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While we are waiting for the launch, services are starting to come online. We now have the Keymaker-seeder which is a crawler for the Keymaker network. It exposes a list of reliable nodes via a built-in DNS server.
A couple of features:
* regularly revisits known nodes to check their availability
* bans nodes after enough failures, or bad behavior to help curve the 51% attack.
* accepts nodes from the newest version of code.
* keeps statistics over (exponential) windows of 2 hours, 8 hours,
1 day and 1 week, to base decisions on.
* very low memory (a few tens of megabytes) and cpu requirements.
* crawlers run in parallel (by default 24 threads simultaneously).
The first application for an exchange listing has gone out ahead of launch. Looking forward to having more details to report.
Pool and Explorer are both online with Keymaker Coin. The source along with compiled wallets have been pushed to Github. Happy mining!
It is time to close the Keymaker Airdrops which will end on 11/5/2022. Verify you have entered your Keymaker wallet address, updated email and you have followed our twitter and reddit pages to receive the full reward. If your account is showing verified, then you should be receiving a payment.
Visit for more details.
Would you be willing to run a fullnode in exchange for KEY?
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We have two new full nodes. If you are having issues with your sync add these nodes to the bottom of your config keymaker.conf.
All Airdrops have been completed!
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We are planning to perform a consensus fork starting with version or greater. The fork is tentatively set to begin on 11/30
We will be adding MinotaurX algorithm for our CPU miners by splitting the block count between Curvehash GPU at 20%, MinotaurX CPU at 30% and Proof of Stake at 50% which should help with POS.
Get rewards for running a full node! Visit our Wiki page to learn more about earning rewards while running a full node.
Please upgrade all wallets! Mandatory Update is in effect on December 3rd, 2022!

If you do not update to v1.0.0.6 before the fork date, any Proof of Stake/Blocks generated, or Transactions made after the fork date WILL NOT carry over to the v1.0.0.6 blockchain.
We have updated our telegram node bot to give even more rewards for active nodes and now if you are listed on our explorer network page ( you will get double rewards.
A minor update has been made to the website which also includes a roadmap and a couple of other new features.
Get ready! Set GO!

It is almost time to get those CPU miners ready for mining Keymaker Coin in approx. 24 Hours. Be sure to update your wallets to the latest release v1.0.0.6.
We have now completed our Consensus Fork and you can mine with CPU with a chance to earn rewards.

GPU Miners

wildrig -a curvehash -o stratum+tcp:// -u KkpxBkrvQf7TU5Ubf5Qn4P2rj7chHo2uXm -p c=KEYGPU

CPU Miners

wildrig -a minotaurx -o stratum+tcp:// -u KkpxBkrvQf7TU5Ubf5Qn4P2rj7chHo2uXm -p c=KEYCPU
We are happy to report the fork has been completed. We also apologize for the delays and inconvenience we may have caused during this process. We found an issue with v1.0.0.6 and if you are using this version PLEASE DO SO NOW!. Do not send or receive any funds with v1.0.0.6 or below. The latest release is v1.0.12.
Recent review from our friends at VoskCoin now available at our website. (
Happy to announce that Keymaker Coin now has a Web Wallet. (
Now trading on XeggeX with two markets and four pools. We are currently doing buybacks and will be adding a faucet soon!