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👥 577 persone hanno votato finora.
📖 Votazione Anonima​​
👋 Hi again!
We have good news for you today.

Some days ago we released the discounts on our shop to deal with the Covid-19 emergency and participate in the #StayAtHome initiative!

We wanted to remind you that starting from tomorrow, the clones will go 25% off until April 9th, the day on which the 50% discount on the whole shop will also end.
Take advantage of it before it's too late!

Your friends at MasterPoll!
Happy Easter from the MasterPoll Staff! 🐣
🆕 Big Update of March/April

➕ New Cool Features
• New type of poll: Quiz - Set the right answers, don't show the result and when you close the poll see who answered well.
• New option: show more choices in a string on menu.
• New setting: Theme - Change theme for graph and others graphics in the Bot.
• New Ban-list Setting: @BottinoBot Block-list - Auto-Blocks potentially dangerous users!
• New integration: @NoAutoPinBot Block - Leave the poll message shared by channels pinned in groups containing @NoAutoPinBot!

⭐️ New Premium Features
• Fixed the bug in "Send To..." after clicking it.
• On "Send To..." the Bot show only the channel who has seen!
• Fixed the advertising on Premium users polls.

🔁 Minor Changes
• Discount in shop title.
(Only if the discount applies to all items)
• Now you don't start the Bot to see advertising.
We'll send it to you in dm without start the Bot.
• Changed the graph library.

✅ Bug Fixed
• Fixed affiliate earning by advertising.
• Fixed unban date to banned users.
• Fixed the ban/unban of users.
• The users list on participation poll faster.
• More stability.

#BigUpdate #Update #March #April
​📝 ⟨May⟩ Write us some features to add them to PollBot
Write in this board the new functions if you want to add to it.
🚫 Please write only in english or your comment will be deleted.

👤 Only admins can see name of people who voted

👤 Vote rating with moons [example if the result is 3.5 -> 🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑]

👤 Fast learning and grading the student via fun learning feature on telegram

👤 Save a layout preset for a poll (buttons, sorting, message, etc.)

👤 Up the maximum characters to 160 words

👤 Increase the max characters to 300

👤 rating vote
refresh automatically
Add like this
Ex: 4.5/5 ratings on 20 votes.
Add star rating symbol? Thank you.

👤 introduce open-ended questions

👥 8 people have voted so far.
📖 Anonymous Board

🚫 This poll is closed...
💰 Less for more!
This is the most famous philosophy in the world, isn't it?

Few days ago, we updated the prices of our shop to give you more for less!

🛒 All products are now at historic lows, even the clones, which have adopted a new policy.
From now on, the first clone bot will be free, to allow more people to have their custom bot without having to spend money!

It will still be possible, however, to purchase paid clones, both as a premium upgrade for the first bot (the free one to be clear), and to buy an additional one at a discounted price.

😍 Take advantage of these prices to get benefits that were too expensive before!

In the meantime, we say goodbye and go back to work on the new Bot update.
The MasterPoll Team!
We need to renew our server, can you make donations?

In the last month we have lowered the costs in the shop to allow everyone to use Premium and Advertising. Now, however, we need to keep MasterPoll's service online!
🔴 MasterPoll services are offline
Important updates will follow, stay tuned and activate notifications!

EDIT 3:15 - The ex-sysadmin of the MasterPoll server abandoned the project, we are proceeding to rewrite the Bot and move to a New server!
✅ MasterPoll will be free and open source!
No ads, no payments, all safe and open!

🤖 Our bots will be online
Server expenses have become excessive compared to the store's earnings, today we close the store and later give the source to all developers who want to collaborate on this project!

📢 We greet you here, good poll!
We had a great 2 years!
We have reached 800k+ users, 100k+ users active at month and 4k at day!
We passed the 100k+ surveys of which 70%+ active!
We have reached 50 clones of the Bot of which 10 are Premium, 500+ groups and 500+ channels!

MasterPoll is here for you!
‼️ Warning to all users who have a clone of MasterPoll!
If you had created a MasterPoll clone bot, you must revoke the token (API key) to have your Bot safe, then go to @BotFather and do /revoke and select the bot you cloned with MasterPoll!
NB: @MPClonesBot is offline, you have to revoke from @BotFather!

😥 We are sorry about what the child who came out destroying everything is up to and we take responsibility for it...
🔴 All Bots turned off
Our Bots are still offline, we are proceeding to build the source, we already have the server available...

If it wasn't clear yet, I'm rewriting the Bot from the beginning. I'm only 1 developer so it will take time...
Do you want me to put the Bot back online while I build the new code?
❌ The data will be lost when the new bot is ready
Final Results
Yes, turn on the Bots
No, I'm waiting for the new bot
Master PollBot | Updates
Do you want me to put the Bot back online while I build the new code? ❌ The data will be lost when the new bot is ready
⏱ This voting ends tomorrow at 12:00 (+02:00).
⚠ Warning: the database will not be restored, all past polls are lost!
It will still be a not too recent backup...
Master PollBot | Updates
Do you want me to put the Bot back online while I build the new code? ❌ The data will be lost when the new bot is ready
✅ The majority voted to put it back online!
The stable version Bots are already operational, use /start to start creating polls!

➡ @MasterPollBots
🌐 The new Master PollBot

ℹ We inform you that the new Open Source project is still under development!

🤖 We are reporting all the current functions and it will take time, if you want, you can help us test it by subscribing to the Beta Testing channel and test our Beta Bots!

☕ If you want to support me you can donate any amount to the Developer
​😊 Merry Christmas from the staff!
MasterPoll Beta is still under development, if you want to help us test it, join @MasterPollBeta for updates!
Lately we have resumed the development of MasterPoll Open Source project!
❤️ Good News!
'm still working on Master PollBot OS, I'm only one... so you can help me work on it in different ways:

😼 Help with Bot Testing
Test the Bot in any method, flood, mass votes and other!
Join @MasterPollBeta to see all beta updates in real time!

💬 Help with Translations
Translate the Bot texts, only for desktop platform!
Join @MasterPollLocalization to see updates about new strings or to get help on translations!

✅ Help with Features
Suggest new features directly to me: @NeleBotsSupporter

💰Help with Server maintenance
Donate me any amount to let me know you appreciate my project!
Happy new year from the MasterPoll Team! 🎉
​📝 Write us some new features ONLY for the new Master PollBot OS!
Write in this board the new functions if you want to will be added to the new Bot.
🚫 Please write only in english and on topic, else your comment will be deleted.

👤 add SUBJECTIVE Questions Options to your new bot. Where short answers can be typed by participates

👤 A poll where you set up a fixed list and people can tick any options when it's done. Just like attendance list at school

👤 Possibility that only members who are within the group where the poll was posted can vote in the poll. To avoid cheating

👤 create surveys in which it is possible to order options by numbers

👤 A Poll with picture/file/video as a custom answer

👥 5 persone hanno votato finora.
📖 Board Anonima
🤩 The project is almost ready!
Finally we release the working Bot of the new Master PollBot OS!

🆕 @MasterPollOSBot

💬 For any problem contact the @MasterPollSupport.