernetic immutable software did not allow him to behave otherwise.



CRYPTO HERO NFT collection.

Characteristics of HEX HERO:

Mastermind. Savior. Lionheart. Wise. Unstoppable. High-end Tech. 5555 Club. Hideout: The Shining City On The Hill.

Created: 2022/11/13
Rarity: 1/6


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Every hero needs a loyal companion by his side. If this companion is also a hero, there is nothing that can stop them.



CRYPTO HERO NFT collection.

Characteristics of DOGE HERO:

Companion. Cute. Loyal. Much wow. No bitch. 101 siblings. Old tech. Billionaire patronage.

Created: 2022/11/19
Rarity: 1/101 


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ETHER HERO is the guardian of the smart contracts between man and machine.




Characteristics of ETHER HERO:

Guardian. Facilitator. Pioneer. Smart. Sophisticated. Cutting-edge Tech.

NFT created: 2022/12/12
NFT rarity: 1/12


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