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Hi, all! Little Lamb Doula Care is all me; Emma the Birth Doula. It’s a creation from my own heart. I welcome you here & would love to support you through your pregnancy, birth, & initial postpartum period. As a Birth Doula, I want to be your pregnancy and labor companion- a constant friend by your side to listen & support you through pregnancy worries & woes, help with research, and affirm as you make choices and speak aloud hopes for your baby’s birth. I’ll be with you on your whole birth journey, providing guidance prepping you for the birth you want! It really is about mind-body connection and knowledge. We’ll work to get your mind & body ready for your best birth. And at your labor, I’ll be there the entire time, helping you through. Message me to set up a free consultation if you’re looking for doula services in Michigan! We’ll see if I’m the birth doula for you!💕 ~ photo credit to Aura’s Photography (@SoftShots)
I am officially a Certified Birth Doula as of August 3rd, 2021!🏵️
This was the end of one adventure, or at least a transition into a new one. Leaving a happy place can be bittersweet, even if another golden place awaits. In this segment of adventure, I: 🌸Lived in a place that helped my spirit recoup after college 🌸Started attending St. Mary's Cathedral, and my soul was fed 🌸Spent great time with my fiance and family 🌸Fell in love with reading again 🌹Trained as a Birth Doula 🌹Got my first 3 Doula Clients 🌹Started Little Lamb Doula Care 🌹Applied for Doula Certification & was granted it 🌹Enrolled in Center for Pediatric Sleep Management 🌹Applied for GoMidwife's Modules of Midwifery program & was accepted. And that last 🌹is the adventure I'm headed into! I'm ready to study to become a birth/midwife assistant!💐