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Police attack Anti-vax-passport protest in Paris
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9th week in a row of Anti-vax-passport protests in Paris
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Anti-Vax-passport protestors react with fireworks to Police aggression in Paris
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Crowd in Paris not intimidated by black-clad Storm Troopers
There's more than enough evidence now that forcing the "vaccine" on teenage boys is definitely going to kill some of them.

The rate of myocarditis incidence, often resulting in an early death, in teenage boys increases at the least by hundreds, and possibly even by thousands, of percent after taking this provably useless (for teens) "vaccine".

Far more will die from this provably useless, for teens, " vaccine" than would ever have died from Covid.

It's completely unessecary, for teens anyway, and confers no extra protections of any sort once it has been forced upon them.

We cannot say with 100 percent certainty that "They are trying to kill our teenage sons!"

But we can say with one hundred percent certainty that : "In the process of forcing a useless injection upon our children, they do not care if they kill some of our otherwise healthy teenage sons in the process!"
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Nervous laughter from Australian audience when John Mearsheimer tells them if they choose to be friendly with China, US will show them just how nasty it can be.......
Never Forget......
Forwarded from LewiWizard 777

We know at this point, due to the peer-reviewed University of Alaska, Fairbanks study that Building 7 ( was brought down intentionally.

We know that increasingly few people believe the official narrative.

We also know that the Taliban had nothing to do with it, and Osama bin Laden denied any involvement. It has been a huge lie from start to finish.

The Strategic Culture website has a good editorial on the subject:

"Several professional groups representing the expertise of thousands of aviation analysts, airline pilots, architects and engineers have also questioned the official narrative.
In particular, it is doubted that commercial jetliners could have been flown with such precision under the physical conditions described.

The footprint collapse of three towers at the World Trade Center (the third one was not even hit by a plane) also beggars belief that the buildings and their internal steel structures simply fell from the heat generated by exploding aviation fuel. There is plausible evidence from the expert analyses that the buildings were taken down by controlled demolition."


#WT7 #911 #Building7

China claims "breakthrough in high-level radioactive waste disposal technique"

"China's first high-level radioactive liquid waste disposal equipment, capable of melting waste into glass, has been officially put into use in Guangyuan, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, on Saturday, making China one of the few countries in the world to have acquired such a technique.

"Chinese experts believed that the technique could have been a better option for Japan to dispose the nuclear-contaminated Fukushima wastewater, but Japan 'clearly does not want to pay the bill.'

"The equipment is a milestone project at the back end of the nuclear industry chain, and is considered a major step forward in the safe and green development of China's nuclear industry, the Global Times learned from the State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense on Sunday."


#China #Nuclear #Waste #Breakthrough

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What Is the Internet of Bodies?

The RAND Corporation Oct 29, 2020 - official statement:

Internet-connected "smart" devices are increasingly available in the marketplace, promising consumers and businesses improved convenience and efficiency. Within this broader Internet of Things (IoT) lies a growing industry of devices that monitor the human body and transmit the data collected via the internet. This development, which some have called the Internet of Bodies (IoB), includes an expanding array of devices that combine software, hardware, and communication capabilities to track personal health data, provide vital medical treatment, or enhance bodily comfort, function, health, or well-being. However, these devices also complicate a field already fraught with legal, regulatory, and ethical risks.

In this video, RAND mathematician Mary Lee examines this emerging collection of human body–centric and internet-connected technologies

Read More:

Vaccine efficacy is generally reported as a relative risk reduction (RRR). It uses the relative risk (RR)—ie, the ratio of attack rates with and without a vaccine—which is expressed as 1–RR. Ranking by reported efficacy gives relative risk reductions of :

95% for the Pfizer–BioNTech,
94% for the Moderna–NIH,
91% for the Gamaleya,
67% for the J&J, and
67% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford vaccines.

However, RRR should be seen against the background risk of being infected and becoming ill with COVID-19, which varies between populations and over time.

Although the RRR considers only participants who could benefit from the vaccine, the *absolute risk reduction* (ARR), which is the difference between attack rates with and without a vaccine, considers the whole population.

ARRs tend to be ignored because they give a much less impressive effect size than RRRs:

1.3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford,
1.2% for the Moderna–NIH,
1.2% for the J&J,
0.93% for the Gamaleya, and
0.84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines
Media is too big
US/Australia/China debate: John Mearsheimer | Hugh White | Tom Switzer

Centre for Independent Studies, Canberra, Australia, Aug 13, 2019

According to John Mearsheimer, one of America’s leading foreign-policy thinkers, Washington will not let China become the dominant military power in the region without putting up a serious fight.

In these circumstances, it’s naïve to think that Australia can sit on the sidelines and get the best of both worlds: unconstrained trade with China while keeping the U.S. security umbrella over its head. Canberra must support Uncle Sam.

However, Australia’s future will be dominated by China, says one of Australia’s leading strategic thinkers Hugh White. Treasury forecasts show that the Chinese economy will be about 80 per cent bigger than America’s within a dozen years.
War Nerd Gary Brecher/John Dolan


It’s a full-time job, keeping track of the US/NATO campaign to start a fire somewhere on China’s borders. It’s like tracking an inept arsonist by satellite image: “Oh, there he goes again…the idiot started a trash fire next to a concrete wall.”

Of course, no one who matters in the defense business wants total war with China. They just want to keep those trash fires burning, hoping one of them will blaze up big, like a gender-reveal wildfire. And even if none of them do, it’s good for business, because most war scares are about funding. The US Navy always, always wants more ships. What’s scarce is plausible reasons to buy them.

So when you read US analyses of the Taiwan situation, you have to remind yourself that this isn’t necessarily about a real war. .....
Forwarded from Gillian Cooper
Dear All
Please share this information with others who are considering the Covid-19 Injections for their child.
Details below are just a sample of the injuries for just the 12-15 year old aged group
Also below are some instructions on how to find this information and indeed query other areas in the VAERS system
Please see other information on this link :
Something gets posted on the above link most days, there is also a resources page with lots of information that may also help people looking to take a stand on these issues
Kindest Regards
12- 15 year olds who have died after a Covid-19 injection
Reported to VAERS (US) by 27th August 2021:

1.     Death of a 15 year old girl: Cardiac Arrest – 3 to 4 days after second dose of Moderna injection
Write-up: “I do not know the exact date of the first or second Moderna Vaccine. I am the PICU attending who cared for the patient after her cardiac arrest which we believe was about 3-4 days after her second Moderna Vaccine”
2.     Death of a 15 year old boy: Cardiac Failure – 2 days after Pfizer injection
Write-up: “Heart Failure” Died 2 days after vaccination
3.     Death of a 15 year old boy: Unexplained Death– 23 days after Pfizer injection
 Write-up : “Unexplained death within 48 hours”

4.     Death of a 13 year old boy: Found deceased– 1 day after Pfizer injection
Write-up “Flu like symptoms for 2 days then was found deceased”
5.     Death of a 13 year old boy: Cardiac Arrest – 17 days after Pfizer injection
Write-up: Patient is a 13-year-old previously healthy male who was admitted after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest found to be in the context of large cerebellar hemorrhage secondary to brain lesion
6.     Death of a 13 year old boy: Unknown cause of death 3 days after Moderna injection
Write-up: Died three days after vaccine; 13 year old boy dies three days after the Moderna vaccine;
7.     Death of a 15 year old boy: 4 days after second dose of Pfizer injection
Child collapsed on soccer field while playing soccer at a local camp. CPR was initiated immediately.  Patient had his second covid vaccine on Sunday 7/18/2021. Died 7/22/2021.
8.     Death of a 13 year old girl: 26 days after Pfizer injection
Write-up: patient arrived in ventricular tachycardia via EMS, but responsive. deteoriarated to pulseless ventricular tachycardia, PEA and ultimately death.
9.     Death of a 15 year old girl: Cardiac Arrest- 27 days after Pfizer injection
Write-up:  A 15-year-old female patient received (COMIRNATY),on  11Jul 2021 07:30 (at the age of 15-year-old) as dose 1, single for COVID-19 immunization. The patient died on 07Aug2021. An autopsy was not performed. Cause of Death: Anoxia cerebral and Cardiac arrest
There have been 586 reports so far of 12-15 year olds who have been hospitalised in the US following a Covid-19 Injection – as reported to VAERS by 27th August.
9 reports are shown below
1.   Girl – 15 years hospitalised - issues started 3 minutes after Pfizer Injection
Write-up: “Patient experienced difficulty breathing and felt throat was closing within 3 minutes after administration of vaccine. Also complained of change in vision ( temporary loss of vision)”
2.   Boy-15 years old hospitalised – Pfizer- myocarditis/ pericarditis