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If you want trafficking to stop β€”> don't abandon your vulnerable β€”-> build community w/ severely affected survivors and take their lead β€”> make sure victims and survivors have safe supported places to go --> use @intuitivepublicradio toolsets EVERY DAY to strengthen and nourish your communities
Intuitive Public Radio needs your help:

We are ensuring that invisibly intersectionalized and severely marginalized community members can consistently access day-to-day resourcing.

When you participate in our group conversations, you directly prevent our community members from being taken by human traffickers.

Please bring your life experience, passion projects, professional expertise, caring, and kindness to our group spaces.

We would like to highlight your interests and support the work you do as part of our community bridge building activities.

Remember: your respectful interactions with survivors of severity instill resilience and opportunity --- and ensure safety --- for all members of your communities.

Together, we end human trafficking.

Thank you for spreading the word and reaching out to us to participate.

Telegram group chat: https://t.me/joinchat/U-Ncl_gYJqWbiAA-

Contact: https://t.me/maxmorris

Website: https://Intuitive.pub/radio

It is overwhelmingly disabled, trans&non binary, neurodivergent people keeping me going. Emotionally and financially. Some of my most loyal supporters are all 3.
Most live from far less than 10.000 a year but they give to me because I got 0 government support, never had.
Also I can't forget the large donation from someone in SYRIA he said because he had food and I didn't at the time. This person was being bombed ffs and still helped.
So did you notice that emotionally and financially have the word ALLY in it? Where are my allies or the allies for my people?! When can we finALLY do what we are meant to be doing instead of begging for our human rights, our basics?
Can you assist?
Request for small and/or extended task typing/editing assistance to be offered via Telegram messenger to core organizers in the Intuitive community network who are enduring physical extremity and whose text devices are malfunctioning in need of replacement.
These tasks when successfully completed aid severely disabled sex trafficking survivors to reach safe refuge.

Join us in this space to notice day-to-day requests for task assistance:
πŸ”’ Phone + Keyboard Tasks, Private Coordination https://t.me/joinchat/oS5HA-9X7pI0MTZh

Follow & participate in these public spaces for more opportunities to assist: https://t.me/UrgentHelpersNeeded/1229 β€’ https://t.me/IntuitivePublicHelpers/1538 β€’ https://t.me/IntuitiveDispatch/46 β€’ https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/8808
How to conduct a TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING SUMMIT using @IntuitivePublicRadio toolsets on Telegram messenger:
1. Join @IntuitiveSocialLearning (a public broadcast channel) and the attached public discussion chat, https://t.me/joinchat/sbcdoqkNH7U3OGUx.
2. Message @MaxMorris to suggest a broadcast and ask to speak from the broadcast channel. She will be able to give you microphone access at @IntuitiveSocialLearning.
3. Invite others by sending them messages or posting on your social media pages. Share with them the name of the attached discussion group and its link, like this:
πŸ”Š Whole Story Learning β€’ Co-Creative Community Solutions β€’ @IntuitiveSocialLearning β€’ IPR β€’β€’β€’ https://t.me/joinchat/sbcdoqkNH7U3OGUx
4. On the time and day you've arranged with @MaxMorris, broadcast your messages to @IntuitiveSocialLearning. Your messages will also automatically appear in the attached group. When someone leaves a comment on one of these messages, it will also appear in the attached group.
5. Start your seminar and summit content. Your public media is on the air! Take your time, support your body, and update your broadcast programming at the pace that is right for you. You're doing great! Many of us take long breaks between messages. You can publish text, links, voice messages, audio or video files, PDFs, stickers --- whatever language most allows you to communicate, use it.
6. Congratulations! What you just learned applies to countless other public broadcast channels @IntuitiveCommunity members are developing on Telegram messenger. Engage your curiosity, browse, and collaborate.
7. As community members we are listening and learning together. We strive to be kind, patient, respectful, and considerate of one another's unique needs, especially needs of which we may be unfamiliar or unaware.
8. It means a lot for us to use these toolsets as community members, always centering those who are still waiting for spaces to be made safe enough for them to also join us. Thank you for giving us your time, energy, and attention in these truly amazing times.
https://t.me/IntuitiveSocialLearning/675 β€’ https://t.me/IntuitiveSocialConference/661 β€’ https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/8811

I am co-facilitating public media dialogue about community safety in daily life-and-death situations with immediate, actionable solutions we can implement together as caring community members.

Because my colleagues and I are at risk of death and worse than death, I hope you will consider sharing this message with more others so that all our communities can be safer and better supported.

We are broadcasting today on Telegram messenger, links included below.

πŸ”Š Whole Story Learning β€’ Co-Creative Community Solutions β€’ https://t.me/IntuitiveSocialLearning β€’ IPR β€’β€’β€’ https://t.me/joinchat/sbcdoqkNH7U3OGUx

Please reach out to me with questions or, if I am not able to respond, you can also reach out to Max (https://t.me/maxmorris, max@intuitive.pub) who is coordinating broadcast programming and helping to onboard conversational friends and volunteers.

We believe powerfully in this work and we would like to share it with as many others as possible, knowing that you and they will benefit too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message, and thank you --- if you may find some moments ---for joining us.



So truly --- the most intensive part of the experience is first being able to sit presently with the presence of intensity.
As we are able to increase the ways we are present with our real present moments, we are able to recognize a lot of very helpful things.
Seemingly unbearable intensity is the real present reality of living beings.
This kind of contact is holy. However you refer to your spiritual source, this is part of recognizing how we've all come from the same place. We know one another as aspects of ancient cosmic emergence.
If I am another you and you are another me, do we turn away from one another's intense experiences?
Do we learn from one another's intense experiences, and build bridges?
We discover that there is no substitute for this kind of deeply courageous and compassionate learning.
It connects us to the greatest power of love and regenerativity that has ever been.
$500 requested to solve immediate life-threatening challenges including safe food, safe medicines, emergency resources and physical safety. Thank you for spreading the word and helping if you can. https://paypal.me/intuitiveinvisibles β€’ https://t.me/UrgentHelpersNeeded/1243
30 November 2021 at 10am Eastern (9am Central) is our Emergency Competency Kick-Off. Please join us!
We will meet for 30 minutes at 10am Eastern time at https://t.me/IntuitiveIntensive and possibly also link to a Zoom session from there if several of us are able to join in real time.
Click on this link to participate in our public chat attached to the @IntuitiveIntensive channel on Telegram messenger, and follow along as we unpack Emergency Competency materials from today forward: πŸ”Š Engage β€’ Intuitive Intensive β€’ Intensive, Immersive β€’ Intuitive Public Radio β€’ IPR β€’β€’ https://t.me/+wAkcU94xFzo1MTUx β€’ https://t.me/IntuitiveIntensive/35
Good morning everyone! We're looking forward to our Emergency Competency Kick-Off right here in this space in 90 minutes β€” at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific time. We will be firing up a Zoom chat, and we'll share the link here in our attached chat space.
We will chat for a half hour, identify our priorities, and then get to work.
We will also be introducing our DAILY Emergency Competency Catalyst Chats (starting tomorrow) β€” where together we are building this long-prepared, much-needed 24/7 ongoing Emergency Competency Summit. Make sure to save the time tomorrow morning, register, and join us: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/emergency-competency-summit-catalyst-chat-tickets-219891269707
Here's the public chat to join here on Telegram: https://t.me/+wAkcU94xFzo1MTUx
See you soon!
β€”-@maxmorris, https://t.me/IntuitiveIntensive/40