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Hello, I'm Mary, also known as Kawaii Bones. I mainly make videos based on cooking and video games and anything that comes off the top of my head.
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Okay, so audio not matching up the video is still happening. Oh well...
Expect videos on Wednesday. That is all.
Okay, expect the videos to be a little late.
I guess I have to postpone the videos until either Friday or Saturday. For some reason, one of my clips for one of my videos can't be edited, though the clip is viewable. Might have to convert or rerecord. Might also have to show different game if I can't get it to work.
Okay, because of technical difficulties, the videos will be postponed until tomorrow or Monday. That is all.
Happy Monday! Got two videos ready! :)
Hey all! Don't know if I'll get the videos in by Thanksgiving, but I'll try! Expect the videos to be a little sketchy, since some of the scenes are either missed or skipped. That is all.
Wait, I almost forgot. Next year, I'm going to try streaming on DLive. Don't know how well it go, but hopefully it will be a fun experience. Also, I'm going to take a break, on publishing in December, so I can get some more recording done. Maybe instead of just cooking or gaming, I'll talk about certain stuff? Who knows. Anyway, that is my battle plan for this year and next year. That is all.
Happy Thanksgiving! I got two videos ready! I was planning more, but I finally fix the whole missed/skipped scenes thing. Well, at least I think I fixed it.
Hey all! Videos will be published on February. However, the stream from last Saturday will be published this weekend. That is all.