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Some art and sketches of Lucek 😋
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Yummy doughnut soon in tummy! 😋
Something sweet for sweet @TaylorsFoxArt
Oh hi! 😅
Cyber just woke up and is still a bit sleepy x3
It's morning so the best time for some jamming on the favourite guitar 🎵🎶
I wonder what could @sloppywulf be playing 🎸
Welp, I'm a toon overall, what would you expect? x3

Happy #nullvember everyone!
Who says penguins cannot fly? x3
Baloony day gift for Holland 🎂🎉🎈
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Toon inspection! Silly nullvember sticker x3
Oh no! @mushketeeryart is not used to wearing trousers so he forgot about the belt! 😅🐾
And here's some WIPs ^^ Hopefully I'll finish them soon x3
Forwarded from Sloppywulf
Look, it's Lisek Lucek, one of the nerdiest dorky boys being a nerdy dorky boy!
Cookie! 🍪
My part of an art-trade with @shaironraccon ^^
And here's his part ^^ Winter is coming so the scarf will be necessary x3 ❄️
WIP of a new refsheet 🐾