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Forwarded from Xanwu
I betta not catch any of these commie shills that scream “gRiFtEr” flyin a Q flag or wearin a Q shirt. They had to buy it from SOMEONE. Losers
Every commie shill crying “gRiFtEr” betta not be wearing ANY Patriotic gear. Betta not be wearing a Trump shirt either. Because that means you had to BUY IT from someone. (Unless you made it yourself — you still had to buy the materials from someone. And don’t tell me you knitted your fuggin t shirt. You didn’t pick the dam cotton for your yarn bro) Every single one of these losers betta be wearin state issued clothes from the government otherwise there’s no room to talk.

**OH — and go try and stay in a Trump hotel FOR FREE 🤣🤣🤣 tell ‘em you’re Britt “rEpUbLiCaN” (no you’re not) or Patrick Henry (far from it) — see how well your commie crap is welcomed then 💥👊
Forwarded from NegativeSocialCreditScore
“Patrick Henry” (far from it bro) can’t debate to back up his commie crap and instead runs away like a low t weenie. Typical beta behavior. Betta be wearin your state issued government clothes or knitting your own t shirts after picking the cotton for your yarn otherwise you’re a hypocrite and can get bent, loser
“Wall Street Banks Prep for Grim China Scenarios Over Taiwan
Insurers hike costs for political risk policies tied to China
-Withdrawal would represent sharp about-face for global firms

Global financial firms, still smarting from multi-billion dollar losses in Russia, are now reassessing the risks of doing business in Greater China after an escalation of tensions over Taiwan.”

The Chinese Communist Party is expanding overseas Police stations. Under what authority???

This is completely insane.

Why is there a Chinese police outpost on Dublin’s Capel Street?
Spread of Chinese ‘overseas police service stations’ around the world raises concerns among human rights campaigners”

(They already have these CCP police stations in Canada)

“China is using a stealth fleet of fishing boats and ferries to boost its naval power, say military experts”

China is utilizing a range of civilian ships to bolster its navy resources

-China's rapid naval expansion — both in size and in activity — has alarmed rivals.

-The growth project is happening in tandem with increasing military activities in the waters aoround Taiwan.

China is utilizing a range of civilian ships to bolster its naval power
The country already boasted the biggest navy in the world by ship count and launched its first home grown aircraft carrier”

Forwarded from Redpillbabe
Media is too big
You can’t control the weather with taxes. 🤓

Until next time

Follow @redpillbabee for more Florida news and other clown world developments.
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Protests in England in support of the uprising in Iran are getting a little wild
Forwarded from Brian Cates (Brian Cates)
Right as Trump joins in on doing the Q endorsements that Kash, Dan, Devin and Truth Social staff have been doing for some time now, you should pay special attention to those who make efforts to split/divide/fracture/paralyze the MAGA movement by suddenly attacking Q.

While some people see this as just an incredibly stupid move on Trump's part, that he should have gone scorched earth on Dan and Devin and Kash long ago and told them NO MORE Q BULLSHIT! he obviously did not do that, and Trump is now openly embracing Q culture.

You can make of Trump's overtures to the Q culture what you will, but that he's doing it is pretty obvious at this point, and if you feel that's a very strategic mistake on his part, by all means. tell him and Devin and Kash and Dan they need to cut it out already.

We're all on the same side here moving towards the same goals of the red wave in November and that's what we need to stay focused on.
Remember VIP Anon? He had to buy that Q shirt from *somebody* in order for Trump to point at it. Anyone that’s against Q shirts, shouldn’t wear one. Against Q flags? Don’t fly one. Against entrepreneurship?
You can leave.

Good talk.
Imagine being dumb enough to be mad at an artist for selling prints of their work.
Media is too big
🇺🇸Support Patriot artists, make commies cry. Go snag some Q gear and get TRUMPED OUT🇺🇸

*song by Omar Shabazz