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#KotaniPay empowers the millions of Africans without Internet access to connect to Financial Services.


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We’ve partnered with #Gitcoin to help Developers cash out their earnings through #KotaniPay. Head over to earn.kotanipay.com to learn more.

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Learn how #KotaniPay facilitates cash outs from #Gitcoin on this article where @KotaniLabs caught up with winners of a previous Hackathon here.

Want to participate in a similar Hackathon? Signup for the upcoming #MakeitMobile #Hackathon sponsored by #Celo here.
Join us tomorrow April 9 11AM ET, for Aves Lair W2020 #DemoDay to discover the ideas that are building the future.

💸#KotaniPay is a technology stack that enables #Blockchain protocols, dApps, and Blockchain fintech companies to integrate seamlessly to local payment channels providing them with a reliable on ramp and off ramp service to reach a wider customer base in Africa. (LinkedIn/@kotanipay)

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Beware of pages and accounts that present themselves as legit business and services but ask you to send funds to some blockchain address. Our service does not require you to send *us* any funds. We do not have any ongoing campaigns of this nature. If you come across such notify us and report them on the respective platforms. Ahsante.
Kotani Pay has teamed up with Pezesha and capital provider Davoa Capital to enable #Blockchain powered lending to merchants across supply chain verticals in Kenya and Ghana.

We sat down with Hilda Moraa, Founder & CEO of Pezesha to understand Pezesha’s unique value proposition, challenges SMEs in Kenya face in accessing finance, the role #Blockchain has played in enabling lending and the partnership with #KotaniPay.

Learn more 👉 https://lnkd.in/dPMykjN
Kotani Pay’s addresses and transactions reached a record 1,985 and 83,524 respectively.

We are continuously building, partnering and integrating with services to enable users to send money anywhere without the need of a bank account or Internet connectivity.

#KotaniPay provides fast, affordable, secure and transparent transactions powered by the Celo protocol.

About #Celo
Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

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Chainbeat is a Web 3.0 Data Analytics and Insights Platform.
Learn more about how our partnership with RIO (Refugee Integration Organisation) has helped support 2500 refugees access daily #UBI payments.

The many and varied uses of stablecoins

first emerged on the cryptocurrency scene in 2014. By tracking the value of an underlying asset, they aimed to protect users from the volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This stability allowed stablecoins to function as a medium of exchange and store of value. However, a lack of transparency, long transaction times, high costs and limited access meant adoption was initially slow.

We've built simple to use APIs for FinTechs that need to connect to Africa. Register here to get started https://bit.ly/3j9z6FR

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Our CEO - Felix Macharia will be speaking at this year's ICT Summit. See the full schedule and register via https://bit.ly/38h0go2

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#Article : Startups in Kenya building Innovative Solutions on the Celo Blockchain

#Blockchain, a decentralised, distributed ledger for digital information is one of the most innovative technologies today and it is already disrupting various industries.

Blockchain powers cryptocurrencies and NFTs and can radically change multiple sectors, including payments, cybersecurity, healthcare among others.

Just this week, a consortium of leading #Ethereum decentralized finance (#DeFi) projects announced DeFi for the People, a collaboration of global crypto organizations united by a common goal: bringing DeFi to the 6 billion smartphone users around the world.

Built on Celo, the new initiative will offer more than $100 million in educational initiatives, grants, and incentives. The majority of program participants will jointly contribute half the funds for incentive programs.

Kenya’s Blockchain Projects Built on #Celo
The buzz is building up in #Kenya with Blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects picking up.

In no particular order, we have put together a list of some interesting startups in Kenya building innovative solutions on Celo, a global payments mobile-first blockchain infrastructure platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

Kotani Pay
#KotaniPay is a technology stack that enables Blockchain protocols, Decentralized applications (dApps) and Blockchain FinTech companies to integrate seamlessly to local payment channels in Africa with a primary focus on mobile money services.

Kotani Pay makes it easier to integrate through its secure APIs that support lending protocols, payment platforms, saving circles, exchanges, dApps and teams innovating around value transfer.

#Africa’s most dominant #mobilemoney payment services such as Mpesa, MTN money with Airtel money also available on the platform. Kotani Pay supports cUSD (Celo dollar) a stable currency that tracks the price of the US Dollar on Celo.

Article was originally posted on @KenyanWallstreet

Are you a FinTech that needs an off-ramp in Africa? Sign up here to integrate with Kotani Pay.
#KotaniPay uses Stablecoins to enable fast and cheap cross-border payments.

Read more about how it works here https://bit.ly/3zz1yWz
We're experiencing an issue with our service. Our engineers are working to have it restored as soon as possible.

During this time you won't be able to access Kotani Pay via USSD in Kenya.

Accounts and account balances remain safe.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

#FinTech to favour financial inclusion: is digital an opportunity or a threat for financial inclusion? A look at the under-banked and under-served populations & regions”

Read more https://bit.ly/3ugzp5H
Bitcoin.com caught up with our CMO Brian Kimotho to discuss what led to the creation of Kotani Pay and the role the technology plays to make Universal Basic Income accessible to refugees in Kenya and Ghana with our partners Celo, impactMarket, Refugee Integration Organisation, Mission Possible 2030, Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM).

Read the full interview here https://bit.ly/3F093K7
Join our CEO Felix and Anna from Corsali on 26/10/2021 at 7:30PM EAT to learn how to leapfrog Financial Technologies in emerging economies

👉🏾 https://www.crowdcast.io/e/leapfrogging-financial-tech/register