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Today we take a quick look at two Jews who had a wonderful impact on modern Britain - Misha Nonoo, who was Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's matchmaker, and Sydney Silverman, who got the death penalty abolished in Britain!

I made some extra little cards to better display the sources on Instagram - I'll share them here too! 😃

All sources and more are available at our website,

We have a large thread today of many notable Jewish contributors to civil rights and fighting discrimination 😃

The first up is Noel Ignatiev! A pioneer of whiteness studies, he was known for his frequent calls to “abolish the white race”.

Susan Sontag, aka Susan Rosenblatt, was an activist who fought for many human rights causes.

Barbara Lerner Spectre, the founder of Paideia, a Swedish government-funded center for Jewish learning. She believes Jews have an important role to play in solving the European migrant crisis.
Theodore Kaufman, the author of “Germany Must Perish!” Advocated for the forced sterilization of Americans and Germans to prevent them from creating more war and conflict.
Emanuel Celler, the principal author of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the 1965 Hart-Celler Act.
Jack Greenberg, an attorney and leader in the NAACP who was served as legal counsel in Brown v. Board of Education. Argued a total of 40 civil rights cases before the Supreme Court, winning almost all of them.
Happy Hanukkah! Every day for the rest of Hanukkah, we’ll be releasing a brand new InfoTable! 😁

Today, we'll meet a few of the Jews who played massive roles in the proliferation and legalization of marijuana!

Sources and more at & @JewishContributions
Happy Hanukkah!

Today, we'll meet the Jews who wrote some of the most popular Christmas and winter holiday songs to fill your winter ears with holiday cheer! 😃

Sources and more at & @JewishContributions