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The Anti-Spam option is now available!
This option block any url or mention for Telegram and work in the boards and appendable polls.
Clone option 📑
Now you can clone your poll.
Now you can report Bug with the command /bug! 🐞
Send any type of message to report a bug.
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#Update New type of poll!
Participation - Every user can subscribe to the participation and you can have a full management of users
In case of bug, report it with the command /bug!
Set your time zone!
Updates in coming...
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Closing time for poll!
Now you can close your poll automatically.
We added the poll type to the end of the message for an upcoming feature!
Thanks to your ideas we are adding multiple functions to the Bot!
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New option for poll: Hide voters
Hide voters for poll and all votes in the boards.
Now you can download the file of the poll!
Save your data in the cloud with our Bot🤗
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Arrange the options in sub-folders to simplify management!
Update in coming...
​​#Status #Update
New system to avoid slowing down the Bot!
In order not to go against the flood in Telegram, our Bot retains the requests to maintain performance.
Do not replicate what you see in the video or you will be automatically banned by the Anti-Flood of the Bot.
⭐️ Rating - New type of poll, you can choose a number from 1 to 10 for rating your contents!
📊 Graph - New option to get result from you poll!
╠ List of users - New characters for list your members.
#BigUpdate #Update
🆕 Big Update of July

Pie chart: get the result of your poll in a pia chart.
Ban users: ban users from your polls.
Custom percentage: you can edit the position of the percentage in message and button of the poll.
Turn into anonymous: irreversible action that turns personal poll into anonymous poll.
Forbidden words: now you can block words in append option and in the board comments.
New sponsor system: send sponsor only if the user is using the Bot.
Premium users: no sponsor for premium users and his voters.
🔄 Added the append function in moderate menu.
🔄 New folder in the votes folder: Buttons, Message, Options.
Fixed the character limit on the Graphs.
Fixed the character limit on inline messages.
Fixed the link preview in inline message.
Name are now cached for fast updates.
Fixed inline error for Telegram response, now it's more faster!
Fixed the Anti-Flood for the forward. (Only for 25 forward for second)
Fixed the message updates overwrite with old message.
Fixed the usernames of deleted account.
Fixed the empty Bug Report.
Fixed the users name displayed with other surname.
#BigUpdate #Update
🆕 Big Update of August

Remove all votes.
Schedule open poll.
⭐️ Send poll in a chat.
⭐️ Schedule send of poll.
🔄 Pages for participant list.
Fix at Publish button for administrator of a Poll.
Fix for Administrators append function on moderate.
Blacklist words works for append options.
Fix at minimum number for rating poll.
Anti-Flood for save all forwards messages on add options.
Anti-Flood most faster.
Fix on "0" option on append or board.
Fix on missed Administrators of the poll.
Forbidden words now works without the Anti-Spam in append options.
Fixed closed and deleted polls.
Fixed group and channel premium.
Fixed Link Preview for inline result.
Fixed the Bug Report message languages.
#BigUpdate #Update
🆕 Big Updates of September

💯 Server changed!
💯 Speeded up requests!

Attach link url on polls.
Added the option for voters limit.
🔁 Changed options menu.
🔁 Removed empty folders and sub-folders on any type of poll.
🔁 Changed the 404 icon for inline preview.
⭐️ Fixed the schedule messages!
Message not supported for the media upload.
Bug Report fixed.
Schedule open of poll fixed.
Share codes errors on the inline start.
Telegram names update.
Fixed the Auto-Fix of message updates.
Fix the board vote button.
Fix the update of message with vote button.
Fixed the global sponsor.
Auto-Fix for sponsor messages!
Fixed the Share button!
#BigUpdate #Update
🆕 Big Updates of October

💯 Inline answer faster!
Edit title and description of a poll.
Added the Translator Mode.
Date format settings on time zone menu.
Added a new method to earn money with us: Affiliate.
⭐️ If the affiliate option is activated your voters will see the advertisement.
🔁 New picture for MasterPoll.
🔁 Changed "💾 Done" button with "🔙 Back" or "🔙 Main menu".
🔁 Added the Bot icon on exported files.
⭐️ Fixed the start of the Bot when you vote a poll.
Fixed inline invalid share code.
Fixed all types of updates of messages.
Fixed the limit of inline results.
Fixed /list message too long.
Fixed all inline updates.
Fixed the loading when you send the max number of voters.
Fixed the change of the language.
Fixed the yaml file export.
🆕 Update of November

Added the export of the file in XML format.
Added the export of the file in Excel format.
⭐️ Fixed the update of the message sent to a channel or supergroup.
Fixed advertisings problems.
Fixed the edit of the poll title.

Message updated on 15:30 at
25/11 (+02:00)
​​#BigUpdate #Update
🆕 Big Updates of December

💯 New UI!
Now the notification are available for all admins of the poll.
New API System.
(See other on @MasterPollAPI)
Added an Help message in the main menu.
Warnings for internal errors.
⭐️ Link to the VIP Room available on Help message.
🔁 Change the view of the board polls with lots of comments.
🔁 The message hide the voters when there are too many characters on personal polls.
Fixed internal request problem.
Fixed the edit message Anti-Flood.
New Auto-Fix for all polls functions! (This protects against any loss of poll data)
New Auto-Report system for several internal bug.
🆕 Updates of January

💯 New protection for anti-flood!
Added the "View results" menu for poll with many votes.

🔁 Banned users list updated.
🔁 Loading GIF added for waiting long operations.
Fixed unban to temporary banned users.
Added missing strings to ban system.
The users list on participation poll faster.
Fixed the advertisment for each hour.
The request are faster.