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@IntuitivePublicRadio & @NotesOnRefuge are coordinating content about the impact of climate crisis on individual health and community safety for daily broadcasts.

Many individual impacts of climate crisis are not obvious.

More than only our most mainstream talking points -- climate crisis is about individual people and struggling families who can't find help when they need it.

In coordinating immediate assistance for these brave friends, we prevent sex trafficking, desperate suicidality, & severe terminal disability in our communities.

Personal stories are important to show how easily suffering can be alleviated if we listen and take action.

Contact @maxmorris to record supporting radio segments immediately.

When we prioritize kindness & community safety, we are stronger than trauma.

Join XR IPR coordination efforts here: https://t.me/joinchat/J8dfcRU3gJVv6cQu-cxOKA

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