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Christian Book Christmas Rush is OUT!!!!!!!! What I am Lovin!!!! My Christmas List!!!



Come with me and take a look at Christian Book dot coms latest!!|1014232
I am not paid to endorse and not affiliated. I honestly buy from this source and love sharing information. If I can help other get great deals and share the Word of GOD... I feel like I am the One being Blessed!!!!

In this video I review books I love and personally have, what sounds interesting, and hopefully give some ideas for helping others share the Word of GOD.

And YES!!!!! I am already singing and playing Christmas Music in my house and car!!!
Blessings and Prayers,

Welcome to Season 4 Live Bible Study 5782/2021.
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I apologize for the upload vice live Bible Study.
Until this internet begins playing nice again, we will be uploading vice live when possible.
Our first choice will be live, but when unable we will upload.

Preparation for the Journey (Numbers ch 7) Geneva 1560 Bible: