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List of helps needed across the network, urgently or at a slower pace:

* Typing assists via Telegram

* Basic edits assists

* Active listening and kindness for people in distress

* People who can update Facebook (or another popular media platform) without experiencing harmful physiological repercussions

* Group brainstorming container, holding space for a specific conversation to solve a specific problem

Contact max@intuitive.pub @maxmorris to help or ask for help.

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We have an urgent, do-able need that will directly impact Michón regaining custody of hir children: a $150 cell phone so CPS/DFS can reach hir. Michón needs a dedicated phone for DFS, that can be left with its ringer on 24/7.

This will also help avoid the risk of DFS claiming that Michón did not pick up their call, if ze happens to be on the other line when they call.

If ze misses a call from the DFS it will compromise hir case, and hir chances of getting hir kids back.

Can seven people kick in $20 today?


Michón needs to find new housing and be on the lease by August 28. Michón’s court date is set for August 28, and this will be hir chance to make a plea to a judge in order to regain custody of hir three and eight year old. If the judge does not grant hir custody on the 28th, reunification will only be eligible for consideration again after *three months*. We cannot let DFS keep hir kids!

(The hearing on August 28th is called a “72 hour hearing” because it is supposed to happen within 72 hours of DFS taking children into their custody...they are delaying this hearing by twelve days *beyond* the 72 hours.)

It goes without saying that Michón is a wonderful, loving parent who simply needs more support!

Michón and several of hir friends have been combing through housing options, and even “affordable” housing is outrageously high. Michón needs $3,000 to move into and pay first and last month’s rent. Renting rooms is not an option because ze wouldn’t be on the lease, and ze needs a small room to use as an office so ze can work from home and support hir family.

Please, please, chip in towards this goal, and do not underestimate the impact of sharing Michón’s GoFundMe link!

Thank you SO much for your continued support, and for helping increase the visibility for this fundraiser!

— Annie and Parker

Kelly Wood writes,

' I don’t know about you, If it weren’t for the kindness & knowledge shown to me by “strangers” off the Internet, I’m not quite sure where I’d be today.

Over the years some of those people have become some of my closest friends.

Advocating for the ones who don’t have a support system, especially when they’ve been shunned by family, is near and dear to my heart.

I’m needing a favor for a friend in the #Sacramento area. If you have any resources available in that part of the country please pm me.

It’s for a beautiful human with great integrity. Xo '


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' Want to know which toiletries are safe? What cleaning products to use? Where to find an MCS practitioner?

You don't have to pay to join MCS-Aware, you can download some of our leaflets free and get our e-newsletter.

However if you do join we can send you even more stuff AND every penny you pay as a subscription (£2 per month) will help our charity cover things like website maintenance, printing and admin.

Because MCS-Aware receives no external funding we rely on your subscription or donation to keep going! 

See what we're offering here: https://www.mcs-aware.org/articles/resources '

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' Helpsheets & leaflets completely free to support group members.

How to be Fragrance-Free: useful products for toiletries & cleaning

About MCS, What is MCS (A5 information leaflet for visitors, including guidance for being fragrance-free), & What is SEVERE MCS (emphasis on SEVERE MCS)

Letter to give to Health Practitioners explaining Electro-Sensitivity by Dr. Andrew Tresidder, GP Patient Safety Lead at NHS Somerset 

Electro-Sensitivity Directory 2017 – List of suppliers & services for ES 

Feeling Suicidal - Tips on coping with feelings & living with environmental illness

Fundraising Pack - Easy ideas even if you're housebound; Includes sponsorship forms

More resources & back issues of the MCS-Aware magazine are available from our shop. 

For full list of over 150 available helpsheets including help with applications please join the support group. '


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' Over 150 helpsheets and leaflets completely free to support group members.

Sample Magazine – Free
Contents : Is candida making you ill? Accepting long term illness, Gluten-free playdough recipe, Central Heating for MCS and EHS, Are we Microwaving our Children? Recipes, How to Stay Safe with MCS, Blood tests for sensitivities, What’s affecting your health? You are what you wear, Cheap and natural ways of cleaning, Sorghum – a gluten free grain, Paper suppliers for MCS, Your Letters, Reviews: Meaco dehumidifier, plus Conscious Medicine book by Gill Edwards. 28 pages(usual magazine size 48 pages).

More resources & back issues are available from our shop. '


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