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Yesterday at least 20 or 30 validators who have been using #googlecloud Provider have been banned and their virtual machines where their #KIRA nodes have been running got shutdown by #Google support. Reasoning was Cryptocurrency mining...

Some of them reached out to support and got their issue resolved but some of them were not that lucky. This however was not the issue for stopping testnet-1 and the consensus managed to gracefully offload affected validators without halting. Testnet repository was updated with relevant post mortem updates.

testnet-1 received stability and performance upgrade and is now resumed as testnet-2 all details are already available within dedicated testnet github repository.

Validators who already submitted their candidacy and passed KYC will be accepted to the set in the coming hours. Meanwhile connecting to the public testnet using sentry nodes should be possible.

Before connecting you should ensure that your instance is clean and that during setup using initialization script you selected testnet-2 branch. Do not forget to recover your /home/<username>/.secrets folder before proceeding with the setup!

All tech-relevant discussions should be taking place on the dedicated @kiratesters channel, any validator whitelist related questions should be directed towards