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Remote Biometric Surveillance

The #European #Parliament Voted to Ban #Remote #Biometric #Surveillance

It’s not actually banned in the EU yet — the legislative process is much more complicated than that — but it’s a step: a total ban on biometric mass surveillance.


"To respect “privacy and human dignity,” MEPs said that EU lawmakers should pass a permanent ban on the automated recognition of individuals in public spaces, saying citizens should only be monitored when suspected of a crime.

The parliament has also called for a ban on the use of private facial recognition databases — such as the controversial AI system created by U.S. startup Clearview (also already in use by some police forces in Europe) — and said
#predictive #policing based on #behavioural #data should also be outlawed.

MEPs also want to ban social scoring systems which seek to rate the trustworthiness of citizens based on their behaviour or personality."
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A video of several politicians saying how vulnerable the #TRANS community is.

And here's the #facts which show that those claims are completely #untrue:

"We know that there have been just eight reported murders of people who defined themselves as transgender, transsexual or cross-dressers in the UK since reporting began in 2008.

Even trans organisation Transrespect, which includes people who have committed suicide and people whose death was originally and erroneously treated as suspicious in their numbers for ‘murdered’ victims, says the number from 2008 to 2020 is eleven.

Note that the UK is not a European anomaly - in Germany there hasn’t been a murder of a trans person since 2008.

26 countries in Europe have reported no murders of trans people for the entire period.
Refusing to Learn from History

Supermarkets in #German State of #Hessen can now #refuse admission to #unvaccinated

The new Covid Healthpass Entry Rule, announced by the Central State of Hessen, has increased pressure on unvaccinated individuals by allowing all shops to implement so-called 2G rules on their doors.

2G regulations refer to public places where only vaccinated persons are given the option to enter.German geimpft) Or people who have recovered from Covid (Genesen). So far, half of the German states are allowed in certain public places such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas.

Hessen’s government said it went one step further and decided to ban unvaccinated stores “at the request of the sector.”

(Article continues below)

See also local:

Implementing 2G rules allows shops to remove mask wearing rules and social distance rules.

“We expect this option to be used only on some days, and companies that meet everyday needs will not use it,” state leader Volker Boffier said on Tuesday.

The decision was made after a court in Frankfurt ruled in favor of a barbecue store that legally challenged the fact that 2G rules could not be implemented on the premises.
Scepticism = Terrorism

Blaming Anyone Who Questions #Covid-19 Policy for a New Wave of #Terrorism

In particular, a narrative is being created to lay blame upon the so-called "anti-vaxxers".

The evidence offered to substantiate this litany of allegations is weak to non-existent. The objective appears to be to raise the spectre of a terror threat that does not seem to be in evidence.

This modus operandi looks similar to previous #propaganda operations to create the public perception of a threat.

In the years preceding the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq, the #British foreign #intelligence agency #MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service) was engaged in Operation Mass Appeal.

The operational goal was to convince the public that they faced a threat from #Saddam #Hussein. Unconvincing intelligence reports were fed to the public by government propagandists posing as journalists.

Recently, the BBC reported a “story” about #razor #blades purportedly fixed to the back of anti-vaxxer posters—the allegation being that this was done to deliberately harm people who take them down. This tale made no sense
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Jab destroys human immune system

Scientist explains natural #antibodies are 5x lower after 2 shots of the jab and it gets worse the older you are.

Hence the need for boosters.

They mandate #boosters because the jab has lowered your own natural #immune #system antibodies.
Class War

Every day we see the elites dancing, partying, flying where they want to go while all the rest are forbidden to do these things.

This is not a coincidence. They don't want the slaves acting like they own the plantation anymore


Obama’s party was height of elite hypocrisy

As America struggled with employment status and school reopenings, mask mandates, anxiety over vaccinations and mandates, and the economy, Obama threw himself a huge, epic, unmasked three-day birthday bash

Secret Dinner Parties for the Elite Sets Off Outrage in France

French Government ministers participated, in defiance of coronavirus restrictions setting off outrage online.
CoVid lies

On the 22nd July 2021, an #ICU doctor a medical registrar at the #Mater Hospital in #Belfast tweeted that the hospital was full of people in their 20 & 30s who were unvaccinated and on #ventilators.

FOI revealed that not alone were there not any 20 or 30-year-olds on ventilators in the Mater on the 22nd July, but there was NOBODY of ANY age on ventilators in the Mater that day or the day before!

Secondly, the Mater has the capacity to treat 60 NonInvasive Ventalation patients.

On the 22nd July, there were only 12 requiring assisted breathing.

So even if we accept that she was referring to NIVs patients rather than ventilated patients, she is still not being truthful. On the 22nd July, the Mater had the capacity to treat 60 NIV patients. It was treating 12.

How Many #EU #Leaders Are Members Of The World Economic Forum ? ( #WEF )

If you want proof that there is an agenda at play then look no further.

All European countries had variations of lockdowns over the last 18 months and rolling out the Jab

In alphabetical order here they are...
Colour Revolutions Fade Away

Patrick #Armstrong

October 15, 2021
The day of “#colour #revolution” seems to be running out.

The mechanics are noticed and countered,

Former successes – in recent times, #Ukraine twice, #Georgia – are becoming failures: Hong Kong, #Venezuela and #Belarus. The targets have learned how to counter the attacks.

The essential rules for defeating “colour revolutions” are:

1) They come from outside. So cut out the outsiders and get rid of the foreign “Non-Government” Organisations ( #NGO ). This is probably the most important preventative: the “colour revolution” operators were quite unhindered in, for example, Ukraine.

2) Remember Alexander’s advice: don’t give up too soon. #Maduro and #Lukashenka are still there. To say nothing of #Russia, #China and #Iran.
Don’t be afraid that you’ll be blamed: you will be anyway. The Western #propaganda machine is not interested in facts.

3) Be tough. There’s a rhythm to these things; if you interrupt them, it’s hard for them to get back on track.

4) Be patient, as we saw in Hong Kong, the outrage is mostly artificial and will run out of steam.

5) Learn the techniques of how they’re done, watch for them and counter them.

And finally: time is on your side. The West is not getting stronger. What the neocons call “the axis of revisionists” is."

Isreali's again use plane-loads of innocent civilians as human shields.
Not the first time they have done this. This is a #War #Crime

Russia: #Syria held back fire as #Israel used civilian aircraft as cover in #Homs raid

Israel has once again used civilian aircraft as a shield against Syrian air defense systems during its attacks on the Arab country, says a Russian general.

On October 13, from 23:35 to 23:39, four F-16 tactical fighters of the Israeli Air Force entered Syrian airspace in the US-occupied #alTanf zone in Homs Province and struck a phosphate ore processing plant in the #Palmyra region,” Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria, said at a briefing.

Kulit said the Syrian military, however, decided not to target the Israeli jets that carried out the strike in central Syria because there were two #civilian #airliners in the sky at the time.

Government Eyes In the Sky

The federal government and police are finding new ways to use drones to invade privacy.

Businessweek revealed the existence of a pilot program being operated by the Baltimore Police Department in which small manned aircraft circled over the city all day, using cameras to continuously photograph a 32-square-mile area and giving police the ability to retroactively track any vehicle or pedestrian within that area.

It was the ultimate #Big #Brother "eye in the sky"—and yet the Baltimore police had not notified the public or even the mayor or city council about the program.

Revelation of the secret program generated a storm of controversy, and eventually it was put on hold—though in December 2019, the city's police commissioner announced that the program would be revived.

The technology behind the #Baltimore program involves pointing multiple cameras toward the ground and stitching those images together into a single, larger photograph.

It also uses computers to automatically correct for the changing camera angles of the circling planes as well as factors such as topographic variances and lens distortion.

The result is a #surveillance system of enormous power, able to reconstruct the movements of all visible vehicles and pedestrians across a city—where they start and finish each journey and the paths they take in between.

It can allow #tracking of a great proportion of people's movements throughout a city.

People Are Taking Out Loans Against Their NFTs—And Defaulting

The endless search for profit is spawning increasingly ridiculous schemes centered on the financialization of NFTs.

VisionShares are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that live on the blockchain,” reads a section on the company’s FAQ page. “This way, players have real ownership over their fantasy equity, and there is a provable scarcity of the virtual equity of each company.”

As TechCrunch noted, Visionaire did not have permission from the companies to sell fake shares, but was offering a verification process that let those companies receive a "healthy percentage" of the #NFT shares.

The “experiment” lasted for just over 24 hours, with Visionaire saying it “underestimated the legal complexities.”

This is not the first time synthetic shares have emerged in DeFi spaces, either.

Bloomberg reported this summer that various #crypto projects had spent the last year sidestepping pesky regulations by creating fake #Apple, #Tesla, and #Amazon shares.

A similar effort by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, drew scrutiny from Germany's financial regulators as it may have violated securities law by offering synthetic shares of popular U.S. shares in April before it was shut down in July.
Real Cost of Covid Lockdowns

Pandemic Wiped Out Entire Savings Of 20% Of US Households

According to Fed data which breaks down the distribution of wealth according to income quintile (or 20% bucket) the middle 60% of US households by income saw their combined assets drop from 26.7% to 26.6% of national wealth as of June, the lowest in Federal Reserve data, while for the first time the super rich had a bigger share, at 27%.
No US Military Bases in Asia

#Russia draws a red line for US in Central #Asia

The Pentagon’s much-touted plan for staging 'out-of-horizon' operations in #Afghanistan appears to be a pipe dream

Moscow has categorically stated that it will not accept a #US #military presence in the Central Asian region.

This reiteration has come at the level of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei #Ryabkov, who told TASS that Afghanistan had been discussed at a meeting with Victoria #Nuland, the visiting US Undersecretary of State, in Moscow on Tuesday.

Ryabkov added: "We emphasized the unacceptability of a US military presence in Central Asian countries in any form whatever."

Prima facie, Ryabkov has squashed the disinformation media campaign by Washington that at the Russia-US summit in Geneva in June, #Putin had offered Biden the use of Russian bases in the Central Asian region for conducting future (“out-of-the-horizon”) operations in Afghanistan.

The WSJ had earlier alleged that Russia and the US had discussed the possibility of the US military using Russian bases in Central Asia at a Chiefs of Staff meeting in Helsinki on Sep 24 “at the request of Biden’s National Security Council.”

Washington’s ploy appeared to have been to create misconceptions among the Central Asian states regarding Russia’s intentions.

Blinken held a meeting of the so-called C5+1 Ministerial on Sep 22 to discuss “coordination on Afghanistan” with his Central Asian counterparts.

Deputy Sec State Wendy Sherman appeared in the steppes just 10 days later to meet with the leadership in #Tashkent, presumably to fathom whether #Uzbekistan might be open to the Pentagon having some basing facilities in that country.

Apparently, she drew a blank.....
Nuclear Weapons And Europe

#US deployment of #nuclear #strike aircraft to the #UK signals to continental Europe that planning for nuclear war against #Russia is accelerating.......

........The U.S.#Nato military alliance policy is that “nuclear weapons are a core component of NATO’s overall capabilities for deterrence and defence,” resting almost entirely on U.S. nuclear delivery capabilities which are to be expanded at vast expense, with the new generation of Intercontinental #Ballistic #Missile Systems, now referred to as the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent, likely to cost 95 billion dollars — if there are no cost overruns......

.......It is intriguing that the present British government would have us believe that more nuclear weapons and deployment of 27 U.S. nuclear-capable F-35 aircraft to the UK’s Royal Air Force base at Lakenheath are in some fashion compatible with nuclear disarmament, but what is consistent is their linkage with the stockpiles of U.S. nuclear bombs already in #Europe.
2020 election: 

How Mark #Zuckerberg Corrupted The 2020 Election

The Zuckerberg Election Infiltration

Here’s how it worked. Zuckerberg gifted nearly half a billion dollars to two left-wing groups that then gave the money to government #election offices.

One of these two groups was the Center for Technology and Civic Life. By the September before the election, Zuckerberg and his wife had given it $350 million, meaning the small organization’s prior revenues of $1.8 million exploded by roughly 20,000 percent.

The cash, or “Zuckerbucks,” wasn’t an unconditional donation, however.

There were strings attached, which amounted to Democrat get-out-the-vote efforts, mass mail-in voting, and ballot “curing,” whereby election workers “fix” mail-in ballot problems after the ballot has been submitted.

But Wait, There’s More......

A closer look at Wisconsin reveals a host of other issues on top of Zuckerberg’s election takeover.

As Hemingway outlines in the book:

The state kept 234,000 invalid voter registrations on its voter rolls, even when ordered to remove them by a court.

The clerks of the two biggest Democratic counties got tens of thousands of people to claim they were ‘indefinitely confined,’ enabling them to vote by mail without showing any identification.

But one of the most important things Wisconsin Democrats did was disenfranchise the Green Party presidential ticket and otherwise work to keep third-party candidates off the ballot

In a particularly brazen act, the Wisconsin Elections Commission denied Kanye West a spot on the ballot because he was allegedly 14 seconds late in filing his paperwork.

After arriving at the correct building before the 5 p.m. deadline to turn in the papers, struggling to gain entry to the locked facility, and then having the papers initially accepted as “not later than 5 p.m.,” West’s team was later denied and ultimately declared “late” because the commission said they had received them at 5:00:14 — seriously.
Open Letter

I cannot do it anymore

Ole Skambraks has worked as an editorial assistant and editor at the public broadcaster for 12 years.

OLE SKAMBRAKS, 14. Oktober 2021, 0
Note: This text ist also available in German, French and Dutch.

I can no longer remain silent. I can no longer silently watch what has been going on for a year and a half now within my organization, a public service broadcaster.

Things like “balance”, “social cohesion” and “diversity” in reporting are principles embedded in the statutes and media state contracts.

Today, the exact opposite is happening.

There is no true discourse and exchange in which all parts of society can come together and find common ground.

Thus the list of inconsistencies and open questions, which have gone largely unreported, is very long:
Why do we know so little about “gain of function research” (which aims at making viruses more dangerous to humans)?

Why does the new Infection Protection Act state that the basic right to bodily integrity and the inviolability of one’s home may be restricted henceforth – even without an epidemic situation?

Why must people who have already had Covid-19 still get the jab, even though they are at least as well protected as those who are vaccinated?

Why are we not talking about ”Event 201” and the global pandemic exercises held shortly before the spread of SARS-CoV-2 — at all, or only in the context of conspiracy theories? (2)

Why was the internal document from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior — a document which was known to the media and in which the authorities were asked to create a “shock effect” to underscore the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on human society — not published in full and discussed publicly?

Why is the study by Professor Ioannidis on survival rates (99.41% for people under 70) not featured in the headlines, while the fatally flawed, inflated figures produced by Imperial College were (in the spring of 2020, Neil Ferguson foresaw half a million Covid-19 deaths in the United Kingdom and more than 2 million in the United States)?

Why does it say, in a document produced for the German Federal Ministry of Health, that Covid-19 patients stood for no more than 2% of the burden of hospitals during 2020?

Why does Bremen have the by far the highest incidence (113 as at 04/10/21) and at, the same time, by far the highest vaccination rate in Germany (79%)?

Why were payments of 4 million euro paid into a family account belonging to EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, who was responsible for concluding the first EU vaccine contracts with pharmaceutical companies? (3)

Why are people suffering severe vaccine injury not featured to the same extent as people with severe Covid-19 disease were in 2020? (4)........
There is NO "systemic bias" against women in tech

In fact the opposite is true: there is evidence of bias in favour of women in tech.


We built voice modulation to mask gender in technical interviews. Here’s what happened

We decided to see what would happen to interviewees’ performance when we started messing with their perceived genders.

The results:

Contrary to what we expected (and probably contrary to what you expected as well!), masking gender had no effect on interview performance with respect to any of the scoring criteria (would advance to next round, technical ability, problem solving ability).

If anything, we started to notice some trends in the opposite direction of what we expected: for technical ability, it appeared that:

1) men who were modulated to sound like women did a bit better than unmodulated men

2) women who were modulated to sound like men did a bit worse than unmodulated women
There is NO "systemic bias" against women in tech

In fact, if anything, the opposite is true: there is evidence of bias in favour of women in tech interviews.

Curiously the study authors didn't seem to have any problem at all with such "systemic bias" when it turned out that males were the victims.


We built voice modulation to mask gender in technical interviews. Here’s what happened

The results:

Contrary to what we expected (and probably contrary to what you expected as well!), masking gender had no effect on interview performance with respect to any of the scoring criteria.

If anything, we started to notice some trends in the opposite direction of what we expected: for technical ability, it appeared that:

1) men who were modulated to sound like women did a bit better than unmodulated men

2) women who were modulated to sound like men did a bit worse than unmodulated women