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♦️ Our whitepaper has been refreshed : kakashi-sensei.gitbook.io/kakashi-sensei
♦️ Our web will be updated soon.
♦️ The figures have been refreshed to accommodate a long-term and sustainable project.
♦️ When everything is ready, the mainnet date will be announced.

🚀 Buy now and Bye the Dip 🚀
🔥 We will release the Mainnet version at 15:00 UTC July 28

🚀 Buy now and Bye the Dip 🚀

♦️ When starting the mainnet, buy box III as quickly as you can because only 5 boxes are sold.

♦️ Box I and box II will be for the 100 users who stake the most on daily stake

♦️ Time : 15:00 UTC 28 JUL - 15:00 UTC 8 AUG
🔥 Dear users! Just wait until 15:00 to join in Kakashi App to avoid congestion.
🔥 Mainnet is ready nowwww!!
🔥 Listen to Earn - Claim Fee:

♦️Min claim: 1,000,000 KAKASHI
♦️1,000,000 - 1,499,999 KAKASHI: 5%
♦️1,500,000 - 1,999,999 KAKASHI: 2%
♦️2,000,000 + KAKASHI: 0%
🔥 We are continuously improving the app according to your opinion before starting the big marketing, Youtubers have started making videos.

🔥 Let's look forward to Kakashi's explosion!!!
♦️ Update : July 31

🔥Time: 10:00 - 14:00 (UTC)

🔥 Content:

❄️ Fix bugs.
❄️ Add NFT Transfering feature in Bag.
❄️ Because many users want this, after we calculate carefully, we will launch the Auto-play feature, when using the Auto-play function, user will receive fewer rewards than usual but within the disc limit.

🚀 Thank you for your contribution. Don't lose your temper, look at what we do, you'll understand everything is on our plan.
♦️ New NFT

🔥 Cannot be purchased in Shop
🔥 The next event and the Big Marketing will start at the same time

🚀 🚀 🚀
🔥 New Disc : GOD 🔥

♦️ Start time: 15:00 UTC, August 8, 2022
♦️ Quantity: 2000 boxes
♦️ Price: 5 BUSD or 2M KAKASHI

❄️ This type of box will never be sold at the Shop. This is the only event you can buy it. After the end of our event, if you want to own this kind of box, buy it from another player or win the next event.

❄️ In order to maintain the stability of our project, the amount of BUSD from selling boxes will be used to add liquidity when necessary.
❄️ Maintenance will end at 16:00 UTC 🔥
❄️ Users can only sell Jonin, Kage and God discs at the marketplace now.
❄️ Fee : 10%
🔥Maintainance: 13:00 UTC -15:00 UTC

We have encountered a bug: 5 God Dics have the rate Genin. So if you have this bug, send me your wallet.

🔥Since the Trick buff Reward is not a bug, we cannot fix it. We will buy back the whole Headphone NFT, then create a new Headphone NFT contract, this Trick will no longer be usable.
🔥Since I know many people have bought both music players and headphones at high prices, so I will collect them for x3 tokens used for the initial purchase.
🔥After 24 hours, all headphones that have not been listed for sale on the Marketplace will be canceled.
🔥 Changes to NFT Headphone refund method
🔥 User sends NFT Headphone to 1 in 4 contracts: 0x7fde94275771522c67c16f0b07b331ea80cc361b
🔥 We will resend the token after receiving the NFT
🔥 We didn't do well this time, but we kept our promise. We will compensate by buying NFTs with x5 - x10 price. Please sell the Disc with the price you want, I will buy it. The Musicplayers will be recorded and we will send you the x3 tokens. Because the quantity is too large, we only buy back the Kage and God discs.

❄️ The project continues, you can still listen to music and make money.

🔥 User sends NFT Musicplayer to 1 in 5 contracts, then text @UchihaSasukexKakashiSensei to confirm:


🔥 We will send the token after receiving the NFTs