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Forwarded from Chris Quinlan
Merry #kriosmas everyone!

I want to thank everyone for their continued support over 2018, and we all look forward to a big 2019.

We have drawn the winner of the day 12 major prize, and our 4 other lucky winners of today’s minor prize.

Below is a link with a short EOY update for everyone, with the prize winners also announced. Have a read of the update and see if you were a lucky winner!

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas/new year from all of the Krios Team, and we look forward to all we can achieve in 2019 with your continued support! 🎄🎅🏻
Forwarded from Paul

Hey Guys,

Although at times things have seemed a little quiet A LOT has been going on behind the scenes.
We are delighted to inform you all that Krios has been acquired by The Digital Track (TDT). More will be revealed about the new lead team soon.

We are now listed on cryptobridge exchange which TDT was responsible for securing. Sign up here to begin trading

Some of the key points of this new management is:
- Firstly all your KRIOS tokens are safe and relevant!!
- KRI will be changing from a Utilitiy Token to a Security Token with all relevant documentation and legalities
- Dividends of TDT will be paid to KRI holders (much the same way that share holders receive dividends - you will receive ETH simply for holding KRI in your own wallet)
- the current business model will now be greatly expanded throughout the Marketing Industry
-TDT is an already established marketing company and bring a wealth of opportunity to the Krios project, both through their current networks, and from the team behind TDT.
- Dwight Ringdahl is our new CEO and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in marketing.
- a video interview with our CEO will be posted here shortly

With the new ownership, and a new leadership team, this obviously means that the current team will be transitioning away from the business, we thank Chris and his team for all their hard work up until this point and wish them the best in their future endeavours

I'm sure you would all agree that this is the beginning of very exciting times for Krios and we can't wait to begin this new chapter of the company
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Forwarded from Qu33n Kr¥ptiK 👑
To our valued community, We heard you! We have addressed your concerns with our logo as the last thing we want is to create any potential issues around perception and get in the way of our growth. Our logo signifies the great change we are undergoing, and it is important to us that we portray an image that inspires your confidence in our brand
Forwarded from Paul
Hey Everyone,

Please check out the latest interview with James and our CEO Dwight.
Many questions have been answered such as:
- exchanges
- dividends
- Krios platform
- company direction
- changing to a security

Its a great and informative interview 😊
Forwarded from Paul

Guys check out James latest interview with our CEO Dwight.
Its another fantastic interview where they discuss:
- a BRILLIANT acquisition for the Krios team
- more info on dividends
- a teaser into another Massive announcement next week
- updates
Forwarded from Qu33n Kr¥ptiK 👑
We are pleased to announce our CEO Dwight Ringdahl has been invited as a public speaker at this weekends Washington Elite AI & Blockchain Summit. Our members and holders are welcome to attend and meet our new CEO, find all the details here ➡️
Forwarded from Qu33n Kr¥ptiK 👑
NEW LISTING! Krios is now listed on with 3 trading pairs! BTC and ETH are live now, with Tether becoming available on Monday! is a US friendly exchange with fast KYC making it a great fit for us 👏👏👏
Forwarded from Qu33n Kr¥ptiK 👑
With all the positive changes we’ve had in such a short space of time we have decided to condense our accomplishments into one easy to read and view post, catch up with all the news below

📰 News:
1. Announcement of aquisition of Krios by The Digital track and our new CEO Dwight Ringdahl

2. Announcement of change from utility token to securities token with new dividend model (further info TBA in coming weeks)

3. Reveal of our new logo

4. Listed on

5. 150 News outlets talking about Krios including Yahoo Finance, PR NewsWire, Fox, ABC and more.

6. Addition of new executive team member COO Joseph Orlando

7. 2 NEW exchange listings – &

8. Listing on wallet

9. CEO Dwight Ringdahl invited as guest speaker at the Washington Elite AI & Blockchain Summit 21-22 June 19


1. Introduction to our new CEO – Interview with James Bull

2. Weekly Update 1 – Interview with James Bull

3. Weekly Update 2 – Interview with James Bull


Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our dedicated News and Announcements channel where we will post all updates as they come ➡️
Forwarded from Paul

James Crypto Bull interviews our new COO Joeseph Orlando, what an extremely impressive interview. If you were happy being a Krios holder before, you will be absolutely thrilled now.
In this interview Joseph discusses his outstanding work history and what he envisions for the future of Krios.
Spoiler alert - he has worked for IBM and they discuss the dividend model...
Please watch guys, you'll love it!!
Forwarded from Qu33n Kr¥ptiK 👑
30 days of "Dwight Speed" and we couldn't be more amazed at the transformation of Krios! Under Dwight's direction, we've been listed on CryptoBridge Exchange, CoinMarket Cap, Blockching, added our awesome COO Joe Orlando, speaker and opportunity to showcase Kri at the Washington Elite Blockchain Summit, P2Pb2b exchange listing and airdrop promotion, listed on over 150 major news outlets, increased our FB followers from 4,000 to almost 12,000, all while increasing the Kri coin value from .005 to .04! This has been an amazing 30 days and we are so thankful to have Dwight, Joe and our awesome admin group. Congratulations to the success of our Krios team!
Forwarded from KriosWhale
Hey Community!
Due to recent changes we're starting a fresh Telegram Group, this will also aid in leaving some of our pesky bots behind 🤖👾

Please join our NEW group to keep up to date with the latest Krios news.
➡️ @KriosToken

Thank you all in advance,
From the Krios Team!

You're welcome to leave this group, in due time it'll be made redundant.
* This News & Announcement channel will not be affected and will continue to be updated as normal *