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Great news for all space aficionados:

On Tuesday ➡️July 14th at 18:00 CEST, Lucas from German Aerospace Center (DLR) is going to tell you

What you need to know about the Columbus laboratory and other ESA projects🌟

Make sure to join us live at Talkroom 1:
Just a little reminder: our live session starts in 10 minutes 🙂
Tune in this Tuesday, July 28, 18:00 CEST for our next live discussion:

Assessing the European recovery and budget package - A glass half full or half empty??

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Do you know #EUSupergirl Madeleina Kay? For more than three years she has tried to reverse Brexit - with her blog, books and songs, she performed at public demonstrations.

This Tuesday (Aug 4 | 18:00 CEST) the passionate pro-European talks with us about her experiences - and answers your questions.

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Tune in this ➡️Tuesday, August 11, 18:00 CEST for our new live webinar:

⚡️ Workshop: Introduction to the EU institutions ⚡️

How is the European Parliament elected? How do the EU Institutions work together? And how does the EU pass new laws? These and more questions are touched upon in our workshop. You will gain valuable knowledge about the European Union and its institutions or refresh the knowledge you already have. This will prepare you to follow EU politics more closely and understand the processes that unfold in Brussels.

Every participant will receive a 📃certificate of attendance by the European Parliament Liaison Office in Germany.


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Back from summer break! Join us this Tuesday ➡️ Sept 1, 18:30 CEST (19:30 EEST, 5:30 P.M. BST) on Discord to discuss with Michael Gahler, MEP & Foreign Policy Spokesman of the EPP about

⚡️ The Western Balkans: EU members of tomorrow? - Progress and challenges in the accession process⭐️

The Western Balkans play the central role in the EU's enlargement plans. But how likely is it that the accession criteria can be met in a region where other global actors are increasingly trying to assert their interests?

We are looking forward to hearing you at Talkroom 1:

⚡️ Conspiracy Theories in the Coronavirus Pandemic

➡️  Tuesday, Sept 8, 18:00 CEST (19:00 EEST, 5 P.M.  BST)

The anti-vaccine movement, QAnon or people who believe that Bill Gates is behind Coronavirus  - once a fringe phenomenon, conspiracy theories have gone mainstream. What exactly is going on? And what can we do to fight disinformation?

Let's talk about this with Prof. Dr. Michael Butter, one of the leading European experts investigating conspiracy theories.

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Just a tiny reminder: At 18:00 CEST starts the live discussion with Prof. Michael Butter on

⚡️ Conspiracy Theories in the Coronavirus Pandemic
⚡️Online Briefing: State of the Union Speech of Ursula von der Leyen

➡️  Tuesday, Sept 15, 17:00 CEST (18:00 EEST, 4 P.M.  BST)

On Sept 16, President Ursula von der Leyen will adress Europeans in her first State of the Union speech. This is the time to look to the future:

🌟EU Green Deal
🌟Agenda to shape Digital EU
🌟Coronavirus reponse

The day before the speech, Georg Pfeifer, Head of the European Parliament’s Liaison Office in Germany, and Jörg Wojahn, Representative of the European Commission in Germany, will give an online briefing on the upcoming speech and answer your questions.

Join us on Discord at Talkroom 1:
For more information visit also our website:
Let’s meet, MeetEU!

➡️On Sept. 22, 18:00 CEST (19:00 EEST, 5pm BST) we invite you to discuss with us the future of MeetEU.

It's now 6 months since we officially launched our pan-European discussion platform.

What did you like? How can we improve? And what new ideas do you have to bring people in Europe closer together ?

Bring something tasty to eat, some cool drinks and don't forget your great ideas!

Hear you in Talkroom 1!
On Tuesday 29 Sept at 18:00 CEST we like to present you a cool initiative: the European HomeParliaments by Pulse of Europe.

What is it about? A European HomeParliament is a meeting of 4 to 8 people who discuss and answer a European question. Anyone can become a host of such a HouseParliament. The citizens' movement Pulse of Europe provides you with all the documents. The results of your discussions do not end up in a drawer somewhere, but are sent to EU policy-makers, like Ursula von der Leyen, Manfred Weber, Ska Keller or Damian Boeselager.

The current round runs until November 1st.

➡️Hendrik Michel from Pulse Of Europe Frankfurt will show you how it works and how you can participate.

Join us at Talkroom 1: