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The Ittrium Team is excited to announce a brand new blog update. This update comes jam-packed with an exciting new layout to make it easier for all to read & view. If you haven’t already, check it out now!
We're having an XIT Pre-sale! To celebrate, we're hosting a Read & Share giveaway to all participants. Follow the steps in the post below to get going and receive 10 XIT!
The Ittrium Team is delighted to announce the first Ittrium Masternode has been sold!

This is an important milestone for us and the community as a whole. The seed capital from this sale takes us one step closer to getting listed on an exchange and enhancing our marketing. 100% of the pre-sale proceeds will go back in to the Ittrium project, and in turn, the Ittrium Community. We're still offering XIT on pre-sale, so please get in quick as discounts won’t last forever.

This sale comes at an important time, as we've also recently been listed on Masternode.Live! We look forward to the next few weeks, months and years with the Ittrium project and our community. As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns; please don’t hesitate to PM the team via Discord.