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Forwarded from Fighting The Commies
SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh Gets Bad News After Siding With Biden on Part Of Mandate

Kavanaugh disappoints again.

FULL STORY → https://fightingthecommies.com/CET
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For those of us who actually DO understand science, the news that a chain link fence is no protection against a swarm of mosquitoes is not really news at all.

But thanks for two needless years of misery anyway, CDC

READ: https://1.breakingheadlines.news/0UFT2I
The editorial board of the Salt Lake City Tribune wrote the government should “deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.”

Thus it begins…

READ: https://fightingthecommies.com/CFQ
Forwarded from Fighting The Commies
Biden And Harris Respond To Synagogue Attack Exactly How You Would Expect

They have no shame.

FULL STORY → https://fightingthecommies.com/CFP
Forwarded from Defy Cable News
Attention Patriots…


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The government is working hard to stop this horrendous COVID pandemic that has killed Americans by the hundreds of thousands.

It seems to have no interest, however, in banning cigarettes, the greatest single killer of Americans in our nation’s history (tens of millions).