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Welcome to the official Lunar Client Telegram Channel.

We'll use this channel to host giveaways, make announcements, and show you guys some sneak-peeks of new features.

Spread the word! πŸ‘€
Hey guys! πŸ‘‹

New Lunar Client emotes are now available at

We also just pushed out an update that includes:

β€’ Item Tracker Mod
β€’ SkyBlock Addons Update
β€’ Mousebind Fix
β€’ Auto Text Hotkey Mod Update
β€’ Time Changer Mod Update
β€’ Emote Menu Polishing
β€’ Crosshair Mod Update

Read our latest patch notes at

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Hey guys! πŸ‘‹

We're hiring:

Please help us spread the word by retweeting our tweet and forwarding this message! ❀️

There are also new emotes available at! πŸ’³
Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹

Easter is almost here! 🐰

We have released limited edition Easter cloaks and wings! They are currently on sale (15% off) at πŸŽ‰
Hey guys! πŸ‘‹

All Easter cosmetics are 20% off for the next 36 hours! We have also just released new emotes! 🐰

Take advantage of it at πŸ₯³
Hey everyone! 😁

This week's emotes are now on sale at We brought back the original 1.7 emotes at your guys' request!

We also just pushed out an update to Lunar 1.8.9 that includes improvements to:

β€’ SkyBlock Addons
β€’ Hud Layout Revamp
β€’ Item Tracker
β€’ 1.7 Visuals
β€’ Control Settings
β€’ Scoreboard Mod

❀️ + πŸ”„ to spread the word:
Early this week we pushed out an update to Lunar 1.8.9 that includes:

β€’ Schematica Mod ⛏
β€’ WorldEdit-CUI Mod πŸ—
β€’ Potion Effects Update βš—οΈ
β€’ SkyblockAddons Update 🏝
β€’ Coordinates Update 🌐
β€’ + various bug fixes πŸ’»

Read the full patch notes at πŸ“œ

πŸ”„ + ❀️ to spread the word:
The new launcher has been released! 🎊

We also pushed out an update to 1.8.9 that includes:

β€’ Mumble Link πŸ”—
β€’ Saturation Mod 🍎
β€’ Mod Sorting πŸ–±
β€’ Motion Blur Updates βš”οΈ
β€’ SkyblockAddons Updates 🏝
β€’ Coordinates Update 🌐
β€’ + more
We know we haven't said much recently, but we're working a lot behind the scenes... we can't wait to share more. πŸ‘€

In the meantime, we've just officially started supporting Linux on Lunar Client Offline. 🐧

Download the client at ⬇️
We're happy to announce that our store is now back up. We are currently only processing Credit Cards and some Gift Cards. πŸ’³

We have enabled a 15% off VAULT SALE. Almost all cosmetics sold are on sale for 7 days at πŸ₯³

Lastly, we are giving away 25 cosmetics!

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