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Selfishness is built into our DNA. It's what's keeps us alive at the core animal level. All efforts to eliminate Selfishness have resulted in nothing more than people pretending to not be Selfish, while hiding the Selfishness they ultimately indulge in.

Selfishness is not the same as Greed or Envy. While Selfishness says, "I want that," Envy says, "I don't want you to have that," and Greed says, "I want ALL of that!"

If I were to drink a glass of wine it would relax me. If I were to drink a bottle of wine, I'd be drunk. If I engage in measured Selfishness, I can satisfy my needs and a lot of my wants. If I indulge in uncontrolled Selfishness I would hurt other people to satisfy my most trivial whims. It's not the Selfishness that's the problem, just as drunkenness and alcoholism isn't the fault of the alcohol, but of the uncontrolled use of it.

Contrary to popular beliefs Altruism and Selfishness are not opposites any more than water and wine are opposites. You need water to make wine, in fact most of wine