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If you missed the race on 10/02/21, you must have been living under a rock!

Brandon, the race winner, was interviewed by an NBC reporter who claimed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon.” The crowd actually was chanting “F Joe Biden.”
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Legendary Coach Slams WNBA, Says Caitlin Clark was 'Set Up' - 'Huge Target on This Kid's Back'

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U.S. Military Appears to Respond to North Korean Trash Balloons, Dispatches Pair of B-1B Lancers for Ultimate Show of Force

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28 Different Sodas and Drinks Recalled - Mug Root Beer, Fiji Water and Powerade Among the Pulled Items

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Freighter Takes on Water After Colliding with Object in Great Lakes

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Tide Turns as State Supreme Court Backs GOP Governor on Removal of Soros-Backed Prosecutor

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American College of Pediatricians Calls for Immediate Halt to Transgender Procedures on Children: 'Consent Is Not Possible'

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Body of Missing TV Personality Found Just Feet Away from Safety

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Jason Kelce Exposes Toll That Travis Dating Taylor Swift Takes on Family - 'Can't Be a Normal Person'

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Mike Rowe Announces New 'Unapologetically Patriotic' Movie: 'Not Like Any Other Film I've Seen'

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Trump Strikes Fear in AOC, Says She Might Get Jail Time During Absurd Meltdown - 'He's Out of His Mind!'

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Libs Said They Were Leaving Twitter After Elon Took Over - Guess How That Worked Out

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More Bad News Hits Biden's Gaza Pier Only Two Days After It Becomes Operational Again

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Raging Bull Jumps Fence at Sold-Out Rodeo, Lands in Crowd of Spectators

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Armed Bank Robber Hides Behind Two Hostages and a Barrier - SWAT Sniper Enters the Lobby and Ends It with One Shot

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Foreign Aid: Where Your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars Are Going - Enemy Nations Are Living Large

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US Consulate Left Damaged After Violent Overnight Attack

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Europe's Establishment Leftists Suffer Crushing Defeat at the Hands the Right - This Could Be Incredible News for Trump

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'Crohn's and Colitis Awareness' Bill Gutted, Restructured to Codify Vote-by-Mail Without Poll Watcher Oversight

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Colorado's Cannabis Industry Going Up in Smoke: It's Not Looking Good for America's First 'Legal Weed' Experiment

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Kamala Harris's 'Sickening' Take on Israeli Hostage Rescue Makes Biden Administration's Twisted Priorities Clear

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CNN Guest Slams Network After Seeing 'Maddening' Caption That Was Written Below Him During Interview

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