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KIRA Team is excited to announce a new listing for KEX token on

This is a major step in providing token holders with KEX liquidity to allow seamless and secure transactions.

Read our blog for more info 📚
Missed #KIRAdev updates? Here we are!

🧑🏻‍💻Over the last 2 weeks the team has finalized the smart contract for NFT Staking

🧑🏻‍💻We finalized designs and began implementing the SAIFU mobile wallet application

🧑🏻‍💻Continued work on the frontend of #KIRA application that will be released during next update

🧑🏻‍💻Stress-testing upgrade module for smooth network updates
🏆Vote for #KIRA at the WorldFestival 2021 Innovation Awards:

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Dear KIRA community, as we approach the completion of the public Testnet, which will be followed by incentivized games, we wanted to recap a few details about the upcoming Mainnet.

➡️KIRA’s Mainnet will launch in the Proof of Authority mode, and include a Governance module that will establish new rules for on-boarding new validators, new governance members and further execute on-chain upgrades.

➡️During this phase we will continue to support legacy KEX staking as an ERC-20 and will introduce a new NFT staking mechanism on Ethereum. This will also be the time when Seed and Private tokens will begin to unlock, and our early backers will receive their first Native $KEX tokens.

➡️Native $KEX token will not be exchangeable for the legacy ERC-20 and existing holders of ERC-20 KEX will be able to swap to native $KEX after the KIRA cross-chain Ethereum bridge module is released.

➡️Post Mainnet launch the next two modules to be released will include MBPoS consensus and Ethereum bridge that will enable us to fully transition NFT and KEX staking from Ethereum to KIRA’s Native Chain.

Follow the link to learn more:
What is the future of #Fintech? Both access and user experience with low concentration risks.

Read the latest article about #OpenFinance, with #KIRA mentioned as the startup to follow
Dear #KIRA Community, our team has prepared the most recent infrastructure overview for you. We are now planning an upcoming release of the KIRA Manager, the new Upgrade Module, and deployment modes.

Here is the shortlist of top5 new features and updates:

🔹 KIRA Manager (KM) is an infrastructure management tool allowing for the deployment of validators, sentries, and seed nodes with just a single line of code.

🔹 One of the new features of the KM is the possibility of joining the validator set without the need for command line use and manually submitting the “claim-validator-seat” transaction.

🔹 Privacy P2P Mode - it allows for easy deployment of your KIRA nodes within the private networks. If the privacy mode is enabled then nodes deployed outside of the private network will not be able to communicate with your node via P2P (propagate blocks).

🔹Deployment modes of the KIRA manager have been simplified and optimized in order to decrease disk space requirements and support a wider variety of VPS providers.

🔹 Upgrade Module - the main highlight of the testnet-5 and the upcoming KM release is the support of the automated on-chain upgrades. Upgrade module is a blockchain application that allows validators to coordinate soft & hard forks as well as agree on the integrity and content of each new KIRA release.

We are excited to share this update with you, bringing more clarity on what to expect and how to prepare your infrastructure for the upcoming incentivized games. We will also publish a detailed mainnet launch roadmap in the upcoming weeks.

To learn more, visit our blog
Dear KIRA community, we are happy to announce the final pre-Mainnet release of #KIRA Network! 🌟

Here is the latest news from our team:

5️⃣ Testnet-5 is the final blockchain application release that includes the automated upgrades feature and Identity Registrar module. We will use this release with the same set of features for the upcoming games and challenges if no critical issues are identified and all public tests of the new modules are successful.

👨‍💻 KIRA Identity Registrar is the new module that enables every KIRA account holder to prove any arbitrary statements on-chain without the need for any single, centralized authority to hold control over verifying that data and without need for the user to expose their private information to third parties they might not trust.

💻 KIRA Automated Upgrade is the new module that enables network operators to fully automate soft and hard forks, making coordination process of upgrading and launching new releases of the software simple and transparent.

🕹 In preparation for the upcoming Mainnet launch, KIRA Team will be holding at least two incentivized games with the goal of stress testing the network and selecting trusted (non-sybil), identifiable, and most skilled network operators to join the initial validator set.

In order to join testnet while registration form is still open visit channel and check the pinned post containing detailed instructions. You can also contact in case of any questions and inquiries.

Read our latest article, to learn more and join the testnet today!
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The first automated upgrade is coming!

KIRA testnet participants are asked to vote on scheduling of this event.

Please visit KIRA Testers telegram channel for further details.
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Testnet Updates

We are happy to announce that with over 200 participants successfully performed the largest known network hard fork with non sybil validator set and equal voting power among all participants.
Dear Community, AscendEx hot wallet was compromised including ~816k KEX tokens. The wallet of the attacker was immediately frozen by the KIRA team thus there is no risk to any KEX token holders as the attacker can NOT sell and can NOT transfer KEX from his wallet. State of the user account balances on the CEX will not be affected as per information's from the AscendEx team. KIRA team will assist AscendEx with recovery of KEX on the native KIRA chain, after the mainnet launch.
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Commitment to transperancy is still within our core value
as we continue to build in these uncertain tides.

This week KIRA’s relentless effort and development updates on various progress of our features

- Began UI redesign & finalized MVP views
- Implemented new page navigation

- Updated endpoint for roles & permissions query
- Added filters to P2P queries

- Fixed issue preventing consecutive hard-forks
- Added configurable duration to governance proposals

- Designed QR codes encryption / decryption scheme for secure data transfers

- Began design of KIRA Manager 2.0 (KM 2.0)
- Implemented new dependency installer service for KM 2.0

We will keep you posted on our further updates.
KIRA TEAM wishes everyone Happy Holidays! 🎄

⭐️Thanks to all of you, KIRA received invaluable support for the upcoming Mainnet launch.

As a token of gratitude and appreciation, we are pleased to announce a retroactive 660,000 KEX (~$315,000) airdrop of the KEX token on the Ethereum network to all testers

In order to be eligible for the 660,000 KEX distribution testers must fulfill the following requirements:
• Joined validator set before December 17th, 2021 midnight UTC
• Participated in production of at least 1 block
• Joined testers Telegram channel
• Liked and retweeted this Medium article and/or Holiday Airdrop announcement
• Filled out airdrop claim submission form before December 26th, 2021 midnight UTC

📚Read additional details and rules on our blog:
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✔️Started work on wallets transactions
✔️Code refactor of latest features

✔️Updated prototypes & metadata to be compatible with latest sekai release

✔️Fixed issue with non zero voting power of non-active validators during hard fork
✔️Resolved issue with circular dependency of minimum & default proposal times
✔️Governance can now unjail validators via dedicated proposal

✔️Refactored codebase & created new UI for token transfers
✔️Began work on the encryption/decryption scheme of QR codes

✔️Created script for easy verification of the active testers
KIRA Team wishes everyone Happy New Years! Thank you for all of your support.

We are looking forward to new exciting developments in 2022

- Incentivized games
- NFT farming airdrop
- Mainnet Launch

and much more!
We are delighted to announce that we rewarded 529 of our testnet validators with 1,250 $KEX each. Congratulations!🥳
We are happy to announce that KIRA upgrade proposal 668 passed successfully! As the result testnet-8 will be hard-forked into testnet-9 at 16:30:00 UTC on Fri Jan 07 2022.

All validators who voted YES should be fully synced and online at that time!

All #KIRA testnet validators MUST manually reinitialize their nodes using testnet-9 branch

🔹List of peers to connect with can be found here:

🔹Starting block of the testnet-9 chain is 920527

🔹After re-init nodes will be syncing until 2/3 of validators come online

Currently 167/263 of all validators who voted YES on the update proposal are live, only 10 more needed to reach > 2/3 and launch the network!