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Merry Christmas from a wet and windy Western Cape. Have a lovely day everyone 🥂
Happy New Year everyone. Someone wise once said: ““People by and large become what they think of themselves.”
A major reason why I love this country, I am in the middle of the Karoo and found this:
Hello everyone, Morning Shot is back!
Brand new episode is live: I'm on Instagram as morning_shotza. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.
I will be live on Patreon at 5pm, if you are a patron, please register!
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Cyril is still working on this, trust the plan.
If you follow me on Patreon, register for the AMA livestream which will be happening tonight at 8pm.
"Tomorrow night"
Media is too big
If some Karen moans about you wearing a mask, tell them if they’re better than the entire British government.