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I thank everybody who had the time and desire to apply to join Leeds Furs as staff or crew, I am pleased to announced that the following animals will be joining us:


Please give a warm welcome to our new members of staff. We will share the new crew chart tomorrow.
Further to yesterday's announcement we're pleased to share our new staff and crew chart for Leeds Furs.

As you'll see we've expanded and rearranged things a bit to best make use of the talent we already had and which we've recruited in this round.

@Tonks and @DexterWuff are joint leading on organising and coordinating the meets, now with a much expanded crew underneath them so that we can better support attendees and also give us some fallback for days when folk would like to attend rather than organise.

@acatcalledbaz is now stepping up a little in the team to lead on our Welfare work, with a group under him that will support both the in person meets and the online community. Our Welfare team are the ones who'll be on hand if you have a funny turn at the meet, or if you just need somebody to help you with getting the most out of Leeds Furs. We also have a few individuals now with First Aid training to make sure any urgent needs can be taken care of.

@InfernalXantin's community team remains pretty much the same and are here to make sure Telegram & Discord are safe, friendly and positive places for you to spend those long hours from one meet to the next.

We've created a few new roles as well for specific gaps which your feedback has identified. @PastryWuff will still be heavily involved with supporting the online community, however he's now taking a lead on our Technological setup (website, bots, etc). @Poomsbury will be taking over responsibility for working with the Venue to make sure we always have enough space, bookings are in place and so on. @Fnord_y2k is our first New Member Rep and will be making sure that all new joiners to the group are made to feel welcome and introduced to suitable fluffs to help them settle in.

Although we've closed applications for this round of recruitment we're keen to have a list of willing volunteers that we can call on in future as the need arises. If you think you'd like to get involved with the crew for Leeds Furs, please put your details here: https://forms.gle/kLHDqQGLWEDunWPZ7

Thanks again to everybody who registered an interest and a huge well done to all those who were successful.
Eyup all!

Reminder that today is LeedsFurs' May CoffeeMeet - once again taking place at Geek Retreat, Central Arcade, LS1 6DX from 17:30!

This coffee meet, like the previous we'll have Jackbox available to play throughout the duration of the meet! At around 19:00-19:30 folks will leave to get food in Leeds!

To get to the venue you can either access it from Briggate opposite the Trinity main entrance & Minerva statue OR step-free access from Central Road just off Duncan Street.

The venue is on the first floor of Central Arcade, and we'll be in the backroom, turning right if using the elevator from Central Road.
Approximate locations of entrances from Briggate (red - Minerva circled) and Central Rd (magenta)
Contact @Tonks if you'd like to go to Little Tokyo after the coffee meet today!
Well, the return of our yet untitled post-CoffeeMeet meal was a moderate success. so we'll be taking suggestions for the June meet! Please reply to this message or @Tonks.

Thanks all who came to the meet today!
Eyup all, another month, another main meet is soon upon us!

Come join us on the 21st May for the LeedsFurs MainMeet, as always @ The Old Red Bus Station on Vicar Lane, LS2 7NL from 13:00!

Prior to the meet, a group will be meeting at Leeds City Train Station from 12:15, before departing for the venue at 12:45!

The fursuit walk will take place around 15:00, and will take between 30 minutes to an hour!

As all things must, the meet will come to an end between 17:00 and 17:30 as folks break away for food around Leeds!

12:15 - Meet at Leeds City Train Station
12:45 - Depart for The Old Red Bus Station
13:00 - Arrive at TORBS, meet start
15:00 - Fursuit walk begins
~15:45 - Fursuit walk end
~17:30 - Meet end, depart for home / food
Calling all LeedsFurs!

We're once again looking to take part in Leeds Pride on the 7th of August! Right now, we're just canvassing interest to determine how many spaces to book out, so please register your interest below.
Anonymous Poll
Hell yeah I'm interested
I might be interested
I'd be interested but busy that day
If you're interested in walking with LeedsFurs as part of Leeds Pride, please join this group https://t.me/LeedsFursPride
We're less than a week out to the LeedsFurs MainMeet. The meet will once again be hosted @ The Old Red Bus Station, Vicar Ln, LS2 7NL from 13:00 on Saturday, 21st May!

Prior to the meet, a small group of attendees and staff will be gathering at Leeds City Train Station from 12:15 and will set off to TORBS at 12:45.

The Fursuit walk is scheduled for 15:00, weather dependant, and will take the route as shown above, taking around 45 minutes to complete. (❀️Venue πŸ’šPark πŸ’™Barrel Man)

The meet will break up around 17:30 as folks disperse for food around Leeds City Centre and home.

12:15 - Meet at Leeds City Train Station
12:45 - Leave for TORBS through Leeds City Centre
13:00 - Doors open at TORBS, meet start
15:00 - Fursuit walk starts
~15:45 - Fursuit walk end
~17:30 - People go off for food, meet end.
Important to note that this suit walk route is slightly longer due to the need for step free access.
The meet details are up on Barq now: https://barq.social/e/KSMoKUx
Join our community on Barq: https://barq.social/c/uvkd7RC
Hey folks!
Leeds Furs are constantly looking to work on the feedback given by our attendees; one of the issues that we keep seeing pop up is a lack of staff visibility.

As a result, we've produced a new set of badges and lanyards for our staffers! On-Duty Staff will aim to wear a blue lanyard and badge, first aiders will wear a green variation and Fursuit walk handlers will retain their distinctive blue vests.

(Repost due to typo)
Hi all!

We've had a couple of furs reach out to us recently concerning people making them feel uncomfortable at meets and giving them unwanted attention.

First and foremost, we want to make it clear that such behaviour is entirely unacceptable. However, these issues are often flagged several weeks after a meet when, unfortunately, there's less we can do to resolve them.

We have two key messages:

1) Please be aware of your own behaviour and the response you get from others. If somebody is giving out signals that they aren't wanting to be hugged/touched or don't want to engage in conversation then leave them be. Similarly, if you see one of your friends making somebody feel uncomfortable, speak up and/or move them away.

2) If you feel uncomfortable or have an issue at a meet, please make us aware at the time. We've recently increased the number of people on staff - including on welfare - and are working on ways to make them more visible. On the day, either contact a staff member or, if you can't find somebody, ping one of the Community Crew as we can put out an urgent message to staff at the venue. When we send out the morning update on the day of the meet, we tag key contacts so you know who to speak to.

Finally, if you ever have any concerns about attending, reach out to one of the staff or our welfare crew and we'll talk with you. We can't fix every problem, but we want to make sure you are happy and comfortable at the meets.
The LeedsFurs MainMeet is today from 13:00 @ The Old Red Bus Station, Vicar Ln, LS2 7NL!

Small group will be meeting at Leeds City Train Station from 12:15 until 12:45 when we'll depart for the venue.

Fursuit walk will occur at 15:00, and will last about 45 minutes. The route is step-free following feedback from last meet. Please refer to the previous post here: https://t.me/LeedsFursNews/164

The meet will end at 17:30 when folks will leave for food & home!

Hope to see you there!
Hi folks! If anybody needs support at the meet today please look out for anybody in a staff lanyard, a few folks will be staying in the venue at all times. If you need any help and can't see us please grab one of the Community Crew who are going to keep an eye on the chat whilst enjoying their own weekend. Have lots of fun today!
Hi all! We've already had some really lovely feedback and comments after yesterday's meet. It's brilliant to see so many people having fun again at them. We're trying to improve all the time and are already putting things in place off the back of feedback from earlier meets, so if you have 2minutes please give us some comments: https://tinyurl.com/LeedsFursFeedback. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
Eyup all, are you going to Confuzzled?

We're looking to do a LeedsFurs group photo with the LeedsFurs flag while at the con! Fursuits and non-suiters are welcome to come and join in!

React with a ❀ or πŸ‘ if you're interested, and we'll see if there's enough interest to start a group for it!