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Educate yourself about how sex trafficking happens and how it is prevented:
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It costs an extra $20 every single delivery from Amazon / Whole Foods.
It didn't use to, but the prices have been going up.
Considering that the drivers delivering our food don't even receive that entire $20 themselves, we are profoundly inclined to finish our helper dispatch infrastructure.
I'd rather pay somebody $20 to help me then pay a company that doesn't care very much about either of us.
https://t.me/PittsburghIPR/2697, https://t.me/IntuitiveDispatch/71
"Hello! I am working on a community project called FRIENDS WITH CARS. We are reaching out to find every person in every neighborhood who wants to be a Friend with a Car to others who need friends with cars.
Many existing vehicles are not cared for or kept in working order for lack of community support; when we bring support from the community, we have many more vehicles to use to support and protect our community. In addition, we honor and preserve the resources that brought those cars to us in the first place by sustaining their function and service in our spaces.
There are so many great ways to safeguard and nourish your community when you have access to a vehicle! You can help get safe food and safe water to a location, as well as emergency supplies and other kinds of assistance. You can help transport community resources, or you can facilitate travel options for people in the community who need supported routes between point A and point B.
If you have access to a vehicle, you can do much better than being abusively underpaid by an extractivist conglomerate. You can build relationships and regenerative resource projects that restore health and strength for your communities! You can ensure that every member of your community can be safe from violence and connected to inclusive resourcing.
Please share this message with everyone you know who might have a vehicle or know someone with a vehicle.
Thank you for supporting this initiative by-and-for severely disabled survivors of sex trafficking and invisible violence. Donations are gladly accepted via https://paypal.me/intuitiveinvisibles and https://intuitive.community/donations.
Follow t.me/IntuitiveDispatch or contact t.me/maxmorris for more information ongoing, and please let me know if you'd like to help us directly with this awesome, important community project."
Blessings! https://t.me/IntuitiveDispatch/72, https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/9568
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What are you bringing forward today? What seeds are you watering? What is here that you are practicing mindfulness with?

Sometimes feeling happy is too hard. But we can practice in ways that bring about health. And once we are good at practicing, it becomes easier to remember how find equanimity.

We can choose to Water the good seeds whenever we recognize them. Thank yourself for doing this, too!

Remember basic goodness, and work to be honorable, including to yourself. Even when it’s hard. We are doing this. We are here today, showing up with the material we have.

It’s okay to cry, too. Let it out, in ways that nourish present and future Life.



https://t.me/CareMagicJoha/869, https://t.me/IntuitivePublicMusic/2348, https://t.me/IntuitiveRecovery/18, https://t.me/CareMagic/189
For community members and core organizers in our network who are still without safe food, disability repair resourcing, accessible shelter, and emergency supplies, would you please consider contributing some of what you can spare to our relief efforts?
508c1a, tax-deductible non-profit donation: https://paypal.me/IntuitiveInvisibles β€’ More options to support severely disabled survivors building safe, inclusive communities: https://Intuitive.community/support
Reach out to @maxmorris to make additional arrangements. Thank you for doing this work with us. Your gifts, kindness, and contributions are required for the ongoing manifestations of all our collective success --- and we are grateful to you for your presence amidst these important projects.
May we all be filled with joy, nourishment, courage, clarity, heartfulness, and blessings.
Hello, helpfriends!
Here's a quick checklist for HOW TO GIVE, REQUEST, & RECEIVE COLLABORATIVE ASSISTANCE in this Intuitive community network:
Follow t.me/IntuitiveHelpers & t.me/HelpRequests for bulletins
Join Helpers public chat to compile helper-resourcing: t.me/+WTwZ_fWMj-H12mVi
Join Requests public chat to share & respond to help-requests: t.me/+UF_UJs5_FfPfrzLD
Join @IntuitivePublicRadio main station public chat to catch & discuss primary communications: t.me/CommunityIPR/9549
Find more: t.me/IntuitiveHelpers/1593
Mara Onyx Bird writes this welcome and invitation to you to join us at t.me/OnyxBirdMedia, newly launched in celebration of the flowing blessings of her 50th birthday today:

' Welcome to my media channel!
I will be sharing what's on my heart and mind, and I hope anything sparks something meaningful to you.

Turning half a century in age has me thinking about all the things I have survived. Some of the pain is just a memory, an old story, a scar. Many wounds are still fresh and the pain is right there on the surface. When I am alone in the dark, I wonder when I cry some nights, how my life would have been different, better by having been born white or a boy or straight. Or if I had been born to mature, non-traumatized people with a strong support system and a clue about nurturing parenting. I would have better memories to fall back on, to stand on, to be warmed by, to gain strength from, to pass on to my child.

My life so far nearly broke me, and I am honestly surprised to be alive today. I wanted to quit so many times because I didn't think I could bear any longer the pain of loneliness or the darkness, the "abyss of lovelessness" that I felt and feel regularly. I have thought of ending my life more times than I can count, but the fact that I'm here means I'm meant to be here. I'm choosing to hold on to that.

I had hoped that turning 50 would magically make everything better, that I would just stop giving a shit, that my heart would be mended and encased in a protective shell of elder's wisdom. Maybe that will come.

For now, though, I feel the need, an urgency, to share who I am, no matter how I am received because I know there is some good in me, and maybe someone would like to know me. I have dreams and wishes that I want to see happen, and maybe there are people who would be able and glad to help them come true.

Someone once said, "Take your broken heart make it into art."

This is me, my heart, my art. These ideas and projects that have come to me over the years and have not left me feel like my life work. The things I have survived make me feel that anything is possible. I believe that is true, especially when there is loving support, kind words, and people believing in me and in what we can do together. '

πŸ”Š @OnyxBirdMedia β€’ Notes, Dreams, & Experiences β€’ Onyx Bird Media

Join t.me/OnyxBirdMedia to follow new ideas, expressions, & multimedia projects by Mara Bird.

Find our public group share chat here: t.me/+jWZ5QxQ3aCpmNzIx

In October 2021, Max Morris wrote:

' My friend Mara takes beautiful photographs. As part of our Intuitive community projects, we have been compiling her photography to share it with others.

She went for a walk on her birthday, October 28th, taking pictures. Since then, she has been filling our group space with beautiful images of brightly colored Autumn leaves from Kindness, Colorado.

This is part of the development of Mara's heart projects, including Kindness Caravan and Make Peace Life School. Synthesizing these efforts, in October 2021 we launched Denver IPR as a regional outpost of Intuitive Public Radio to assist in coordinating safe refuges and inclusive resourcing for youth and adult survivors of hardship, invisible violence, and human trafficking.

We're excited about projects we are coordinating with Intuitive Social Learning and other survivor-led platforms that are benefiting from Mara's awesome community ethic, care, and vibration.

We are organizing this particularly wonderful Autumn-in-Denver photography by Mara Bird as a thank you for resources donated to our lifesaving initiatives. If you are able to offer a small financial gift, we would like to send you this bundle of 36 beautiful full-color images. '

Read more: intuitivepr.gumroad.com/l/AutumnResilienceKindnessColorado

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The world is speaking. How can we always be listening?

Matriarch Farmsteads & Mobile Living Spaces in Denver, Colorado creates access to safe community resourcing: Water, Food, Shelter, Transportation, Community.

Matriarch Farmsteads is a Black woman-owned community enterprise in the business of helping humanity to live, to survive, & to thrive in respect & care for our Mother Earth.

Matriarch is founded by Mara Bird, creator of @OnyxBirdMedia, @MakePeaceLifeschool, & @KindnessCaravan, & contributor to projects across this @IntuitivePublicRadio.

Support & co-create joyful solutions with us by tuning to our public chat: t.me/+jWZ5QxQ3aCpmNzIx

Videography by Mara Bird.

Share funds: cash.app/$BirdMara

We are celebrating living, loving, & learning -- growing strong communities. Explore more art, photography, & opportunities to participate: t.me/OnyxBirdMedia/6

My 50th Birthday Wish: I have gone 50 times around the Sun! that's incredible to me! So much of the time, didn't know if I was going to make it. So many times, honestly, I didn't want to make it. But I survived.
Read more: t.me/OnyxBirdMedia/9
Photography by Onyx Bird Media
My 50th Birthday Wish

I have gone 50 times around the Sun! That's incredible to me! So much of the time, didn't know if I was going to make it. So many times, honestly, I didn't want to make it.

But I survived.

Thank you to good people, friends, family, and therapy.

Through all these fifty years I have struggled mightily with feeling loved and cared about. As a non-man person who is a Black descendant of enslaved people, also queer and neurodivergent, I identify with many groups of people who have experienced hate, oppression, subjugation, mistreatment, disgust, and disregard. It took me a while (my whole life this far plus almost 11 months of weekly therapy) to come to terms with the fact that I am smack in the intersection of the human chaos of inhumanity. And that because I can relate, I can say something. I can do something.

And 50 feels like the right time to do it.

I lost my house during the pandemic. I'm not gonna say it was shady (Walsenburgers, IYKYK), but as a veteran, (shafted by a change in the GI Bill) traumatized by the things that happened in my life in the past, from before me and in my DNA to now, I need this world to NOT BE the kind of place to let any person be without a home. But also, I paid for mine in full.

Anyway, it's gone. And I can relate to those who have lost heir homes. I still tear up (I miss the books I couldn't keep πŸ₯Ή). Loss is a huge part of being alive.

Because I can relate to being so sad and sick and depressed oh so lonely much of the time and rendered mute and paralyzed with fear about saying or doing anything that would shake my peace. Because "what's the use?πŸ™„ The world is just shit anyway," they say in a bored tone. It makes me sicker when people want to just accept "that's just the way things are.πŸ™„" And they scoff when I mention that I believe Peace is possible.

Sick but alive in spite of it all, I am hopeful for the future. And it's time to get to work!

For the past 8 years or so, I have been making a lot of notes on how things could be better for ALL people when people who are suffering and in need β€” children and young people and disabled people β€” have their needs met and are WELL.

I left teaching because of some of the things I've seen, how children are treated and mistreated. How can we still not know that children are the future?! (Yes, sing the song in your head!)!

I have had a vision of something more focused on total wellness and humanity with purpose and joy.

I have started a channel on Telegram. It will contain my dreams, my vision, my notes, my art, and it is totally interactive.

***MY WISH is that you will check it out, talk with me there about it, and share widely with people you think may be interested in any of the projects and art.

You can subscribe to it here: t.me/OnyxBirdMedia
And you can join our chat here: t.me/+DsG1vfnSasJiZjEx

My 50s will be about turning dreams into reality. I would love for you all to be a part of these happenings πŸ˜ƒ

If you're interested in my birthday list of tangible items, even just to see what I'm into, here it is: amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/akb049x?ref_=wl_share

Artwork: t.me/OnyxBirdMedia/8

My 50th Birthday Wish:

"I have had a vision of something more focused on total wellness and humanity with purpose and joy.
I have started a channel on Telegram. It will contain my dreams, my vision, my notes, my art, and it is totally interactive.
MY WISH is that you will check it out, talk with me there about it, and share widely with people you think may be interested in any of the projects and art."

Read more: t.me/OnyxBirdMedia/9

Mara Onyx Bird β€’ t.me/OnyxBirdMedia/10
Hello, friends!

We are seeking guests from all walks of life, diverse lived experiences, or professional expertise to speak to grade school children about how to learn a skill.

We plan to practice together too!

We are arranging learning visits at our school location, by field trip to other locations, and through recordings shared virtually on the Internet.

We are especially interested in learning from SCOUTS and from artists, storytellers, and experts who know about: 

Water and Regenerative Living
Growing Food and Medicine 
Self care and Wellness 
Swimming and first aid
Safety and self defense 
Sewing Textiles
Building and Repairing
Auto Mechanics
The Arts and Self Expression 

Please suggest to us a subject you are familiar with that you could share to help our classmates learn new, meaningful, activating skills that can grow with them as they continue to learn and achieve in their lives.

Reach out to t.me/MaraBird on Telegram to connect and make a plan with us!

Thank you for bringing your strength and knowledge to support our young community members! 

We are their village.

"The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. . . It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane."
David Orr

Forwarded from Thieves Of Wonders️️️ (Scott Metcalf)
"We’re all climbing a private hill,
weighed down with our own bundle of struggle, while being tamed into carrying our suffering quietly in a savage world.
Yet, we’re valued by a much larger grace consistently teaching us about patience, connecting us to empathy, reminding us of our fragility and asking us to make a pactto treat every living being with kindness. So let kindness be your daily ritual. Let it flow from the wellspring of your heart."

~Susan Frybort
By Mousumi Khatua