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private sale for Lux-Bio
If U want ro buy this contact here- @krd18
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Lux bio coin is sold now Japan, China, Singapore and Hongkong ...
This one is related medical health-care and stem-cell.

And also TMTG team colaborate with this coin.

In this site, I will give this coin info(articles, Road-map, other things ) and whitepapers (Korean, Japanese, Chinese)
*English will be held this week.

*This coin is not to sell South Korea.
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Private sale is ongoing now
Our partners
Regen- The South Korea Medical group, they serve all of the face and body like plastic surgery, facial contouring, Anti-aging and pepit plasty.
IDCM, CoinBene, CoinSuper, TideBit - Digital Exchange

(we can list in here because DGE TMTG is helping now this project)
SNvia- SNvia is committed to developing and selling medical micro-needle

products based on the innovative enbeddable micro-needle technology.

And also I upload it their nature article
TMTG - DGE developed TMTG (The Midas Touch Gold) in order to expand upon real Gold, a tangible value asset



-Invested in crypyocurrency funds before anyone else in Japan

- Investor of CGG Limited

Center construction

- Jeju Center construction has started since October 2018, and wil be completed in May 2019.

- Japan Stem Cell Center will start its construction in October 2018, and will open in February 2019.

- We are currently discussing with other centers that are registered as our affiliates to begin treatment service from December 2018.