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Our February fundraiser is here and WIRES ANIMAL RESCUE was voted for by our members by a HUGE majority. Also we have had an equally huge top up donation from one of our members and we can’t wait to share the details on that one soon! For the moment though, please share as much as you can! Let’s raise as much money as possible for Australian animals effected by continuous bush fires. With LOVE 💛MJFFC.org #australia #michaeljackson
Whoop! A great amount raised for Alcohol Change UK’s #DryJanuary campaign this year! £301! Thank you to all of the Michael Jackson fans that supported our fundraiser in memory. #Love www.MJFFC.org
It’s a very interesting stat this month! Loads raised and currently been raised for WIRES. A Michael Jackson fan response to the Australian bush fires. #MakeThatChange in 2020 with us and join at www.mjffc.org
No you are not seeing things. The current total raised for WIRES so far, still with 15 days left is £1,254! High five to all that are giving this month. 🙋🏼‍♂️☺️.
Some crazy numbers recently in our project. Amazing member number and look at the amount raised for Australia’s wild animals this month! 11 days left guys! Please help us spread the word www.mjffc.org #MichaelJackson #Charity
Guys here is our latest total for WIRES! Wowser, our largest ever. The Michael Jackson fandom is one of the best. All ages, all races, all for love. This is who we are #MJFAM www.mjffc.org
We are looking at this total for WIRES and we still can’t quite believe it! Thank you for your massive contribution Joel 🙏🧘🏻‍♂️ #MichaelJackson #Charity
Guys we would like to announce that we are fundraiser for an “ARTS” theme this month which is for The Teapot Trust Charity! £165 raised so far, please consider a donation directly to them or join us monthly to give to different charities each month at www.MJFFC.org. 🙏💛Please share as much as possible! #michaeljackson #tribute #charity
We are very happy to announce our March total raised by Michael Jacksons fans globally for The Teapot Trust Charity was a beautiful £322. The Teapot Trust Charity provide art therapy to help children and families coping with long-term conditions. Thank you to the #MJFAM that contributed! For full donation details and how you too can join us, it's www.MJFFC.org
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£144 so far guys! Great work! 16 days left to give! MJInnocent UK & MJFFC are working together to raise funds for the WHO‘s COVID-19 Solidarity Response fund. What more can we give at www.MJFFC.org? Please share! #HealTheWorld
#MichaelJackson #Charity #MJFam
Dileep can you see this? If so can you take a screenshot of this screen and send to me on messenger?