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Hi! Hope you are doing great! I will go live in 15 minutes on Facebook (13.45) hope to see you ❤️Jyoti
I have Some technical problem and can not start up a live video :-( As Soon as I Solved it I will let you know.
Fixed! I will be there in 10 minutes. (14.30) ❤️Jyoti
I will be live on Facebook in 10 minutes. I am going to give away something special to a very lucky person. Are you the one? Join me... 😀
Dear you, I have a little exclusive treat only for you! Click on the link below and you'll find a sneak preview of my second single “Rides” I hope you enjoy! Big hug Jyoti
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that my second single "Rides" is officially out now!

By downloading this track you are helping me to keep creating music!

Thank you for your support!

Hi everyone,

Today, I'll be playing live on the radio at RPL FM in Woerden. I will play the new singles "Humans and Machines" and "Rides" and another song. Showtime is 17.15
You can listen live here: https://www.rplwoerden.nl/live/

Hey everyone!

The ticket-presale has just started: https://eventix.shop/jnj3j8j3

If you want to be the first to hear the songs from the new album "TOUCHES-I speak with my mouth shut" (which isn't even out yet), make sure you come to this show. I will be playing a unique stripped-down piano version of the songs!

Only 35 tickets available! Get your tickets here: https://eventix.shop/jnj3j8j3

See you all on Sunday May 13 in Breda!

Love, Jyoti

(Thank you: Friendly Folk Records, Kathy Keller, A-Broad Studios)
Dear Friends,

This month will be the release of my third single, ‘Sharing Dreams’, from my new album TOUCHES – ‘I Speak with my mouth shut’.

But before it will be released I'd love to treat you to a very exclusive link where you can pre-listen the single before anyone else!



Love Jyoti
Hey everyone,

You are the first to get the news that my single “Sharing Dreams” is now available for download
By downloading it you are really supporting my music.


This is a very dear song to me about when we experience the feeling of being aligned together. Enjoy and love to hear from you.
Please drop me a comment on Facebook.

Thank you!
Dear beautiful people,

I have a small gift for you: here's some behind the scenes pictures and the story behind my new single and music video "An Ocean To Still Me", which will be released later this month.


Dear friends,

How are you doing under the warm sun?
In a few day's my newest single will be released on all platforms by Friendly Folk Records.
To lighten up your day even more, I thought I'd give you the privilege to listen to and download and buy my newest single "An Ocean To Still Me" before anyone else.
It is a secret link, so please do not share this information until the actual release on the 27th of July.


Hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting my music!

Big loving hugs,
Hi everyone,

The track An Ocean To Still Me has been officially released today and is now also available on Bandcamp:

There will also be a new music video soon. Stay tuned!

Hey everyone,

You are the first to get the news that my fifth single "At Night We Dance" is now available for streaming & download right here:

This is the last single that will be released prior to my upcoming album 'Touches - I speak with my mouth shut' which contains a total of 13 compositions.

By downloading the single you really support my music!

Thank you!
Love Jyoti
Dear Friends,

How are you?

I am super extremely excited to tell you that my new album TOUCHES - 'I speak with my mouth shut' is out now, released worldwide by my label Friendly Folk records!

As of today, you can listen to all 13 tracks on Spotify, download from iTunes or Bandcamp, and also order your own hard copy of the album in our webshop.

I believe these days a real copy of a real product is becoming increasingly rare, since more and more digital is becoming the only option, so I am extra happy that I have something tangible to present to you.
We also have some limited edition packages available for you, which can only be ordered from our webshop. Of course the album is also available on all download and streaming services.

*** LISTEN HERE: http://www.jyotiverhoeff.nl/music/touches/

Touches is made with so much care and love, that I hope you feel the vibes and enjoy!
By buying the album you are supporting my music!


And last but not least: The release of this album will be celebrated with not one, but TWO concerts. There's one on
* Oct 20 at the Soefitempel in Katwijk, and the other is on
* Oct 27 at the beautiful Slotkapel in Egmond.
Presale has already started!


You can use the code IKBENFAN for the Slotkapel concert to get a 5 euro discount! This code is valid until Oct 14th and only for my fans in this Telegram group.

Thank you for being with me <3
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Dear you <3

How are you? I hope you're healthy and in good spirit considering these challenging times!
Hopefully I can cheer you up with some news from my side and if your day was already cheerful, I hope I can contribute to an even better day!

Tomorrow, March 20th will be the release of my NEWEST SINGLE and MUSIC VIDEO collaboration 'Vision'.
'Vision' is the first glimpse of my upcoming album 'The Sky of You', which will be released on OOB Records in May 2021. I feel super excited about it and I am very curious what you will think of it.

Vision was created after I saw an excerpt from the video 'Elements', a creation by Dutch artist Gerard Boymans. His video had an immediate impact on me, as if I had seen a vision of the current world crisis playing out before my eyes. It inspired me deeply to compose music to complement the images and so Vision came to life. I was beyond the moon when he wanted to start a video collaboration.
I can't wait to share with you the result, which is just an experience really!

Let's watch and listen the premiere together <3

Where: YouTube, from the cozyness of your own home.
What time: At 9pm (21:00) sharp (GMT+1)


The live chat will be open! I am very curious what you think of the images, the dancers, the body paint, the music, and so much more... Will you let me know?

Let’s meet soon!
Much love Jyoti